5 His Heartbeat

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Just when she was about to fall backwards Kayden grabbed her hand and hauled her himself. As a result of the impact of his pull, Joanna ended up embracing him tightly.

It took Joanna two minutes to get over the earlier fright Kayden's cold expression gave her.

'Why is his heart beating so rapidly?' Joanna was still in a daze that she forgot to let go of him.

The pumping of Kayden's heart made her attempt to pull away but she couldn't since Kayden's arms were wrapped around her body.

'I heard another thing that makes a person's heart beat rapidly apart from exercising is when a person is in love or suffers from a heart disease. Which out of these two is the reason why his heart is racing so hard?'

The thought of Kayden, the most handsome vampire of all time falling in love with her made her heart smile. She couldn't stop herself from smiling for some unknown reason.

"No matter how angry I am. Even though I go crazy and hurt others, you are the last person I would harm so please never give me that look you did earlier because it makes my heart hurt immensely," Kayden's masculine voice filled with so much affection said. He removed his right hand from her back and brought it to her hair. He strokes her silver hair affectionately.

"Joan, I know why you are so hellbent on keeping your distance from me but I promise I will make sure I get stronger so that I can protect you from all dangers".

Kayden's affectionate words and promise made the racing of Joanna's heartbeat increase.

"I will get stronger so I won't have to worry about those greedy werewolves and vampires eyeing my throne. And when that day comes, I will make sure you won't have to worry about anything…," Joanna, whose heartbeat was getting out of hand, pushed Kayden away with all the strength she could muster up.

"Keep… Keep your distance from me," Joanna stammered despite all her efforts not to show how affected his closeness has made her.

She turned her back on him almost immediately.

"Joan, what is wrong?" Kayden asked, placing his hand on her shoulder. He tried to turn her around but Joanna refused to budge. "Why is your heart beating so fast? Are you sick…," Joanna hurriedly walked away before Kayden could complete his words.

Joanna covered her flushed face with her hands, walking in big strides. She was so glad it was very dark in the forest.

If Kayden had seen her reddened face and insisted on knowing what was wrong with her, she wouldn't have known the response to give him.

"That is the problem with vampires. Their increased sense of hearing makes it impossible for one to hide anything from them," Joanna muttered, not knowing that she was walking further into the forest.

"What on earth is wrong with her? Didn't she say she wanted to leave the forest so why is she walking deep into it?" Kayden thought aloud his gaze following Joanna's soon disappearing back.

Just then his eyes widened like he had recalled something.

"Damn it! She is going the wrong way," Kayden vanished after speaking these words. He reappeared in front of Joanna. Kayden embraced her just before she could roll down the sloppy part.


Joanna screamed as they rolled down the bushy path. Thank goodness Kayden embraced her the time he did; because of the way he shielded her, Joanna didn't get injured in any way.

After about three minutes of constantly rolling, Kayden's body bumped hard into a big tree causing the rolling movement to stop.

Kayden's painful groans made Joanna pull away from him. She sat up and stared at the guy still struggling to sit straight. Joanna assisted him to sit leaning against the huge tree they bumped into.

"Are you ok?" Joanna asked, looking very concerned. She searched his body for any sign of injury. Her eyes became misty seeing a big stick stuck into Kayden's right arm.

"Kay, you are badly injured!" Joanna raised an alarm as she brought her hand close to the place the huge stick was.

"This is all my fault. You wouldn't have gotten injured if I had watched my path. Now look at what has happened to you," Joanna blamed herself. For a moment there, she forgot Kayden's identity as a vampire.

Kayden opened his mouth to tell her that the injury wasn't a big deal, but for some reason he didn't say those words seeing how concerned Joanna looked.lightsnovel

She has never cared for him this way, he wanted it to last even for another two minutes.

"Kay, you are bleeding a lot. What should we do?" Joanna said not able to control her emotions anymore? The tears she was holding back began to flow down her face.

"Hey Joan this isn't enough for you to cry. Besides you never used to cry even when the others beat you up so why are you crying now when you are not the one injured?" Kayden asked in a playful tone. He raised his hands and cleaned her tears.

"That's… that is…,"

"Stop stuttering and pull the stick out. No matter how much I want to see you care about me a little while longer, I can't stand to see you in tears," Kayden instructed, turning around so that Joanna had full access to his wounded arm.

"But it will hurt a lot…,"

"Hmm it will hurt a lot but it will heal in no time. You wouldn't be moved to tears if the wound is no longer there so pull it out," Kayden ordered on seeing the hesitation on her face.

He had to resort to pulling the stick out of his arm when Joanna couldn't bring herself to do it.


"I have been wounded several times. Compared to dagger and sword wounds including werewolves bite, this is nothing. The only one who could hurt me is none other than you but not these wounds," Kayden said as he waited for his wounds to heal up. Joanna only calmed down when she saw his wound close up.

"Is getting wounded something to be proud of?" Joanna asked, sitting on the dry leaves with her legs folded.

"Scars are the pride of soldiers like us. Although we vampires don't sustained scars because of regenerating abilities, we are happy each time we are wounded despite that the injuries are temporarily…,"

"You might have been a soldier two years ago but right now you are our king. Both werewolf and vampire race are under your reign so I think your safety should come first," Joanna said in a serious tone.

"Despite the fact that your reign isn't solid, you are still very important to us. Can you imagine the chaos that will happen if you suddenly die?".

A painful smile appears on Kayden's face the moment she finishes speaking;

"I am not the first king who has died nor will I be the last. The deceased King was killed by some unknown men, and who knows they might also come for me~,"


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