13 She Couldn't Help But Blame Him

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"Audrey, what is wrong with Joan?" Kayden questioned in a worried tone. "Why won't she open her eyes no matter how many times I talked to her and even touched her?".

Audrey shot Kayden a murderous glare after listening to his words. Her expression was the one that says he is responsible for Joanna's condition.

"Why are you asking me that when I am sure you are already aware of what those crazy admirers of yours did to my beloved Anna?" Audrey snapped, like he was the one who sent the girls to do this to Joanna.

None of them talked after her last comment. Audrey sat down on the bed too but she made sure she kept her distance from Kayden.

"Kayden, I know that you are not to blame for this but I sometimes hate you a lot especially each time the girls or the guys bullied Anna," Audrey said in a more composed tone.

"I keep thinking that Anna would have suffered less if she was not your mate. She wouldn't have to put up with their constant bullying even after what she goes through at home. She wouldn't have to hurt so much if you were not in her life," Audrey said how she truly feels.

"It's not her fault that she was born without her powers; neither is she to be blamed that her mother fell in love with her father so why do they pick on her because fate chose her as your mate?".

"I also feel the same way, Audrey. I feel immensely hurt when I see her in pain but there is not much I can do at the moment…," Kayden said, clenching his hands into a fist.

"I promise this will only last for a short time. Nobody will dare to publicly disrespect not to mention to bully her when I confer her as my Queen".

Audrey stares at Kayden. If he was someone else she wouldn't have believed a word he said but he is Kayden after all. The three of them practically grew up together. Although she doesn't know much about love, she is aware that he is sincere to Joanna.

No matter how many women flock to him, he always brutally rejects them. She has even seen him reject Tiffany in front of the public.

She has also seen him stand up for Joanna a few times, although this always puts Joanna in more trouble than help her.

"I really wish you will keep your words," Audrey said.

Kayden got over his pains faster than other people would have. His expression turned all serious once again.

"Audrey, her little rice ball must be eagerly waiting for her to return. What about going to keep him company for the night while I watched over Joan?" Kayden suggested out of concern for Anthony. Apart from his concern for Anthony, another reason he was doing this was so that she won't get into trouble with her stepmother.

There are a few people he worries about and many of these people happen to be those Joanna cares about.

Whoever Joanna loves, he always tries his best to do the same thing. He tries to respect them, not minding his identity.

He might be considered a cold guy but for her sake he could be the most gentle and loving man ever; that is how much he loves her.

"What!" Audrey remarked in surprise. "I am sure you must have been damn busy in the palace before you came here so you don't have to force yourself to stay…,"lightsnovel

"For her, I can abandon everything so you don't have to worry about me not returning to the palace".

His firm response left Audrey who was so eager to chase him away speechless.

"I know you have always loved Anna for a long time but don't you think it is a waste of your efforts especially when you don't know how she feels for you?" Audrey asked in a calm tone. She stares at his sad expression, only to watch it go back to how it previously was.

"I know that Joan feels the same way for me but is forced to stay away from me because she doesn't want to get into trouble," Kayden replied.

"But I know that she won't have anything to be afraid of after she gets her powers on her eighteenth birthday. I am sure she will accept my proposal then."

The way Kayden sounded so confident made Audrey shake her head.

According to the bucket list of things Joanna wrote down to do after she regained her powers, nothing about Kayden or marriage was mentioned there.

She couldn't help but feel pity for him because for the first time, the King who had always gotten whatever he wanted was going to get rejected by the girl people looked down on.

"Since you are so confident then I wish you all the best, Your Majesty," Audrey said standing up from where she sat. She bent and caressed Joanna's face for the last time.

"Inasmuch as you said the Queen Mother won't turn the entire kingdom upside down to search for you then I will go spend the night with Tony in Anna's stead," Audrey agreed to Kayden's earlier suggestion.

"But before I leave I want to make one thing clear to you. Despite that you are the King and way stronger than me, I will not hesitate to fight you to the last drop of my blood if you dare lay hands on my friend," Audrey threatened, showing him her clenched fist.

She did something she wouldn't dare to do if her mother, father or outsiders were present there.

"I am not a beast that will lay a hand on a woman without permission. If I am sexually starved, I know where to go to get a lady to lay with. I would never do such a thing to any woman, not to mention Joan," Kayden defended himself with a stern expression.

It's true he loves Joanna a lot and for this same reason he would never force himself on her.

He would rather resort to seducing her to fall in love with him if necessary than do such a despicable thing as forcefully having his way with her.

He was trained better than that.


"You can defend yourself however you want but it will never change the fact that I see all men as beasts. Only my darling little prince, Tony is an exception".

Audrey turned and left the room after speaking her mind.