Bedding My Vampire Mate

Author :Flabbergasted

1 The Reality Of Her life

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She wanted to yell. Yet kept her silence. She knew if she yelled, she would be beaten more. Closing her eyes, she welcomed the pain. But they didn't stop beating her. Instead, she received a kick in her belly, making her crouch into a ball. She writhed in pain but they didn't show any mercy.

"Enough of the beating!" They heard a strong masculine voice.

Joanna, who was lying on the floor knew clearly to whom the voice belonged. Instead of feeling happy that someone came to stop her mother from beating her, she felt her heart turn cold further. Instead of his help, she preferred this beating.

She would rather get beaten to death than beg for his help!

"Are you feeling sad for your daughter?" Adhara asked loudly. Her pissed off expression showed how she would act and what would become Joanna's fate if the man dared say 'Yes'.

"No, Adhara. I am just damn hungry. If you continue to beat her, who would cook for us and the entire household? Let her cook first, and then continue beating her," Mr Anderson said with a lack of concern. His expression showed he didn't care whether she lives or not.

"Fine, I am tired of beating her too. I will eat and get some energy," Adhara, the madam of the house said.

But Joanna had already passed out from exhaustion. After all the daily dose of beatings, less food which was equal to no food, daily chores of the household, getting bullied in the school, and facing the double of these mental tortures, she was tired both physically and mentally. How could she not?

Even though she was born in the strong bloodline of werewolves, she was not gifted with a wolf by the moon goddess. And adding to the fact she was just a crossbreed of a human and a werewolf, how could they accept a lowly born girl like her into the household?

But her mother begged her father, Mr Anderson, to take her in and protect her as her dying wish. The madam of the house was enraged when she got to know that her husband had a mistress outside and even had an illegitimate child with a fickle human. She loathed the presence of Joanna.

How could she not? She was the constant reminder of her husband's cheating.

She didn't fail to torture the poor child in her way. Joana now only wished to have a life where no one would scold her, beat her, and would have enough food to eat and a place to live.

She only wished to have basic needs fulfilled. She wasn't greedy. After all, she wished for these things after years of suffering. She hoped the moon goddess would at least grant her this wish.

When she saw boys and girls of her age growling, howling and turning into werewolves, she wished she could be like them.

Maybe, just maybe if she could possess the powers of a werewolf, then everyone wouldn't be so mean to her.

Right now, all she wished for is to endure the suffering till she finished schooling. The moment she finishes schooling she will run away as far as she can.

It doesn't matter where she goes as long as she can escape being beaten to death by those that loathed her existence.

She didn't think that it was too much to ask for. After all, it was something basic she needed. She deserved a peaceful life too, didn't she? But who knows what fate holds for her.

"You, B***h! Wake up," Adhara kicked Joanna with her pointy heels on her shoulder in an attempt to wake her up. But Joanna was really out of energy when she passed out.

If she was to be admitted to a hospital, then she would have been admitted for fifteen days at a minimum because of her condition. But would they care about her or her health? No! How could they? They only wanted her to suffer.

"Ahh! Why the hell is she not waking?" Adhara yelled, kicking her hard again.

"Mom, I think she is faking this to escape from cooking," Adhara's daughter said.lightsnovel

"We can pour some cold water on her to wake her up," Adhara added, grinning evilly.

The moment the words left her mouth, Laura went inside the kitchen and brought a bottle of ice-cold water.

"Mom, I got this," Laura said as she passed the water bottle to her mother.

Adhara smiled evilly, as she unscrewed the bottle cap and splashed it on her face harshly.

Joanna woke up in a flash coughing and shivering at the contact of the ice-cold water with her bruised skin.

She felt her bruises and the swells on her body burn with pain making her whimper. Hot tears pooled in her eyes, but she knew if they saw her tears, they would only make her suffer more just to see her crying badly and beg for their mercy.

She couldn't let that happen. All she could do was endure the pain as much as she could.

"Now since you finished your act, get your ass up and cook food for everyone," Adhara said as she pulled her up while gripping her hair hard.

Joanna wanted to say it was painful, but she knew if she said it was painful, Adhara would pluck harder just to see her in pain further.

Closing her eyes shut, she nodded meekly. Adhara pushed her hard into the kitchen before strutting away proudly to the dining hall.

The Master of the house watched everything that his wife and daughter did to his youngest daughter.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

For the first time, he felt a pain in his chest. After all, Joanna was his daughter and that made her his flesh and blood.

He never felt guilty for her conditions, he only cursed her existence. But today he felt pity. Earlier he could see that she was unconscious but wasn't faking it. He chose not to help her.

Mr Anderson spun and walked away without uttering a word to the hurt Joanna.

After one and a half hours, Joanna finished cooking and served the dishes on the table. She waited for everyone to finish the food. When they finished their food, she noticed that they didn't leave anything for her as usual.

She went back to the kitchen. She took out two eggs and bread. She made double half-boiled eggs with toasted bread. She searched for some milk but there was none. When she returned to eat what she made, she saw her half-sister was already gobbling up her freshly made meagre breakfast with a smirk on her face.

Joanna said nothing, she took a water bottle and gulped down the whole bottle. She walked to her room and took a quick shower. She arranged her books in the bag and left the house. Taking a bus, she reached her school.

She went to her favourite spot to have some peace. But…..


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