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Chapter 336 - The Competition Between Elites

Chapter 336: The Competition Between Elites

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The two stood at the starting point, and Bern repeatedly confirmed, “Miss Sheng, are you really going to challenge the intermediate circuit? It’s not for newbies. It’s very dangerous. You’re so beautiful. It would be a pity if you fell…”

He said that several times, but Sheng Yang didn’t respond. In the end, she couldn’t help but look at him and complain mercilessly, “You’re really naggy.”

Sheng Yuxi and Sheng Hanjing looked at Bern with sympathy. Even so, what Bern said was exactly what they were worried about.

However, they knew their sister well. Since she had made up her mind, she wouldn’t change it easily. In that case, they had to protect her.

Sheng Hanjing checked Sheng Yang’s protective gear over and over again. In contrast, Sheng Tingze very carefreely put on his gear.

After doing all this, Sheng Hanjing walked up to Sheng Tingze and said in a low voice, “Eldest Brother, let Sister win.”

“Let her win? Impossible. When she challenged me, she should’ve thought of the consequences,” Sheng Tingze said, but Sheng Hanjing was confident that Eldest Brother would give in.

“Start…” With Sheng Hanjing’s exclamation, the two of them swung their ski poles and skied out.

Sheng Yang had obviously overheard the conversation between Sheng Tingze and Sheng Hanjing just now, so she deliberately glided very slowly. In order to make her feel better, Sheng Tingze could only glide even slower. This was pure torture for him.

Seeing Sheng Yang moving so slowly confirmed that she was a newbie. Hence, Bern and her two brothers all believed that she couldn’t ski.

After a while, a child who was skiing very slowly overtook them and made a face at Sheng Tingze.

This triggered Sheng Tingze. He couldn’t take it anymore!

He glanced at Sheng Yang and decided that it would be better to finish this as soon as possible.

Hence, he suddenly accelerated his speed and used all his strength.

His figure was as fast as a shooting star on the circuit, just like his usual speed in the business world.

He decided not to look behind him and just kept skiing forward.

After skiing for a short while, a beautiful figure suddenly swooped past him, leaving him stunned.

Sheng Yang turned around with ease, her amber eyes looking clear as day. “What are you waiting for? Do you want to lose so badly?”


Sheng Tingze couldn’t believe it, but even after he tried his best, Sheng Yang still surpassed him.

His mind was whirring and his blood was boiling.

Although Sheng Yuxi and Sheng Hanjing were surprised that their younger sister, a beginner, could ski so smoothly and so quickly, they didn’t have time to think about it. Seeing their eldest brother like this, they secretly cursed in their hearts. This must have ignited their eldest brother’s desire to win!

Sheng Tingze began to accelerate and the two chased after each other, dazzling everyone.

Various dazzling skills were shown off on this intermediate circuit.

This intermediate circuit was too simple and not a suitable place for them to perform their tricks. Sheng Yang had already said that they should just start on the advanced circuit.

In a moment of impulse, Sheng Yang crossed over to the advanced circuit. Sheng Tingze wanted to keep up with the momentum, so how could he think so much about it? He immediately followed her.

Sheng Yuxi and Sheng Hanjing hurried over.

Bern was the one who suffered from the greatest shock.. He stood in place like a statue.

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