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Chapter 199 - Goatskin Scroll? Accept New Mission

Chapter 199: Goatskin Scroll? Accept New Mission

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“What is that?”

Lin Tian wanted to leave, but the red light completely lit up the entire fifth floor, causing Lin Tian to stop in his tracks. He turned to look at the spot where the red light was coming from, the red light represented danger to Lin Tian, but he couldn’t help but approach the scroll out of curiosity.

Lin Tian approached the scroll, but none of the scrolls responded. Only the scroll lit up with a red light, and it was the only one wrapped in parchment. However, Lin Tian didn’t care much. He looked left and right and picked up the scroll after finding nothing out of the ordinary.

The scroll was also sealed and could only be opened after verification. Lin Tian glanced at it and initially did not want to exchange for it, but the red light made him feel conflicted. After all, he only had two chances, the smell of the ancient parchment entered his nose.

“I’ll exchange for it. I want to see what secrets are hidden inside.”

In the end, Lin Tian made up his mind and decided to exchange for this parchment scroll. He had a feeling that there were some secrets hidden inside. Although it was painful to lose a chance, he still wanted to take a gamble. After Lin Tian had exchanged for the parchment scroll, the lock on the parchment scroll opened automatically.

However, when Lin Tian opened the parchment scroll, there was nothing on it. This scroll was empty. Lin Tian even thought that he was holding it upside down. After carefully checking it, he still did not find any clues. If he was an ordinary person, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

However, Lin Tian had the system. Apart from checking the attributes of the magical beast, the system could also see the attributes of the items. Lin Tian checked the attributes of the parchment scroll.

[ Item ] : Parchment scroll (sealed state)

[ Content ] : Unknown

[ Origin ] : A parchment scroll passed down from the mysterious ancient continent. It may contain relevant information. The specific content can only be activated at a specific location.

As expected, when the system’s pop-up window lit up, Lin Tian knew that he had made the right bet.

Although this parchment scroll didn’t contain a single word, the system had notified him that this parchment scroll was sealed. Lin Tian was almost going to file a complaint against the university. This was too much, giving him a useless scroll, they might as well have given him a rag. However, he had already guessed that the parchment scroll’s origin was extraordinary. After all, there was no record of it in the country.

This scroll of goatskin probably came from another place.

Lin Tian did not want to delve too much into it. Right now, his primary goal was to improve himself and find the most suitable treasure for improvement. He had already wasted one chance. For the last time, Lin Tian did not waste any more words and went straight to the first floor, he grabbed a piece of absolute origin stone and immediately exchanged for it.

The absolute origin stone was a top-grade core stone that could be used to create a gold-level armored weapon. With this piece of absolute origin stone, even if the weapon he created was a quasi-gold-level armor transformation weapon, there was a certain chance that it could become a gold-level armor transformation weapon. However, the value of the absolute origin stone was too great.

If he were to use his academic points to exchange for it, Lin Tian might not be able to exchange for it even if he were to go bankrupt. A piece of absolute origin stone would require a total of 300,000 academic points to exchange for it. After all, the absolute origin stone was too precious, and what Lin Tian was holding in his hand was the last absolute origin stone in the ore district.

It wasn’t even half a kilogram heavy, but it was enough. After exchanging for it, Lin Tian left the warehouse in satisfaction. Naturally, he wasn’t in a hurry to forge a gold-level armor transformation weapon right now. After all, the difference in his current level was a little too much.

“I guess I’ll only have a chance after reaching silver-level high-tier!”

After making some calculations in his heart, Lin Tian came to a conclusion. Then, he walked out of the warehouse and the doors slowly closed. After a few more checks, Lin Tian left the warehouse.

After saying goodbye to the two teachers, Lin Tian left safely. When the two teachers sensed the fluctuations from Lin Tian’s body, their expressions changed slightly. Then, they looked at each other and finally sighed. Then, they returned to their usual recovery.

“I didn’t expect someone to actually open it!”

One of the older teachers said in a deep voice. He seemed to know about the sheepskin scroll. In fact, the reason why the sheepskin scroll was placed on the fifth floor was because of the uniqueness of the sheepskin scroll. The teachers of the Hex City University had been waiting for the moment someone could open the sheepskin scroll.

They didn’t expect that someone would open the sheepskin scroll today. What Lin Tian didn’t know was that they had actually tried to open the sheepskin scroll, but they hadn’t succeeded. It was as if the sheepskin scroll had been strengthened by some kind of power, no one could open it.

In the end, they felt that power again today.

“What should come will come. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, it can’t be fended off!”

The younger teacher said in a deep voice. Both of them were quite old, and this scroll actually came from the Sea Monster Empire. After the great war between the Sea Monster Empire and the Hex City University, the principal of the Hex City University led everyone across the sea defense line and entered deep into the Sea Monster Empire. The great war lasted for seven days and seven nights. After sealing a divine weapon of the Sea Monster Empire on the seventh floor of the library, they also obtained a sheepskin scroll.

However, no one was able to open the sheepskin scroll. Many years passed just like that. Finally, the sheepskin scroll was placed on the fifth floor, waiting for the fated arrival of the new student. However, after the Hex City University had a new principal, people quickly forgot about this matter.

Lin Tian did not expect that he would be targeted for no reason. However, the two teachers did not cause trouble for Lin Tian. They did not say much and just watched Lin Tian leave. Lin Tian naturally did not notice his own uniqueness. Instead, he headed towards the Armored Envoy Association.

“Now it’s time to do some mission. I’m really too poor!”

Lin Tian glanced at the academic points on his life watch. It was a big “0”and he sighed. A few days ago, he still had tens of thousands of points. He was probably the number one among the freshmen. Now, there was only a “0” left, it was simply too tragic to look at.

Finally, he arrived at the Armored Envoy Association and clicked on the clean-up mission. After looking at the details of the mission, Lin Tian accepted it without hesitation. This time, the clean-up mission was located in a C-class magical zone, a magical zone led by a quasi-gold-level magical beast. However, before he could look at the content carefully, a name appeared in front of him.

His expression changed slightly.

“Why is it him?”

Lin Tian thought to himself.

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