11 No Treatment Worked On Her

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"I am on it already," the maid replied, hurrying out of the room. Audrey couldn't wait for her maid to return when she saw Joanna's condition worsened by the passing second.

She went to her bathroom and came back with a bowl of water and a clean towel.

She sat down beside where Joanna laid and tried to relieve her coldness by dipping the towel in the bowl and using it to wipe her body and hands.

"Why the hell is nothing working on her?" Audrey shouted, throwing the towel to the floor out of frustration.

"I am afraid she is gonna be in danger if her condition goes on like this. Those mean witches are to be blamed for this!"

Audrey stood up and was about to take out her anger on the orange wall before the maid entered.

"Come here quickly," Audrey said, taking back her position on the bed. She carefully lifts Joanna's upper body up and lets her rest against the headboard. She took the white cup from the tray and began feeding Joanna using the silver spoon.

Carolina stood there and watched her young miss take care of her sick friend.

"Miss Audrey, if her condition won't improve why don't you take her to the hospital or let one of the guards get a doctor over here to take a look at her," Carolina, a slender lady with curly blonde hair suggested in a meek tone.

Audrey paused what she was doing and took some time to think about the suggestion Carolina gave.

Be it vampires or werewolves, they rarely fall sick and that is why they don't usually require the services of doctors or the hospital and this is why Audrey never thought of these two suggestions Carolina gave.

They are doctors in the kingdom, both those that deal in herbal medicines and those that deal in modern day medicine. But the ones who deal in modern day medicine are few and almost all of them are humans who came from the human world.

Vampires and blood are never friends and that is why it is hard and if not impossible for a vampire to become a doctor.

How can they become doctors when they will always crave for the blood of their human patients.

Although there are only two hospitals in the kingdom that cater for humans, one of them happens to be not far away from her home.

"Let's see how her condition improves in a few minutes. I will take her to the hospital if she doesn't get any better then," Audrey said as she stared at her best friend's pale face.lightsnovel

Although Joanna's body is as weak as that of a human there is only a handful of times she has naturally fallen sick all these years.

Other times she falls sick is always attributed to the handwork of others. The number of times people caused her to fall sick is greater than the times she falls sick naturally.

When they were both twelve years old, someone pushed Joanna off the bridge and onto the river.

That day would have been the last day on earth for Joanna had Audrey and Kayden not seen the poor girl violently beating the water while shouting for help.

Kayden had jumped into the river even at the risk of his life to save Joanna. His mother, who is now the Queen Mother, was furious back then. She almost rained down brimstone.

Because of that incident Joanna slept for three days and three nights without waking up.

Everyone had concluded she was dead until she miraculously woke up on the fourth day.

"Ok, but I wonder where you will get the funds to foot her bills if you take her to the hospital. It's a very well know fact that Mr Anderson doesn't care about his second daughter…,"

"You can leave," The irritated Audrey said in a cold tone. Carolina exited the room after taking the white mug and tray with her.

"So what if that cruel man doesn't care whether she lives or dies? I have savings which is enough to pay her hospital bills," Audrey said angrily.

A few minutes later, Joanna fell asleep after her condition had improved. She didn't wake up even when night reached.

Audrey had to leave Joanna's side for the first time when she overheard that her mother was back.

"Hello mum, welcome back," Audrey greeted, climbing down the stairs. The woman's angry expression showed she had a lot to say.

"Audrey, why is it that you never listened to me? Are you gonna start being obedient after you have gotten your father and I killed?" Mrs Lopez asked in annoyance. Audrey stood in front of the woman wearing a short sleeve red dress.

With how young the woman looked no one could ever guess that she is over fifty years old. Her ageless beauty made her look as though she is just twenty-five.