24 Furious

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Audrey, Joanna and Anthony spent three nights in the freezing dark prison without anyone coming to interrogate them. The three companions weren't only starving but also very tasty.

Audrey became weak due to lack of blood consumption.

"Is there someone there? Get us out of here," Joanna shouted with the little strength she can muster up.

"Hey, you guys are fucking messing with the wrong people so let us out," Joanna yelled. She moved closer to the iron and banged on it. Joanna was surprised to see that nothing happened to her.

[Was that stupid guard lying to us all this time]

Joanna continued hitting the iron bar but none came there; not even the security guards in black that always parade the area were in sight.

"Girl, haven't you always stayed composed and avoid swearing because as the future Queen you are not supposed to behave unrulily...,"

"Stop it, Drey, I am in no mood to listen to your teases. We have been here longer than we planned, I am afraid Adhara and Laura would have already returned from where they went....,"

"And they will rain down brimstone when they learned that their beloved son is gone," Audrey completed the sentence for her. Staying in a dark cell without a cell phone or freedom to go out makes her feel frustrated. She has been shouting ever since they were locked up there and she is exhausted.

Her strength has been greatly reduced since she hasn't consumed blood for close two days now.

An hour later a man sitting on a brown couch with his legs crossed was seen talking to the guard that talked to Audrey on the night they were locked up in the prison.

"I guess this is the perfect time to talk to our prisoners... or should I say our guests?" The tan looking man with long grey hair said while grinning wickedly. He stood up and left the room where he was sitting with the other guy heeling him.

Some minutes later, Audrey was taken out of the prison with her legs and hands bonded with silver chains; she was taken to the interrogation room where all manner of torturing equipment was hung on the black wall.

[This is not the 70's when such cruel tools were used in torturing people. I wonder what era they think they are in]

Audrey's gaze moved from one torturing tool to another. She was too distracted to pay attention to the man sitting in front of her.

"Who are you and who sent you to spy on us?" The tan looking man with grey hair asked after Audrey was made to sit on the chair opposite his.

The man continued questioning Audrey but Audrey didn't make a sound, not to mention answering his questions.

"You won't talk right but let's see whether you will be able to keep up the arrogance in a few minutes," The man said coldly. He turned and faced the guard standing close to him.

"Go get them," He ordered and immediately the guy left only to return with another guard with Joanna and Anthony in their possession.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Joanna and Audrey yelled at the tan man when they saw each other.lightsnovel

"I thought you were deaf and dumb but I guess I was wrong. I am happy that my guess that you cared a lot about them more than you cared about yourself wasn't wrong?" An evil smirk appears on the man's face.

"Get them talking," the man passed the order to another guard standing close to the furnace. The guard with brown hair took out the iron from the furnace and walked to where Joanna also bonded was held in place by a guard.

"Hey do you think this is some ancient time that you could just torture people, don't you know that we have the police...,"

"So what if they are police from where you come from; here we make the rules," The tan man said as he signalled the guard with the hot iron to do as he had ordered.

"So what if you make the rules here, would you be able to handle the consequences of your actions? Would your pack remain safe after making the King your biggest enemy by hurting his future Queen?" Audrey asked before the guard could place the square hot iron on Joanna's chest.

"Does that mean it was the King of Twipera kingdom which sent three of you to spy on us....,"

"Stop trying to change our statement because that was never what she meant. You can do whatever you want to us but I will advise that you think carefully about the consequences of your actions. A wise man will think before he starts laying accusations...,"

"Are you trying to say that our chief isn't wise?' The guy who locked them up the day they arrived asked fiercely.

"You said it yourself so you can't hold me liable for it," Joanna said, sounding aloof. If she needs them to believe that she is the king's future Queen then she has to act like one or else...

Meanwhile, as Joanna and her companions were being interrogated, King Kayden almost brought down hell on earth when the men he told to be on the lookout at the boundary separating them and the pack returned to relay the news that Joanna and her friends hadn't left the forest since they entered.

"Since all of you can't perform a single task then I will go and find her myself," Kayden said angrily as he stood up from the golden colour couch and made to leave the room.

Chris previously standing inside the room appeared at the door with his hands spread.  "You dare to block my path?" Kayden glared at the guy standing in front of him.

"And I might do worse than this if my king doesn't calm down," Chris said with a stern expression without fear.

"Then don't blame me for being heartless," Kayden punched Chris on his stomach with his right hand. The powerful punch sent Chris moving about seven steps away. The stubborn Chris appeared again from where he stood before Kayden could leave the room.

"Get out of my way right now, Chris," Kayden ordered sternly.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

In the palace,  Chris was the closest to him. He feels bad hitting him but he could do even worse since this concerns his beloved safety.

"I am sorry but I can't obey that order, Your Majesty," Chris said, not moving from where he stood. The other guards signalled him to obey the king's command but Chris acted like he didn't see their signals.

Kayden hit Chris again but this time around on his face. As stubborn as he was, Chris still refused to leave the king's path.

"His Majesty can beat me to death but be sure that I won't obey your orders," Chris said when the king raised his hand to hit him again. His words made the furious king retract his punch.