10 The Aftermath Of The Girls' Bullying

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Using her vampire speed, within a minute Audrey was inside the ladies restroom. With her heightened sense of smell, she didn't need to search to know which of the restrooms Joanna got locked in.

With one slight push, the planks used in blocking the brown door fell.

Opening the door, Audrey saw Joanna sitting on the white toilet seat shivering. She hurried to her best friend's side and embraced her, not minding the stinky smell or that her uniform might get stained.

"Anna, what is wrong with you? Why are you shivering so much?" Asked Audrey in a worried tone?

"I… I…," Because of the excessive trembling of her lips, Anna had difficulties constructing a simple sentence.

"Did they force you to swallow any pills or concoctions like the other time? Is this why your body is reacting this way?"

Audrey tried to guess what was wrong since Joanna couldn't talk.

"No…. But… I am extremely cold," Joanna managed to speak with so much difficulty. It was after she spoke that it dawned on Audrey that Joanna caught a cold.

She is a vampire. Cold or heat don't affect her and this is why she oftens forgets that her friend's body wasn't the same as hers.

Joanna is weak like a human. She suffers from cold and heat. She also often suffers from sickness too which wasn't the same with her.

Audrey assisted Joanna to her feet. "Don't worry I will get you home and Nanny will do something about it," Audrey said, lifting Joanna off the floor like she would lift a piece of paper.

"I can't… I can't go home looking like this. Adhara and Laura will seize this opportunity to kill me and thereby blame it on my condition. I… I don't want to die yet," Joanna said, shaking her head weakly.

When the girls poured the stinky blood on her earlier, she thought it was no big deal and thought it was mere blood. She realised that something was wrong with the blood when she started trembling from the cold.

Although she can't tell what was the cause she was certain the girls added something to the blood and this thing triggered the cold.

"If you are worried about their viciousness then I will take you to my home. My father is on a business trip and my mother won't be around until night so my house is free," Audrey said . She walked out of the restroom carrying Joanna in her embrace.

Getting outside there was a large gathering. Audrey was too concerned about Joanna's health to care about the bunch of gossip staring at them. She paid no attention to their mumbling.

She halted when her eyes landed on the girls responsible for Joanna's condition. "You all should wait and see. Everyone in this Academy will regret ever belittling Anna when she regains her powers at her eighteenth birthday," Audrey yelled out in anger. She resumed walking only to vanish after taking five steps away from the crowd.

Although the gap between her home and school was large, Audrey didn't stop running.

When people saw her running with someone in her embrace, they paused to see the one with her but when they saw that it was Joanna they became uninterested.

Audrey even heard someone say it was her fault and that she deserved it.

She was sure that if it was another person she was carrying, everyone would have wanted to know what happened. Some would have even made a scene if it was someone they are acquainted with.

Audrey has seen them so biased for over 10 years and shouldn't be surprised by their attitude towards Joanna but she still thinks they are being unfair to her best friend.

Joanna never did anything to deserve these from them so why are the werewolves and vampires so cruel to the poor girl?

Are they acting this way because the poor girl they called the daughter of a sl*t was chosen in her mother's womb as Kayden's mate instead of their precious daughters?

Audrey ran until she reached home.lightsnovel

The instant she barged into the sitting room one of the maids obstructed her path.

"Master and madam warned us not to let her into…,"

"Get me as many quilts as you can lay your hands on," Audrey ordered sternly, rushing past the maid.

Audrey effortlessly carried Joanna to her room upstairs and took her to her bathroom.

Audrey turned the hot shower on and assisted the shivering Joanna to shower. In the process of bathing Joanna, she got soaked.

After she was done she took Joanna back to her room and kept her on my bed. She collected the quilts from the maid's hands and covered Joanna with it.

"Switch off the air conditioner and get us a hot cup of chamomile tea," Audrey instructed, seeing that the quilts alone were not doing justice to suppressing Joanna's cold.

Instead of doing as she was told the maid stood to question Audrey.

"Miss Audrey, both master and madam, has forbidden us from letting Joanna into the house so why do you violate their orders?" The maid questioned firmly.

Audrey turned and shot the maid a murderous glare.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"I can give you the reply you want right now but will you be able to handle the consequences if something bad dares happen to her?" Audrey asked, her words carrying a hint of threat. The maid quivered at the thought of what the consequences will be.

Yes, their young miss is very friendly with them but all of them in the house know her temper when she is mad.

Their young miss is everything except kind when she is furious and that is why all of them always tried not to get her enraged especially when the master and madam were not around to save them.


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