14 Kayden Spent The Night With Joanna

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Because she left Joanna in Kayden's cares she could feel at ease knowing very well that he will not neglect her in any way.

"What about the King?" Mrs Lopez asked, staring at the stairs with the expectation to see Kayden climb down the stairs.

"He insisted on staying over to take care of his future Queen or should I say his Luna like the werewolves often say it," Audrey said, feeling very happy that Kayden came the time he did.

She wouldn't have known how to stop her mother from throwing the sick Joanna out of the house had he not showed up at the right time.


"Mum, I am going to spend the night at Anna's house…,"

"How many times have I told you to stay away from her house to avoid troubles?" Mrs Lopez said stretching her hand to grab Audrey but with the help of her vampire's speed she slipped away before her mother could hold her.

"You can punish me however you want when I return but right now I must go to her house. We both know what that cruel woman and her daughter will do if she is absent for a night," Audrey shouted waving her hand in the air. She ran out of the house before her mother could utter another word.

"That girl is just too stupid. I wonder what I need to do to make her understand that going against everyone for the sake of one person isn't worth it," Mrs Lopez thought aloud, feeling worried about Audrey's behaviour.

In the past Audrey was stubborn as she is now but she has always respected them and their decision. Audrey started acting rebellious after they forbade her from being friends with Joanna.

Joanna might be the King's mate chosen by the prophecy but that title is merely by name.

Nobody respects her as the future Queen but instead so many people, if not everyone in the kingdom wants her dead.

None wants a weak Queen, who will not be able to stand side by side with the king and defend the kingdom in times of trouble.

Though Joanna might be the king's mate it's very obvious who commoners and all the noble's want as their Queen.

Duke Noel, the father of Tiffany had already pulled some strings thereby making his daughter the best candidate to be the future Queen.

The Queen Mother support towards Tiffany crowns it all. Nobody can fight with Tiffany for that position and that is why the girl is so haughty.lightsnovel

What people didn't know was that the kingdom and the people would be in deep trouble if the proud peacock eventually became the Queen.

She is already doing so much even when she isn't crowned the Queen. It's not an understatement to say that she will blatantly make people her footstool if she is given the title of Queen.

Mrs Lopez prefers living peacefully than getting entangled in the politics of the kingdom.

Let those who fight for power keep on fighting. As long as she and her husband are able to do business in the kingdom in peace like they are doing then that is fine with her.

Back in Audrey's room, Kayden laid beside her. He laid sideways with his left hand on her body so that he was staring at her beautiful face.

"Joan, you have always told Tony bedtime stories since he was still a baby. I bet you never get anyone to tell you any bedtime stories until you grew up to this age," Kayden spoke as though the one he was keenly staring at was listening to his  masculine voice.

"Don't worry Joan, today that I am here I am gonna tell you a bedtime story and I can assure you that you will love it very much," Kayden said with a smile as his hand moved from her body to her silk silver hair.

"Once upon a time, a cute girl was conceived by a woman whom everyone looked down on. Despite the difficulty surrounding her mother during her pregnancy this little cute girl strives to survive," Kayden takes a pause only to continue his story.

"The cute little girl was still inside her mother's womb when she was prophesied to be the chosen mate of the five years old boy called Kayden Greyson. Everyone found this prophecy and this child strange because this is the first time in history that such a thing has ever happened," Kayden said with a smile. He continued with the story for a long time. His gaze never moved from her body for a split second as he laid there.

He was so immersed in the storytelling that he didn't realise time passed. He only turned to stare at the window when he heard a clacking on the glass window.

He decided to ignore the sound. He shifted his attention back to Joanna again. And it was at this moment Joanna snuggled into his warm embrace.

"How I wish she will be this bold with me whenever she is around me," Kayden mumbled, raising his hand to stroke her face.

Before his hand could touch her face, he saw her eyelashes twirled repeatedly.

"She is about to wake up!" Staring at her fluttering eyelashes. He took a long look at her before her eyes finally flew open.