3 Their Threats

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Joanna and Audrey began moving backwards seeing that the girls wanted to attack them. "See what I always meant when I told you not to provoke them for my sake," Joanna said with a trembling voice. The last places on her body the girls scrapped her with their long fangs hadn't recovered. She can still recall how painful the wounds were two days ago when they beat her up.

Even the bruises caused by her stepmother's beating were still fresh.

Thinking about the pain now made her shudder. She was certain she won't be able to take it anymore if the angry girls pounce on them.

"I have always told you that one of us being the victim is enough. You don't need to be added to the list. At least with me alone being bullied by them, I have you to take care of me but what if the both of us gets~,"

"Stop worrying because I have got this," Audrey said, her eyes, nails and teeth transformed at the same time.

Although all the girls except Anna had transformed into their true form, they didn't look less beautiful.

In fact, their true forms were the definition of hot vampires and werewolves. Those who thought that vampires and werewolves were ugly will get rid of this mindset after setting eyes on these sets of beauties.

"Get them," Tiffany ordered the other girls. And immediately the three girls charged forward.

"Tiffany, don't forget the principal punished you girls just three days ago. She said you girls are prohibited from using your powers for a week. Tell me what will happen to you girls if I report you for disobeying her orders?" Audrey's words made the three girls stop in their tracks. The expression on their faces showed they had forgotten about the principal's punishment.

If they hadn't beaten up another girl from a reputable family and the girl's family threw a ruckus, the principal wouldn't have been forced into punishing the four evil girls.

"You can't lay a hand on me until your punishments are uplifted. Also, don't even think of picking on Anna because I will make sure I am by her side throughout the remaining days of you guys' punishments," Audrey said firmly.

With the four girls on punishment, she had the upper hand. She wouldn't hesitate to beat them up using her powers if they dare try anything stupid with her or Anna.

Tiffany's eyes, teeth and nails returned to normal when she heard Audrey's words. No matter how stubborn she is, she can't go against the principal's punishment, especially when her dad had told her not to act up during the period of her punishment.

"That we can't beat her doesn't mean that we don't have people to do the dirty work so what's there to be proud of," Tiffany said with pride.

"You…," Audrey pointed her finger at Tiffany only for Sophie to beat her hands away.

She knew very well what Tiffany meant by they had others who would do the dirty work for them. The boys they often sent to deal with Anna always beat her friend up without mercy. She can't imagine her best friend going through such a thing twice a week.

This is just too cruel!

"I suggest you save your breath and strength for later because I am sure you are gonna need it when they arrive," Doris said, a wicked smile appearing on her face.

"That will be your punishment for flirting with the man Our Queen has set her eyes on," Nora said with a stern expression. The four girls approached the entrance of the grey building after passing their messages.

Joanna fell on the floor when the girls had left. Audrey turned to see what was wrong but she saw her curling up into a ball.

She did not need anyone to tell her that the girl's words reminded her of all the pains she had to go through at the hands of the six boys who always beat her up terribly following the four witches' orders.

"I am sure they are just bluffing so there is no need to look so terrified," Audrey squats in front of her. She pats Joanna's hands affectionately.

"You and I know they are not joking?" Joanna said as she tried to fight the tears. "The girls can joke about every other thing but absolutely not about this," Joanna said, pushing Audrey's hands away. She sprang up to the amazement of Audrey.

Audrey stood up when she saw Joanna walk away. "Where are you going?"

Joanna halted, turned and stared at her best friend's worried face.

"To hide from the boys so you won't have to suffer because of me," Joanna said as she turned to leave. She didn't even take up to three steps before Audrey appeared in front of her.lightsnovel

"You know you don't have to do this. I will always stand with you through thick and thin. Besides I am not afraid of them~,"

Joanna forced on a smile, her gaze focused on Audrey's face.

"I know you are fearless as a lioness but I still choose to do this~,"


Joanna walked away before Audrey could finish her words. "Don't even try to follow me. I will be very upset with you if you do this," Joanna threatened in a cold tone when she heard Audrey's footsteps.

Audrey peered as her friend walked away without being able to do anything. "Although she isn't as strong as all of us who have powers, I still believe that she is the bravest girl I have ever met." Audrey walked back into the building.

Throughout that day in school, Audrey didn't set eyes on Joanna. The last time she saw her friend was when she walked out on her in the field.

Even when school was over she went in search of her but Joanna was nowhere to be seen.

Audrey concluded that Joanna must have gone home early when she searched the entire Academy but still couldn't find her.


Joanna only came out of her hiding place when it was dark.

She exhaled deeply and with a smile on her face after she realised that the school was deserted.

Unlike the bubbling atmosphere at daylight, at night the school was akin to a graveyard.

It was so damn quiet.

Joanna found her way to the fence where she kept a ladder she often used in escaping from the school premises whenever the four witches or the boys tried to beat her to death.

"I know it was cowardly of me to hide but as far as I can escape from their brutality for even a day, I am not ashamed of it," Joanna muttered as she climbed the wooden leader. She jumped down to the other side after confirming that the area was safe.

Joanna didn't even leave the school premises when she felt the presence of someone behind her.

Terrified that the boys had found her, Joanna took to her heels after confirming the person behind her to be a guy.

Although she wasn't a trained runner, having to escape from others all the time turned her into a fast runner. She ran as far as her legs could carry.

She didn't even know when she ran into the forest surrounding their school.

Joanna only realised she was in the forest when she ran into the broken branch of a tree.

'This is not the time to stop. I need to escape from here as far as my legs can carry me. I am afraid I will end up dying in this bush without anyone knowing if they catch up to me'

The fear of dying unjustly without the knowledge of anyone gave Joanna an unparalleled strength. She sprang up to her feet.

Joanna was about to resume running when she saw a dark figure standing in front of her.

'I can't believe I am unable to escape from fate despite all my efforts,' Joanna shed silent tears as she stares at the one standing in front of her.