12 He Came At The Nick Of Time

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"Mum, what are you talking about?" Audrey said, pretending not to know what her mother was talking about. "Mum, I have been well-behaved today…,"

"Disobeying your parents orders is called being well-behaved? Audrey, how could you bring her into our home despite all we told you?"

"Mum, Anna is my childhood best friend? How could I turn a blind eye to her when she was in danger? How did you expect me to do that?" Audrey asked?

"Also, mum, how did you know that she is here? Who rat me out to you?"

Audrey looked around to see whether she would get a glimpse or even a scent of any of the servants around. If she dares find anyone lurking around she would make that person pay dearly for not keeping his or her mouth shut.

"My nose doesn't have a problem that I won't perceive her scent on you?" Mrs Lopez replied harshly.

"Even without her scent how wouldn't I have known what you did after the stunts you pulled in broad daylight in the entire streets?"

Hearing how her mum learned about the news that she brought Joanna to the house made Audrey frown,"I thought they all hate Anna so how dare they gossip about her?"

Mrs Lopez grimaced at her daughter's statement. She climbed the stairs while shaking her head in disappointment.

"Audrey, if it was only two people or even ten that hated Joanna, your father and I wouldn't have asked you to stay away from her. We can't risk everything we have, especially now that everyone is against her. All the nobles in the kingdom despised everything about her. Try to understand our point of view…,"

"Mum, what you are saying is the problem of adults who claim that they know it all, so why should I try to be understanding?" Audrey said as she followed her mother by the back.

"Why should I stay away from the girl who hasn't committed any crimes or hurt anyone just because everyone dislikes her entire existence for no reason?" Audrey asked without caring about the consequences of her words.

"If I follow others' footsteps and make the life of that poor girl miserable, then who will understand her suffering? Who will understand my point of view?".

Mrs Lopez halted, spun and shot Audrey a piercing glare;

"Audrey, do you know the consequences of speaking to me that way?"

"Mum, you can hit me with the whips as many times as you want but I will never abandon Joanna as others do. I will stand with by through thick and thin. That is what best friends are?".

"I can see that you don't understand what you are saying. You are too young to understand how cruel the world is?" Mrs Lopez resumed walking again.

She paused when she reached Audrey's bedroom door.

"Mum, I won't drive her away even though you tell me to…," Mrs Lopez pushed the door open and entered it before she could complete her words.

"I am the mother and you are the child. That means I have the final say here and not you?"

Mrs Lopez walked into the room and immediately turned to face where Audrey's bed is kept.lightsnovel

She was surprised to see a guy in black suits sitting at the bed caressing Joanna's face. Mrs Lopez became even more stunned when the guy lifted his gaze and stared in their direction.

"Kay…," She was too surprised to say anything.

"Your Majesty!" She exclaimed, bowing to show her respect to the young king.

"Kayden, what on earth are you doing here? Who said you could come into my room…," Mrs Lopez raised her hand and beat the back of her daughter's head.

"Show the king the due respect. And what did you just call him?" Mrs Lopez scolded angrily.

"Your Majesty," Audrey reluctantly greeted with a bow of the head and her upper body. If not because her mother was there she wouldn't have greeted him so formally, not when she is so angry at him.

"Madam, you don't have to reprimand her because it is true that I am the one who sneaked into your home without your permission," Kayden admits his mistakes.

If there is one thing people like about the young king, it is his compassionate heart towards his people and the fact that he doesn't shrink from responsibilities.

About a year ago, the king driver ran over someone. Proud kings would have abandoned the boy there or even asked his men to take the boy to the hospital using public transport but King Kayden Greyson didn't do that.

He asked his bodyguards to get the boy inside the car he was in. He personally took the human boy to the hospital and paid his hospital bills.

He won the commoners heart with this single act of his.

"I know the two of you were friends in the past but Your Majesty, you don't have to indulge her for old time sake," Mrs Lopez said.

"Wait here while I get you a cup of tea," Mrs Lopez said, turning to leave.

"That won't be necessary Madam Lopez," Kayden said when the woman was at the door.

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"Actually, I should be the one to give you something. I was in a hurry earlier that is why I came empty handed but I promise that won't happen again…,"

"You are too kind, Your Majesty," Mrs Lopez, now staring in his direction, said with a smile.

"I will leave you youngsters to yourselves," Mrs Lopez said. She shifted her attention to Audrey.

"Audrey, make sure you watch not only your manners but also your words in front of the king. I will make sure you don't get to talk for a whole month if I dare learn that you disrespected His Majesty in any way," Mrs Lopez threatened sternly. She shut the door behind her.

"Anna will become the Queen one day. I wonder why none accord her the same respect they showed you. Everyone in the kingdom is biased. They all suck up to the powerful," Audrey muttered in annoyance. She walked closer to the bed to examine how Joanna was faring.