18 Tracy's Punishment

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About two minutes after Tracy left the anxious Chris appeared in the King's room using his vampire powers. "Your Majesty, so how did it go? Were you able to pull off the act without my help...,"

"Sshh...," the King signalled Chris not to utter another word. Seeing him stare at the door made Chris get the hints that the Queen Mother and her people were still close by.

True to the king's words Tracy was standing at the king's sitting room with the Queen Mother trying to hear the king's conversation with Chris.

They left after two minutes of silence in the king's room.

"You can go ahead and say whatever you want but don't pass the boundary," the king gave Chris the permission to talk.

"Was your Majesty able to set the stage with the little time I bought for you before they barged in?" Chris asked curiously but just like the king earlier warned he composed himself and maintained his manners while trying to satisfy his curiosity.

The king didn't speak, he only signalled him to take a good look at him and where he was.

Chris stared at the King. Earlier he was too excited to notice that the king was putting on his sleeping robes and glasses. He smiled seeing that the king was smart enough to take off his clothes and also come to his study. That proves that his prediction was right.

He would have been in trouble had the Queen Mother not found the king in his study like he said. She would have looked for excuses to take out her anger on him since her plans to catch the king unawares didn't work.

Thank goodness the king was smart enough not only to save himself but also his ass.

"Your Majesty was so smart to make use of the study...,"

"That's because she will nag me less if she sees that I was going through official documents and my plans worked. You should have seen how speechless she was when she saw me sitting here?" King Kayden said, his lips curling into a sly smile.

His mind went back to what happened after he parted ways with Chris.

He had used his powers to hasten to reach inside his chambers. When the maids offered to help him undress he quickly sent all of them away. He hurried to his dressing room where his clothes were neatly arranged section by sections.

It didn't take him up to two minutes to undress and put on his sleeping robes. His powers really came handy in doing all these.

Although he was in his room, he overheard everything that happened outside. He was outside his sleeping chambers when the Queen Mother tried to barge in but Chris blocked her path.

He used the time Chris stalled to get to his study and that is how he got everything set before his mum barged in.lightsnovel

"We beat them in their games," Chris said, sounding very happy that he performed his duty well. He can't bring himself to think about what the troublemaker Queen Mother would have done had their plans succeeded.

"I am sure after what took place here Tracy will think twice before she does anything like telling on you to the Queen Mother...,"

"Although we won this time around, that doesn't mean that we should let our guard down...," King Kayden said.

"This is a crucial time for me, the success of my plan to make Joan my Queen on her eighteenth birthday will greatly decrease if the Queen Mother got any leverage on me so we need to be more careful than ever".

Although he always listens to the Queen Mother and does the things she wants to make her happy, the thing he will never do that she wants the most is letting her intervene in his choice of wife and Queen.

He will use his position as king not only to defy her but anyone who thinks that Joanna isn't a suitable wife for him.

"I will make sure nothing goes wrong with your arrangements to make Young Miss, your wife and Queen," Chris gave the King his words. He has been with the king the longest so he knows his feelings for the hated lady very well.

"Have two of our men watch over her in plain clothes to make sure nothing happened to her before her eighteen birthday," King Kayden passed his orders.

"I will do that right away," Chris exited the study after paying his respect to the king.

Kayden left his study some minutes later.

Meanwhile at the Queen Mother's quarters, the Queen Mother turned and landed a thunderous slap on the cheek of the lady following her closely.

Tracy went down on her knees holding her cheeks. The other maids on seeing this quickly hurried out of the room for fear that the angry Queen Mother would transfer the aggression on them.

"How dare you make a fool out of me in front of the King?" Queen Mother asked glaring daggers at the kneeling lady asking for mercy.

"Your Highness, I verified the news and made sure the king wasn't at his chambers before I disclosed the news to you...,"

"Of course I know that the king was out of the palace last night but where is the evidence to prove our claims?" Queen Mother asked.