17 He Beat Them At Their Game

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Tracy was already smiling when she searched the King's bedroom and still didn't find him despite searching the sitting room and the porch. They forgot that Chris told them that the King was in his study.

The Queen Mother and Tracy got the shock of their lives when they opened the study and saw King Kayden sitting on his desk working on some documents they couldn't clearly see due to the distance.

The Queen Mother was momentarily too shocked to utter a word not to mention walking further and confirm whether it was really her son she was seeing.

"How come you are here?" The Queen Mother finally let the words out, causing Kayden to take his eyes off the papers in front of him.

"Her Highness," King Kayden addressed his Mother following the rules of the palace. He didn't stand up from his huge black seat but leaned back against the black chair.

"The news got to me that you spent the night outside of the palace...,"

"If the authenticity of the information you got was true then that means I shouldn't be here right now," Kayden said, adjusting the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose.

The Queen Mother glanced back at Tracy. Her murderous glares could pierce through bones. It made Tracy shiver.

The Queen Mother's piercing glares made Tracy guess the punishment that is awaiting her. Sacking her would not be enough for embarrassing the Queen Mother in such a grand manner.

The fear of the woman's wrath made Tracy go down on her knees.

"Her Highness, it's true that the King slept outside the palace today. I just don't know how he arrived here so fast."

Tracy tried to prove that she was right. Even though the Queen Mother wanted to believe her words, she couldn't because the King was right there. It would have been a different issue if the King wasn't there.

"Do you know the consequences of lying against your King?" Kayden asked coldly, his face deprived of any emotions. "Even your death and that of your entire family will not be enough punishment," the King helped to enlighten the lady kneeling in front of him.

If Chris didn't come to get him the time he did then he wouldn't be proudly talking like he is doing. His mother would have been the one doing most of the talking.

She would have gone as far as reciting the rules of the palace and the responsibilities for him. He was certain she would have talked until his ears almost bled.

He couldn't fathom what his mum would have done to Joanna behind his back if Tracy's words were proved true.

"It hasn't gotten to that, Your Majesty," Queen Mother Theresa decided to step in; not because she liked Tracy but because she didn't want the matter to blow out of proportion.

The mistake made by those serving under the Queen Mother can also be seen as the Queen Mother's mistake and she is not the type to ever admit that she is wrong.

"She is like this because I spoiled her. As long as you let it go I will make sure this doesn't happen again," Queen Mother reluctantly pleaded with the King.lightsnovel

"I will let it slide since Her Highness pleaded on your behalf but I can't guarantee that the same will happen if you repeat the same thing," Kayden said with a stern expression. He shifted his gaze to the woman who was trying so hard to control her temper.

The woman standing in front of him might be his mother but the times he has spent with her is fewer than the years they have been apart.

In the past his mum was always busy. She barely had time for him and that is why at the age of seven he went to live with his father.

Although they were living in the same kingdom they rarely got to see each other. The times he spent in school and at home practising with his martial art master gave him not enough time to spare for his mother. And she also never cared to visit him. She was busy doing business. He only goes to her house on his birthdays and spends only thirty minutes or an hour there.

Sometimes she was even too busy to spare him that thirty minutes a year. They only began living together after he became the King. The gap they have created all these years is still there.

Their current status and difference in opinion further widened their gaps.

Kayden snapped out of it. The past between him and his mother wasn't worth remembering because hardly anything memorable happened in those memories.

"Since Her Highness forced her way into my chambers I am sure you had something important to relay to me right?" Kayden asked, pretending not to know what brought the woman there.

Queen Mother Theresa didn't reply immediately. She couldn't tell him that she barged into his chambers because she wanted to confirm the information her spies living in his quarters told her.

She wouldn't only lose the access to keep tabs on him but revealing the truth will be a big blow to her ego.

"Your private tutor will be arriving soon, get ready before he arrives," Queen Mother said.

"Exams are ongoing in the University, I need to take the exams if I want to graduate from the University," Kayden said firmly. The Queen mother frowned at his words.

"You are the King; the supreme ruler of the kingdom and shouldn't mingle with low lives," Queen Mother said.

"Since the establishment of the kingdom over thirty years ago has it ever been recorded that the king or princes and princess went to the Academy or University?"

"No, right and that is because royalties are not supposed to mingle with low lives. You are above everyone and that is how it should always be?" The Queen Mother stated with a tone of finality.

"I will leave His Majesty to continue with his work," She turned and left, not wanting to give the King the chance to argue with her.


"Thank you, Your Majesty for your benevolence," Tracy bowed like the humble maid she is. She stood up and followed her Madam.

"How come she forgets so soon that we were not royalties before I became king? How soon she forgets that," Kayden said, staring at the door.