30 For What Reason?

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"I would have long done that if it were that easy," Jocelyn said with a fallen expression.

People would ask if the distance between the kingdom and the pack isn't just a walk across the forest, what is so difficult there?

Yes, the distance between kingdom Twipera and the Golden Core Pack is a walk across the Hilmert forest but it is easier said than done.

"There is no big difference between your pack and the kingdom," Joanna began. She didn't see anything wrong in telling the girl stories about life in the Kingdom if that is what will make the girl happy.

"There is electricity, hospital, school, television, cellphones, cars and so on. I also noticed that your pack also has these stuff too…,"

"I heard that life in Kingdom Twipera is better and more fun than one here…,"

Audrey grimaced, "That's only for the wealthy people and I am sure that is applicable here right?".

"Hey Drey, there is no need to get sensitive…,"

"I was only stating the truth and the reality of life so she won't get deceived by anyone," Audrey said firmly.

"I know that but let's tell her about something else other than that. There are a lot of exciting things to tell her about the Kingdom apart from discussing depressing topics so let's start from there," Joanna said. She knew the reason Audrey was getting irritated about the topic was because of her.

Audrey has always hated the fact that Joanna had to suffer for no reason.

Joanna is the blood and flesh of Mr Anderson, a renowned man in the Kingdom.

His wife and daughter parade the kingdom in designer clothes but Joanna goes around in rags. She has always found this situation unfair and she will continue feeling this way until Joanna's situation changes for the better.

The three girls kept on talking. Their laughter could be heard at intervals. Audrey, who was quite sensitive at the beginning, became more relaxed after a while.

If not for the four men intervening, maybe they would have spent more time on the cold sand.

Jocelyn offered to walk them home but they rejected the girl's offer. Since Jocelyn wasn't the type to do like she is told she didn't listen to them and escorted them to Elder Carter's house where the two girls were staying.

When they reached the front of Elder Carter's gate a girl in white with her black ebony hair tied into a ponytail ran towards them from the opposite direction.

The girl paused just in front of Jocelyn. Her breathing was heavy. It was evident that she ran all the way there. "Where have you been, I searched everywhere for you," Rachel gasped. She tried to catch her breath.

"Am safe and sound, am I not…,"


"Since I am back you can go home and keep Grandma company. Carl and his men will make sure that I get home safely," Jocelyn said, not letting Rachel nag her like she normally did.

Rachel was about to talk when Elder Carter came out of the house. "What are you all standing out there doing, none is prohibiting you from entering my home right?" Elder Carter asked, her gaze focused on those standing outside her gate.

From the staircase she stood she could clearly see what was happening outside the gate. In fact, the noise outside was what brought her outside her home.

"None is stopping us but it's just that I am in a hurry. I wanted to drop off my new friends but I guess we must have disturbed you right?" Jocelyn asked.

"Your new friends?" Elder Carter asked, her eyes moving from Jocelyn to the two girls standing close to the gate.

Jocelyn waved at the elderly woman, "I don't have time to go into details right now but I promise you that you will hear the full details of what happened tomorrow".

"Please take good care of my friend's Auntie," Jocelyn said. She brought back her attention to Audrey and Joanna.

"It was nice meeting the two of you. We will meet again tomorrow ok…,"

"We are leaving here tomorrow…,"lightsnovel

"Sorry but I really have to go now. I will make sure we spend time tomorrow hmm," The impatient Jocelyn said with a smile. Only if she allowed Joanna to complete her sentence then she would have known that they were leaving the next day.

Joanna and Audrey watched as Jocelyn left with her entourage while holding onto Rachel's hand.

They only went into the house after they disappeared into the far away street.

When they reached the sitting room they met Elder Carter sitting on one of the black couches.

They greeted the elderly woman before they turned to walk to their room upstairs. They didn't even climb the stairs when Elder Carter's question came.

"How did you both run into the Alpha's little sister?" She asked in a cold tone. "I hope you girls didn't forget your place and caused trouble…,"


"Sorry to interrupt but we are no troublemakers ok," Audrey said firmly. She tried to sound as polite as she could.

"Also, what did you mean by knowing our place? In the kingdom, our status is not small. In fact, Anna is the King's…," Joanna didn't let Audrey complete her words. She nudged Audrey gently and shook her head as a signal for her not to talk anymore.

"Although we are strangers here we know what to do and what not to do. You don't have to worry about a thing," Joanna said with a stern expression.

"If you don't have anything else to say we will take our leave now," Joanna said. She held Audrey's hand and together they went to their rooms.

"Why do kids nowadays have quite a temper? I was only trying to caution them for their own good, I can't believe they misunderstood my intentions," Elder Carter muttered, her gaze focused on the spot the girls stood.

When they got to their room Audrey let out her anger by kicking the waste bin lying close to the door.

"What the hell does she think we are? Does she think we are some spoiled brat who goes around causing trouble wherever they go…," Joanna grabbed Audrey's hand not letting her kick something else in the room?

"There is no need to get angry about a thing. Let's go to sleep early so that we will get out of this place as soon as possible. I mean we have seen that Magnus is not dead like you assumed so there is no reason for us to remain here right," Joanna asked in a composed tone.

"You are right about that. I can't wait to leave this goddamn place in which no one respects us," Audrey said, sounding more relaxed than previously.

Since they didn't bring a change of clothes they slept with their clothes on. Joanna slept in the same bed with Anthony while Audrey slept in the second bed.

Audrey pretended to be fast asleep but when she realised that Joanna was asleep too she stood up from the bed.

"In this weird place I can't trust anyone so I will take it upon myself to protect those who are important to me," Audrey muttered as she stared at the sleeping siblings.

Audrey sat there and kept watch the entire night without getting a wink of sleep.

The moment it was 5:00 am, she woke the two siblings up and made them prepare for their departure.

They had finished dressing and were ready to leave when a knock suddenly came on their door.

Joanna was the closest to the door so she went to check on who it was. She was a bit relieved to see that it was Magnus.

"We were just about to come to inform you that we are ready to leave," Joanna said.

"Sorry but I don't think that is possible?" Magnus said. His expression showed that all was not well.

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Joanna asked. She was confused.

"Because the Alpha's elite guards are here to get all of you…,"

"For what reason?" Audrey, overhearing their conversation, asked angrily.