27 Joanna Choose To Save Her

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"What are you talking about?" Joanna gasped. "She will die if we leave her in there...,"

"And why do you care if she dies or not; we don't even know anyone here," Audrey said with an indifferent expression.

"We didn't do anything wrong and they treated us like criminals and even called us spies, I am sure we will definitely get killed or even accused of being responsible for this if we are seen here....,"

"That person's life comes first. We will think about the aftermath after saving whoever it is," Joanna, who just freed herself, said. She ran into the water before Audrey stopped her again.

"That girl is nuts! I am scared that this kindness of hers will be the end of her one day," Audrey said. She stood there contemplating whether or not to help the one drowning in the sea.

"Anna's kindness might be the end of her but I know she will end up being the death of me one day," Audrey said. She pulled off her outer clothes and in a flash she was already inside the water.

Audrey grabbed Joanna's hand, not letting her dive into the water. "You don't know how to swim, I recall you almost drowned when your stepmother pushed you into the swimming pool so wait outside for me," Audrey said firmly. Her tone showed that the topic was non-negotiable.

"That was all in the past but not anymore," Joanna said. She trickishly free herself from Audrey's grip and dive into the violent water before Audrey could stop her again.

"Is she crazy she will drown before she even gets to save...," The words refused to form when Audrey turned around and saw that Joanna was swimming just fine.

"When did she learn how to swim and I wasn't aware of it?" Audrey muttered her gaze glued on Joanna's body which wasn't that visible at the moment.

"Mm... That isn't important now. I will ask her about that later after I grant her wish of saving the drowning person," Audrey said immediately diving into the water. Because of her powers Audrey was the first person to get to the drowning girl who was already sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Together Audrey and Joanna brought the girl with long blonde hair out of the water. When they got out of the water Audrey carried the blonde girl while Joanna followed closely.

When they had gotten far away from the sea, Audrey dropped the pale looking lady on the cold sand. Joanna was quick enough to check the girl's condition first.

"She isn't breathing? Is she dead?" Joanna said, her eyes widened in horror.

It was at this moment she recalled Audrey's earlier words.

They didn't do anything wrong and they labelled them as spies, what will be their fate if the girl they tried to save died.

The thought of dying in this strange land without a grave made Joanna shuddered.

She has imagined a thousand ways of dying but getting killed because she tried to save someone was never part of it.lightsnovel

While Joanna was busy fearing for her life, Audrey used her index finger to check the girl's pulse around her neck. She heaved a sigh of relief;

"She isn't dead but her airways is blocked…,"

"Then what are you waiting for, get it unblocked now or we are gonna get into huge trouble if she dies on us," the once terrified Joanna said, her fears visible on her face.

"Weren't you fearless when you insisted on saving her so why do you look so scared now huh?" Audrey teases her friend to get rid of her fears.

"That… that was….," Joanna didn't know how to defend herself. Although she is powerless and often bullied, if ever she comes across anyone who needs her help she always tries her best to offer her help in the best way she can.

No matter how cruel the world has been to her and notwithstanding the price they will pay if something went wrong when trying to save the drowning person she doesn't have the heart to walk past a dying person.

She is not that heartless!

"It doesn't matter whether or not I was fearless earlier, what matters is that we unblock her airways if we want to leave this dreaded place alive," Joanna said in a hurried tone. She signalled for Audrey to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the dying girl but Audrey was reluctant to do it so Joanna pushed her out of the way and took over her place.

It was when she had started performing CPR on the lady that four men in black outfit came out of nowhere.

Joanna was so focused on saving the dying lady that she didn't spare them a glance.

"Why hasn't she woken up?" Joanna gasped. Her breathing feels strained and this was as a result of the strength she applied in performing the CPR.

"If it won't work then perform mouth to mouth resuscitation," Audrey blurted carelessly. Joanna instantly tried to do like Audrey suggested but surprisingly to them one of the four men grabbed Joanna by the shoulder.

"What do you think you want to do?" The tallest of the four men asked with a cold expression.

Joanna shifted her gaze to the face of the man and glared at him, "I should be the one asking you that?".

"Do you know who she is…,"

"We don't know and we don't wanna know but I what I wanna you is if you will be able to handle the consequences if she dies because all of you stopped us from saving her?" Audrey asked with a stern expression.