15 Kay Was Here?

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Joanna opened her eyes and slowly sat up. She felt strange when her hand touched the right side of the bed and realised that it was warm; like someone was lying there just before she opened her eyes.

Looking around the room, she realised that she was still in Audrey's home. The memories of what happened the previous day flashed through her memory.

"I survived another day of their torture, that is great!" Joanna remarked happily.

To her nothing feels better than waking up and seeing that she was alive and well.

She still being alive is her haters greatest misery so it kinda feels nice that those who dislike her won't have yet another peaceful day since their plans failed woefully.

Joanna pushed the heavy quilts aside and was about to climb out of bed. Someone entered the room before her legs could touch the floor.

"Good morning, Aunt," Joanna greeted politely. Mrs Lopez didn't reply to her greeting but instead let her eyes scrutinise the room in search of the one she left in the room last night.

"Aunt are you looking for, Drey?" Joanna asked, seeing Mrs Lopez looking around. "Actually, I didn't see her when I woke up. I guess she must have left the room before I woke up".

Mrs Lopez turned and glanced at Joanna after she had confirmed what she wanted to know. "Audrey spent the night at your house because she was afraid of what your stepmother and sister will do to you". Mrs Lopez said nonchalantly.

In the past she adored Joanna a lot. She loved how the two girls hung out and also watched out for each other. Even until this moment she still thinks Joanna is one kind and considerate girl but she wouldn't risk her family's safety because of mere emotions.

Vampires and werewolves might act like they get along well but everyone knows that each race including the human abhors each other. They were only pretending to get along well because of the treaty that binds them together.

"If Drey slept over at my home last night then does that mean it is Aunt which took care of me last night?" Joanna asked curiously. "Thank you so much...,"

"You have got the wrong person," Mrs Lopez interrupted sharply. "I wasn't the one who took care of you throughout the night".

Mrs Lopez refused to take another's praises. Her words left Joanna very confused.

If it wasn't either Audrey nor Mrs Lopez who took care of her the entire night then who did? Who was the one lying beside her that made the side of the bed warm when she woke up?

"If it wasn't you then who did?".

"His Majesty was the one who did," Mrs Lopez broke the news in a cold tone. "Even up until this morning I still perceived his scent but I don't know why he left right before you woke up".

"Kay was here?" Joanna asked in total bewilderment.

According to the rule of the palace the king wasn't supposed to leave the palace anyhow he felt like. Although Kayden has snuck out of the palace a few times just to spend time with her, she has never seen him sleep out of the palace. He always made sure to return to the palace before the palace gate would be locked.

She couldn't believe that Kayden didn't only break the rules of the palace for her but also risked his safety just to be with her.

Thinking about this made her cold heart feel warm and this is because none has ever accord her with such importance. The only one who has done a similar thing is Audrey.

"Audrey asked Caroline last night to prepare her spare uniform for you so you could use it today. Get ready to leave. I don't want people seeing you come out of my house," Mrs Lopez said without hiding how she feels.lightsnovel

"Don't worry Aunt, I will get ready in a few minutes before it is totally bright outside," Joanna assured with a smile.

Although she feels hurt that the woman who once adored her in the past now treats her coldly, she understands the woman's fears perfectly.

No parent in the world would want to see her child or family in danger. Getting entangled with her won't do her family any good but it will only harm them.

She understood how society works perfectly.

Only the rich and powerful can protect themselves and those he loves but the weak are used as stepping stones by the powerful.

They can't speak out even though they are being oppressed because no one will listen to them. That is how society works and that is why she has learned to swallow all the grievances.

She has learned her lesson that speaking out or reporting them to the authorities won't solve anything but instead it will give them an opportunity to trample on you more.

She did rather be a coward and preserve her poor life than try to be a hero and get killed.

The moment Mrs Lopez left the room Joanna stood up from the bed and got prepared to freshen up and leave the house.

On the street, two men were seen walking side by side. Because of the black overall they were wearing that covered their hair and face none could see their faces. Only vampires or werewolves familiar with their scent will guess their identities but too bad not too many people could be found at sight since it was still dark outside.

"Chris, why did you throw pebbles at the window earlier? What if Joan wasn't about to wake up before you threw the pebbles? Would you have been able to handle the consequences that came with your irrational action?" Kayden asked his personal bodyguard with a stern expression.


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