16 The Domineering Queen Mother

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Christian might be a guy with average looks but he has a killer build just like that of the king. His six-packs and firm biceps and height were enough to make up for his looks.

"I had no other way of contacting you because you strictly warned me not to call you on your cell phone...,"

"Was that enough excuse to throw pebbles at someone else's house?" Kayden scolded fiercely. "What was so urgent that you couldn't wait for me to return to the palace?"

Chris halted, "The Queen Mother plans to go to His Majesty's chambers," Chris' words made Kayden stop in his tracks.

"What!" Kayden asked in surprise but he got over the shock in a flash just like it came. "The Queen Mother never visits my quarters except she has something important to relay to me so why does she want to go to my quarters this early in the morning?"

Chris covered the gap between him and the king. "I don't know how their spies working in our quarters learned about the news of your absence but I overheard Tracy telling her about it," Chris replied. Because the king didn't want the Queen Mother to come to his quarters unannounced and discover he didn't spend the night at the palace, he asked Chris to watch over the Queen Mother's quarters. He was hiding in the Queen's quarter the entire time and that is how he overheard the Queen Mother's conversation with her most trusted maid.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" Kayden snapped angrily. If they were in the palace he would have punished Chris for being so slow in passing such information to him.

Making him sort out the annoying documents laid on the table waiting for attention would have been the perfect punishment.

"And didn't I say none should know about my absence so how come her spies were able to leak the information? How should I punish you for not carrying out your duties properly?"

Chris stares at the angry king. He tried to think of ways to escape from the angry king's punishment. "She should have already left her quarters as we are speaking...,"

"Then what are you waiting for? Let's go back to the palace," Kayden vanished into the dark streets after his words. Chris followed him closely.

About five minutes later Chris and King Kayden reached the huge mounted palace gates. Normally they wouldn't have gotten to the palace gates the time they did but because of their speed, it became possible.

The guards at the gate stopped them. Chris pulled off the cap of the overall covering his head and showed the guards his badge.

The guards let the two of them pass without insisting that the one standing at Chris' back should take off his cap. They resumed their positions after the two people had left.

King Kayden and Chris walked in big strides. All they wanted was to beat the Queen Mother into reaching their quarters.

The Queen Mother wouldn't dare to press the issue further as long as she sees the King in his quarters.

When they reached his quarters, they both separated; Kayden took the backyard side while Chris took the front.

Chris didn't even reach his post before he sighted the Queen Mother in the company of two maids and three bodyguards.

Without wasting time Chris took off the black overall and hid it behind one of the flowers planted very close to the pathway. He hurried to the front door leading to the King's chambers.

Queen Mother Theresa walked gracefully until she reached where Chris and two other guards stood guarding the door.lightsnovel

"Her Highness," Chris greeted with a bow.

"Inform his Majesty that the Queen Mother is here," Tracy gave the orders on the Queen Mother's behalf just as she usually did.

"Her... Highness...," Chris stuttered, his reaction made him look suspicious. The way he acted further proved right the information the Queen Mother had received.

"What are you still standing for without going in to inform His Majesty about my presence?" Queen Mother asked, throwing murderous glances at Chris.

"Your Majesty is in his study going through some papers. He gave orders that none should disturb his peace," Chris said with fluttering eyelashes that showed he was lying.

"Who the hell are you to make such comments? Does Her Highness look like just anyone to you?" Tracy asked fiercely. The Queen Mother tried to walk into the room but Chris stood at the door with his hands spread to block the huge entrance.

"You dare to obstruct my path?" Queen Mother asked with raised eyebrows.

"I wouldn't dare. I am just obeying the King's order," Chris replied with a stern expression. He didn't let the title of the Queen Mother intimidate him.

Although she might be the respected Queen Mother, the one he served is the King; the only supreme ruler of the kingdom.

The Queen Mother didn't argue with Chris, she signalled her bodyguards to seize Chris and immediately the bodyguards in black suits executed her orders.

"Her Highness..,"

"I will deal with you later," Queen Mother said, as she walked past Chris, who had been kept under control by the three bodyguards.

"Wait and see how the Queen Mother deals with you after she has gotten the evidence that you have failed in your duties of watching over and protecting the King," Tracy said pridefully as she walked into the King's quarters too.

I never knew I was a good actor until a moment ago. I have tried my best, I hope His Majesty will not let me down.

Chris thought, grinning within. He is a well-trained warrior who has practised with the King and his elite warriors for so many years. If he really wanted to stop the Queen Mother from intruding on the King's chambers, not even five guards would have been able to subdue him.

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