22 The Three In Danger

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Her stepmother would rather prefer she lose a hand or even get killed than let her beloved son, the only heir of the household, sustain even the tiniest thing as a scratch on his body.

If any danger dares comes to him in this strange place, then she is sure that her stepmother and sister will surely bury her alive. They will make her die in the cruellest way possible.

"I will try to create a path for you and also distract them so during their distraction take Tony with you and run," said the already transformed Audrey in a soft tone.

"What about you?" Joanna asked worriedly. "You know I would never let you sacrifice yourself...,"

"Hey, silly girl, who says I am gonna sacrifice myself for you huh?" Audrey said trying to act cool even in this dangerous situation. She knows very well that Joanna will never agree to leave by herself if she didn't act this way.

"I can take care of myself or have you forgotten what I am?" Audrey said secretly keeping an eye on the fearsome-looking werewolves which were drawing closer.

"Do as I said. I will come back for you after I have made sure it is safe," Audrey tapped Joanna by the hand. She stared down at little Anthony whose eyes had changed.

"That is good of you little prince, don't forget to protect your big sister when I am not by your side," Audrey pats Anthony's hair. She turned her gaze and glared at the large number of werewolves. With only her to protect them, she knew they were greatly outnumbered but Audrey wasn't one bit scared.

She was trained to be fearless since childhood and not even the large number of werewolves glaring at them will make her cower in fear.

To distract the mean-looking werewolves Audrey repeatedly runs around the free space. When the werewolves didn't expect she removed something from her backpack and threw it in their direction. Thinking that it was something dangerous the werewolves moved backwards.

"And now Anna," Audrey yelled when the thing she threw began emitting smoke.

"Haven't you guys always claimed to be the most powerful then let me see what you have got. Let's see whether your claims were right or that of the vampires," Audrey said provocatively on seeing that some of them wanted to chase after Joanna and Anthony.

Her words made them turn and pursue her. Audrey stamped her feet on the snowy ground and with one powerful leap, she was out of the circle they created.

She took to her heels afterwards and the scary werewolves with powerful teeth that could tear anything chased after her from all angles.

Audrey didn't only run but made sure to leap as she ran so as not to get caught by the werewolves pursuing her at full force.

As she was running, so also Joanna and Anthony. As Jonna runs she holds her little brother's hand tightly. They were still running when Anthony tripped over a rock buried under the snow and fell.


Anthony yelled in pain.

"Little rice ball, get up and let's go. We will take care of your wound later but not now. Our priority is to get out of here before they get to us," The panting Joanna said, trying to pull Anthony up.


Anthony screamed in pain only to fall back on the snowy ground.

"What's wrong? " Joanna asked worriedly. She quickly bent to check up on him after confirming that the werewolves hadn't caught up to them yet.

Apart from the bruise on his knees she also found out that Anthony had sprained his ankle.

Joanna reached out to take out something from her backpack to tie the injured leg only for her to hear growling from afar.

"Little rice ball, bear with the pains for a little while. Big Sister will take care of it after we are safe," Joanna said instantly, making her injured brother climb her back.lightsnovel

After giving him a piggyback she stood up and decided to run. Normally she would have long gotten exhausted but because of the fear of danger, Joanna didn't feel tired.

While running Joanna was concentrating her gaze at the back to see how far her pursuers were away from them she slipped at a hill and fell.


Her screams caught the attention of Audrey leaping on tall trees to avoid getting by the beings that had caught up to her on the ground.

"Damn! The silly girl is in trouble!" Audrey muttered, turning to stare in the direction the yelling came from.

"Sorry, but I won't play with you guys anymore. I am urgently needed somewhere else," Audrey said to the werewolves howling at her from the foot of the tree she was currently sitting on.

Meanwhile, as Audrey hurried back to come to her friend's aid, Joanna, currently holding onto a rock to avoid falling down the bottomless hill, continued screaming for help.

Because her brother was still holding onto her tightly, the rock she was holding onto could not support their weight.

Apart from that, her right hand was beginning to lose strength with each passing second.

"Hold on tight, little rice ball," The terrified Joanna said to her little brother, who was starting to lose balance.


[Is this how I am gonna end up?]

Joanna lamented thinking that there was no hope for them anymore.

"Little rice ball, I am sorry for taking you along with me to such a dangerous place. Even though you had insisted on coming with me, I should have stood my ground and kept on saying no to you. I am sorry that because of me you will never get to see your mother, sister and father anymore...,"

"Don't you think your last words are so boring or am I the only one feeling this way?" a hand grabbed Joanna's hand before it could slip away from the rock.

Seeing the smiling face of her best friend made Joanna see a glimmer of hope.

"Yay! Sister Audrey is here to save us," Anthony said excitedly.

"Hold on tight Tony. I won't be held responsible if you slipped off ok," Audrey said playfully. She supported her right hand with her left hand. With the strength of her two hands combined, she pulled the two people with ease.

They were already smiling since she had almost pulled them out when a burning silver iron encircled her two ankles.


The sudden burning sensations made Audrey let out a cry of pain. The strength around her hands weakened thereby almost letting the two people she was holding onto fall down the cliff.


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