26 The Voice

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"We are no troublemakers Elder Carter. Our visit was harmless. We had no intention of causing any trouble," Joanna replied with confidence that the elderly woman had never seen any girl of her age possessed.

"Let me be the judge of that after hearing the entire story," Elder Carter said, beckoning them to narrate the reason they were there. The story of all that happened was once again narrated but the difference was that it was Audrey who did the narration.

The angry girl exaggerated most of the facts but she didn't tell a single lie. At the end of everything Elder Carter asked the guards including the chief to apologize to the three of them.

If it was Magnus or another person of low rank who asked the chief to apologize, he wouldn't have done that. But since it was elder Carter which ordered him to do so, he had no choice but to swallow his pride.

Elder Carter was one of the closest Elders to the alpha, anyone who offends her will not have an easy sail in the pack.

"I am sorry. I admit it is my fault that such  high profile people like all of you had to suffer inconveniences because of me, I will take responsibility for everything," Chief bowed to them. The guards also did likewise.

"That's how it should be," Audrey scoffed. She paid no attention to how displeased the man looked. Maybe if he had treated them a bit nicely she would have felt sympathetic to him and even spoken up for him but because of what he did she felt nothing for him.

"And you all should be happy that this is not the kingdom because never would I ever let the injustice we suffer end with a mere apology," Audrey held Anthony's hands and together they stomped out of the prison.

Joanna tilted her head to look at the man who treated them unkindly and even dared to accuse them of being spies.

"I always appreciate people who are good at their jobs but I will say that you overdid your job. You really messed up and that is why I can't praise you for being good at your job," Joanna said with a stern expression, she also walked away. And Magnus followed her to show her the path.

"You should be happy that the future Queen is benevolent or else this issue wouldn't have been easily resolved. Maybe our pack would have experienced a major problem if she was one to hold grudges," Elder Carter said firmly. She also left the prison afterwards.

Elder Carter brought the pack's guests to her home and made them comfortable. Audrey, Joanna and Anthony took turns in having a refreshing shower. Audrey never knew how awesome it was to have a bath daily until they stayed in that dark prison for three nights.

Elder Carter at first wanted to give them different rooms but the wary Audrey declined the offer and instead opted for all of them to stay in the same room.

What if while sleeping they sent assassins to kill us?

That was her thought when the elderly woman offered to settle them down in three rooms.

"I can't believe how stingy they are; how could they feed you and Tony and refuse to feed me too?" Audrey vented her anger out by kicking the cold sand.

"Stop sulking but instead you should be happy that they are finally treating us as people and not as criminals or spies," Joanna joked just to make Audrey smile but the angry girl refused to smile.

"It was their fault for mistreating us in the first place so why should I be pleased hmm?" Audrey said angrily.

Audrey was the type to hold grudges. She doesn't easily forgive or forget the person who has offended her. And that's why Joanna knows she will remember the grievances she went through here in a long time.lightsnovel

"Gosh, I am starving," Audrey cried out for the third time. "How I wish an animal could just appear from nowhere. If that happened I wouldn't mind chasing that animal to the end of the earth".

Audrey continued walking. Werewolves have always hated vampires and those living in this pack did not hide their hatred like those residing in the kingdom.

In fact their hatred for vampires was the reason why they chose to move to the forest instead of living in the kingdom among vampires and humans.

She isn't surprised about their hatred towards her nor the fact that they blatantly refused to give her blood to drink. Right now she is just very hungry and she can't think straight because of that.

They were still walking on the beach enjoying the cold night breeze when they heard a faint voice asking for help.

Audrey abruptly halted, "What was that?" Audrey said as she immediately looked around. Surprisingly she didn't see anyone at sight.

"What is it?" Joanna asked. She also scrutinized her environment but she didn't see or hear anything.

"Didn't you hear that voice?" Audrey asked, staring at Joann's face.

"What voice are you talking about?" Joanna said. Her heart suddenly began beating rapidly. After what happened she gets easily scared and she doesn't think this will get better as long as they are in this pack.

The fact that they are strangers in a strange land made her believe that they are vulnerable to attacks.

Audrey is the only one who is powerful so how will they survive if they suddenly get attacked in this strange place?

"Hey, Drey, stop trying to scare me. If it's a joke then I advise that you stop because it isn't funny one bit...,"

"I am not joking. Try to listen and you will hear that someone is asking for help," Audrey's firm expression made Joanna believe that she wasn't joking.

Joanna closed her eyes and focused her attention on hearing the voice Audrey heard. Her eyes flew open after a few seconds. "You were right. Someone is indeed asking for help and I kinda feel like it is coming from the direction of the sea," Joanna said. The two friends diverted their attention to the sea at the same time.

Because it was quite late they couldn't see things clearly from where they stood but when their eyes became accustomed to the darkness of the sea, they really saw someone in the sea struggling while beating the water violently.

"Oh my God! Someone is drowning!" Joanna shouted. She tried to run towards the water but Audrey grabbed her hand firmly.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"Hey, let's get out of here," Audrey said. She pulled Joanna but she refused to move an inch.