28 Jocelyn Kyle

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"If she is really someone important like you want us to believe then would you be able to keep your life huh?" Audrey added harshly. The man holding onto Joanna's shoulder released her immediately after Audrey finished talking.

[Seeing how they are scared about her death I guess she isn't a nobody like we thought]

Audrey muttered her gazes glued on the man who held Joanna earlier. She scrutinized his body for any sign of something that will make her recognise the men and their background but she couldn't.

She looked away when the guy looked at her.

Joanna performed the mouth to mouth resuscitation on the dying lady. After her fifth attempt, the lady finally coughed out a mouthful of water.

"Gosh, I am saved!" Joanna yelled in relief and fell back on the cold sand when she saw the blonde girl slowly open her eyes.

When the CPR failed she became even more terrified not because of herself but for the sake of her little brother who was still in Elder Carter's guest room.

At the moment she regretted catering to Anthony's wants.

If she came here alone and ended up killed in this unknown land none will care about her death. She was certain that people like her stepmother and stepsister would even throw a big banquet to celebrate her death.

But since she brought Anthony here without the knowledge of his mother or father, that was different.

Apart from what her stepmother and father will do to her, she considered her little brother too small to lose his life; he is still very small and hasn't lived long to enjoy life to the fullest.

"Young Miss, are you ok?" The men rushed and circled the girl that just regained consciousness.

[So I was right, she isn't an ordinary person but a prominent figure. What would have become of us if such a big figure had died on us]

Audrey thought as she stared at her best friend who was trying to catch her breath.

The tallest of the four men helped blonde hair girl to sit up. They treated her so delicately that Audrey couldn't help but become more curious about the girl's identity.

The blonde girl wasn't too big or small but she estimated her age to be the same as theirs and even though she was older than them then it would be only a year difference. She was as tall as Audrey and almost had a similar figure like Audrey too.

"How are you feeling…,"

"I am fine so keep your distance," the girl said authoritatively and in an instance three of the men did as she wanted. The one that refused to obey the orders was the tallest one that looked like the leader of the group.

The blonde girl raised an eyebrow when the guy holding onto her refused to let go. "Carl, are you also going to disobey me as everyone else does? Do you also look down on me because I am some crazy girl…,"

"I wouldn't dare do that?" Carl, the guy still holding onto her said with his head bow.

"You said you wouldn't dare but that is exactly what you are doing now," the blonde girl said with a stern expression. When the blonde girl continued glaring, Carl let go of her, stood up and moved about three steps backwards.

"I want all of you to move five metres away…,"

"But the Alpha ordered us to bring you back…," Carl kept quiet when the blonde girl threw him a murderous glare.lightsnovel

"You all can go ahead and disobey me, that is ok but get prepared to get punished by Elder bro when we return to the packhouse," Jocelyn Kyle, the only sister of the Alpha of the pack, threatened coldly.

Jocelyn looks quite normal like every girl of her age but those in the pack will beat their hand on their chest and tell you that she is nowhere close to being normal.

Behind her back, those living in the pack call her the crazy girl and this is because of how she normally acts.

Carl signalled his colleagues to do like she wanted and together they moved away from where the girls sat.

Jocelyn after getting what she wanted turned to look at the two girls that saved her.

Her bright smile made Audrey wonder whether this was the same girl that was threatening the four men with a stern expression.

"You both saved me right?" Jocelyn asked while staring at Audrey in particular. Audrey, still examining the blonde girl, forgot to answer the girl's question.

Joanna sat up from where she lay, "Yeah and I wonder why a young girl like you tried to commit suicide".

"You should count yourself lucky that you ran into a kind-hearted girl like my best friend over then because I can assure you that you would have been roaming around the Netherlands at this moment," Audrey said with an indifferent expression.

"I wasn't trying to kill myself," Jocelyn blurted out.

"You didn't try to commit suicide!" Audrey and Joanna chorused. The two girls exchanged puzzled glances.

[If she wasn't trying to commit suicide then why was she inside the water]


Joanna stared at the girl with lots of questions on her mind.

Apart from the fact that she couldn't walk past a dying person, the main reason she was eager to save the girl earlier was because she thought the girl was an unfortunate person just like her.

No matter where one finds herself, the rule of the jungle where the powerful trample on the weak is always the order of the day.

And that is why she thought that the drowning person was an unfortunate person like her who decided to commit suicide because she could no longer handle the maltreatment anymore.

Now, hearing the girl say she wasn't trying to commit suicide made her even more astounded.

"If you weren't trying to commit suicide then why were you drowning?" Audrey asked curiously.

"Don't even try to give me the bullshit that you got carried away while playing in the sea because I won't believe such a lie".

"Would you believe me if I told you that I woke up after being knocked out and found myself at the deepest part of the sea?" Jocelyn asked, her eyes moved from Audrey to Joanna. Their widened expression showed how shocked the girl's statement left them.

"Do you mean someone tried to murder you in the guise of a suicide?" Joanna asked with her mouth dropped open.