6 The Surprise

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"Hey stop talking about death huh. You are barely 24 years old. It's still too early for you to talk about death," Joanna said, tapping him gently on the shoulder.

"You are right about that," Kayden said with a smile on his face.

"I still have a lot of things to do on this earth. I haven't made you fall in love with me nor have I given you a proper title apart from that of the King's mate. My goal to train my little brother-in-law into the finest young soldier hasn't been fulfilled so how can I just die like that~,"

"I don't recall ever agreeing to be your Queen so what are you talking about?" Joanna asked, standing up to her feet. She dusted the dirty off her clothes. Kayden also stood up from the ground.

"You are already my mate so what's there to agree to?" Kayden asked. He carried her blue backpack lying on the ground.

"I might be your mate but you still need my permission, your majesty," Joanna said sarcastically; she began walking away.

"Actually, I didn't leave the school premises earlier because I was waiting for you," Kayden said, his words causing Joanna to pause walking.

"I had something to show you that is why I waited for you all day. Won't you at least follow me to see it?"

Kayden waited for her to turn around but she soon resumed walking without uttering a word.

Joanna, now about six steps away from Kayden, stopped walking when she felt that Kayden wasn't following her. She turned to face where he was still standing. "Didn't you say you had something to show me or have you changed your mind already~,"

"Of course not," Kayden said, only to appear in front of Joanna. His charming smile made Joanna smile along with him.

"Let's go," Kayden held her left hand and led the way.

Kayden led the way without letting go of Joanna's hands. Joanna was about to complain when Kayden abruptly stopped walking.

"We are almost there but you have to close your eyes since it is a surprise," Kayden instructed in a serious tone.

"It's already dark so why do I still need to close my eyes," Joanna complained.

"I will leave if you don't want…,"

"Please hmm… Close your eyes. I promise it will be brief," Kayden resorted to pleading when he saw that she was serious about abandoning him there.

Since he was child, he was groomed up to be aloof and strict and he has been living this way almost all his life. This even became worse when he became the King.

He has to not only watch the friends he makes, but he also needs to watch the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and so on.

The only time he is himself is when he is with her. No matter how busy he is he always tries his best to sneak out just to have a glimpse of her beautiful face.

Merely hearing her sweet voice takes his worries and tiredness away. She is like a drug he will never get tired of taking.

His feelings for her have been this way for over ten years and he believes it will never change.lightsnovel

Joanna's heart softened seeing how sincere he looked. He has always been treating her sincerely so how could she say no to him?

Kayden covered her eyes with his right hand while he led her with the other hand. He led her gently for about four minutes.

He halted afterwards. "Are you ready?" Kayden asked, beaming. He removed his hand from her face when she nodded affirmatively.

Joanna slowly opened her eyes. The scenery she met left her breathless. Her mouth dropped open in shock making her temporarily unable to say a word.

"This is beautiful!" Joanna remarked as she walked into the colourful area. Apart from the colourful flowers and their various fragrances, the fireflies hovering about added a lot of charms and beauty to the already beautiful place.

"Wow, I can't believe such a place existed in the kingdom," Joanna said absentmindedly, trying to catch the fireflies hovering around there.

"You are right when you said no such place exists in the kingdom," Kayden said, closing the gap between them.

"I created this place".

Joanna momentarily stopped what she was doing and spun so that she was looking at him. "You planted all these flowers, why?"

Kayden raised his hand and settled it on her head. "For you, of course," He said beaming at her. The revelation stunned Joanna.

He is the king, and although she is his mate he didn't necessarily have to treat her so kindly. Even though he joined others to jeer at her, no one would question him but for as long as she can recall he has always been very nice to her.

Out of everyone in the kingdom only three people treat her well and Kayden happens to be one of them.

At first she thought he did this because of the fact that she was his mate but she knew how wrong she was the day he took an arrow for her. Since that day they became friends although in secret.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

When he said he was in love with her, she thought he was bluffing but after listening to his heartbeat earlier, she thought maybe she was wrong about his feelings.

"I wanted to show you this place on your eighteenth birthday which is in a few weeks but I couldn't wait any longer and that is why I decided to do it tonight," Kayden said, taking a step closer to her.

"Joan, I had planned to formally propose to you on the full moon of your eighteenth birthday; the same day you will get your powers. I will still go ahead with that despite the fact that I have shown you this place," Kayden said as he brought his other hand to the back of her neck. He peered into her eyes with an intense gaze that made Joanna's heart flutters.


"I love you, Joan. I have loved you for a long time now. No matter what others say or what other opinions the ministers have, I will make you my queen; my world and everything," Kayden gave her no chance to utter negative words.

His face inched close to her face, causing Joanna's cheeks to burn hotter. Her heart pounded like it was gonna jump out of her chest any moment from then.

"All I want from you is to wait for me for just a few more weeks until your birthday. I only need that much time hmm," Kayden said, bending to kiss her.

'Joanna, why are you only standing there staring at his face like a moron? Do something or else he is gonna take your first kiss away,' Joanna's thoughts run wild seeing that their mouth was a few inches from interlocking.