20 She Started Working At The Cafe

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The instant Audrey entered the house, her mother blocked her path to interrogate her. "I hope no one saw you when you left their home?"

"Mum, neither you and dad are weak so what are you both so afraid of?" Audrey asked not understanding why her mother was so concerned about others connecting them to the Anderson.

Meanwhile as Audrey and her mum were talking Joanna, already at her home, was warmly welcomed at the door by her little brother who ran to embrace her.

"How are you, little rice ball, I hope you didn't miss big sister too much last night?" Joanna, still embracing Tony said as she stroked his hair affectionately.

"I missed you a lot but despite this, I was very well behaved last night," Tony said, not wanting his big sister to think that he misbehaved when she wasn't around.

"Drey told me that earlier. So what does my little rice ball want as a reward huh?"

"Hmmm…," Tony said, hitting his head with his tiny finger to show that he was in deep thoughts.

"Little rice ball, you know that you can ask for anything you want but before you do that I want to remind you that big sister has little money…,"

"I want us to go to the beach like we normally did in the past," Anthony said giggling. Joanna was surprised at what he wanted.

When she told him to ask for a reward she thought he would ask for a dagger, games or things of monetary value. Never had it crossed her mind that her brother would make a request.

"It has been a very long time since we last went to the beach to play so how about we go to the beach as my reward hmm?" Anthony said, making adorable faces at his sister.

"By 'Us' who is our little rice ball referring to?" Joanna asked as she lifted her right hand to his face.

"Big brother Kayden and Sister Audrey. These are the only people I can think of that treat big sister very well," Anthony replied.

He deliberately didn't mention his father, mother or eldest sister because he is a witness of just how cruelly they treat Joanna.

Thank goodness his mum hurriedly left the house before Joanna arrived, he wouldn't have been able to talk to Joanna this way if she was around.

"Asking Drey to come with us won't be difficult but I can't promise you that Kayden will join us like he usually did in the past. He is now the king, don't forget that," Joanna said feeling sentimental when she recalls the good old days.

In the past not everyone hated her as much as they did. Even though people mistreated her back then it was still manageable and this is all because of Audrey and Kayden.

Back then they usually did everything to cheer her up anytime she was bullied.

Kayden always snuck out of his home to spend time with the two of them.

To avoid being seen they always either played in their hideouts in the forest or went to the beach or other fun places.

Those times she spent with them were the happiest days of her life but so many things changed after Kayden became the king.

People became more hostile to her because they knew that a powerless girl like her would become the Queen.

Kayden on the other hand had no time for them because of his busy schedule in the palace. The only times she gets to see him is when he sneaks out of the palace to see her.

It has only been three years since he became king but so many things had changed between them.

Their relationship would have been worst if Kayden was the proud type of guy.

"If he won't listen to big sister's words then I will talk to him. I am sure he will agree if I tell him," Anthony said innocently.

Joanna only smiled at him. She knows that it wasn't as easy as Tony said.

Although Kayden is the ruler of the kingdom he still needs to obey the rules of the palace.lightsnovel

What if he comes out of the palace and he suddenly got attacked by the enemies?

What will she do? Won't the people in the kingdom burned her alive saying that she brought harm to their beloved king.

"What about father?" Joanna decided to change the topic.

"Nanny said he left very early before I woke up," Tony replied like he was told.

"I am not surprised," Joanna stood up from where she squat. She held Tony's left hand and led him upstairs to his room.

"I will take you to school today," Joanna said as she continued leading her brother upstairs.

After they finished their papers for the day, Joanna dragged Audrey out of their classroom before Audrey had the chance to confront the girls for what they did to her the previous day.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Audrey was upset that Joanna wanted to let the issue go just like that but she had no choice than to do what Joanna wanted.

Joanna and Audrey didn't think that the owner of the cafe would employ Joanna because of her situation in the kingdom but surprisingly the woman asked Joanna to start working after the interview.

They didn't have to plead or coax the woman like they had thought they would.

Although Joanna knew that it won't be easy working especially in a household like hers, she still wanted to give it a try despite knowing that Adhara will burn her alive if she discovers this.

For two weeks Joanna avoided the four mean witches like a plague. She even made sure she didn't bump into the girls or the mean boys by coincidence.

She tried as hard as possible to manage both her work in the house and cafe. As long as she could make a little money to sustain herself, Joanna didn't mind the suffering that comes with it.

It was her choice to work after all!

About five days to Joanna's eighteenth birthday, Audrey came to her cafe after school since Joanna didn't go to school that day.

"I am leaving tonight," Audrey break the sad news to Joanna. The white tray almost fell off her hands had Audrey not held it on time.


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