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Chapter 126 - I’m Still Human

Yun Qin immediately glared at him. “Scumbag, don’t quibble.”

Xu Yu was still glaring at him with resentment and grievance. If Yun Qin wasn’t there, she would have cut Jiang He into pieces long ago.

“You’re wronged? What about the girl who turned into a ghost?” Seeing Xu Yu’s despair, Yun Qin could not help but say something fair.

“Female buddha, I’ll give you another million, can you turn her back?” Jiang He regained his strength and got up, rubbing his neck as he said.

“Jiang He! You think you’re so mighty just because you’re rich?”

Hearing this, Xu Yu became excited and wanted to strangle Jiang He again.

Yun Qin quickly stopped them and said helplessly, “If I could bring back the dead, would I still be here?”

Yun Qin would have long been on equal footing as Hades if she did.

After hiding behind Yun Qin a few times, Jiang He revealed his rakish attitude again. He said, “It’s because I’m rich that you can’t kill me. Are you angry? I spent five million to hire this female buddha! Five million, understand?”

“You’re a stinky hooligan! Scumbag! Shameless!” Xu Yu could not defeat him and opened her mouth again, wanting to cry.

Yun Qin stopped the two of them from arguing. “Alright, I’ll fulfill one small wish of yours and you can be on your way.”

The female ghost Xu Yu reacted very quickly. She immediately pointed and said fiercely, “I want him to die!”

“Please, I told you, I didn’t cause your death. Why do you want me to die? What kind of grudge do you have?”Jiang He said in shock.

Yun Qin rubbed her forehead helplessly. “No… anything except this.”

“Then cut off his penis!” Xu Yu said again.

“… now is not the time.” Yun Qin lost her temper completely.

“What do you mean by that, female buddha?!”

Jiang He sensed something wrong with Yun Qin’s words. All the hair on his body stood up. He covered his lower body and emphasized, “Five million is to ensure my entire safety!”

Seeing that Yun Qin rejected both of her most desired ideas, Xu Yu became distressed and unconsciously floated on the ground.

“Can’t you just take her away?”Jiang He winked at Yun Qin.

Yun Qin spread her hands. “There’s nothing I can do. You have to suffer a little so that she won’t continue to seek revenge on you.”

Jiang He became melancholic and even moved in front of Xu Yu, trying to use his handsome face to influence the female ghost. However, Xu Yu ignored him and continued to think seriously.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind. The female ghost Xu Yu said, “I want Jiang He to kneel on the ground and crawl like a dog. He will crawl and bark at the same time, and then…”

Xu Yu pointed again. “Climb to the door of the balcony and then pee like a dog.”

Yun Qin thought for two seconds and agreed, “Okay.”

“I refuse! I don’t want it! Change to another one!”Jiang He was so anxious that his facial features twisted together. He grabbed Yun Qin as if he was asking for help.

“Then you choose between the first two.” Yun Qin raised her eyebrows and said.

“… I’ll stay with this one.” In the end, Jiang He slowly knelt in humiliation.

Ten minutes later, Jiang He, who suffered all kinds of humiliation, was finally able to get up. He rubbed his numb knees. When he raised his head, he was horrified to find a silver videorecorder floating in Xu Yu’s hand.

“What are you doing!”Jiang He rushed forward anxiously and wanted to snatch the camera, but Xu Yu flew away.

In Jiang He’s eyes, if the video of him imitating a dog was leaked, it would be worse than killing him. He immediately said, “Xu Yu, baby, we were once in love, have mercy, I beg you.”

The female ghost Xu Yu floated proudly. “Don’t worry, I’ll enjoy it myself.”

“Alright, it’s time to set off,” Yun Qin said calmly.

“Set off? Is that what I understand it is?”Jiang He was a little stunned.

As if she felt Yun Qin’s intimidating aura, Xu Yu stood rooted to the spot, as if she did not know what to do.

“Xu Yu, you…”Jiang He wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Reincarnate again to your next life. This time, don’t meet any scumbags,” Yun Qin said. Then, she stretched out a hand and began to suck the evil energy from Xu Yu’s body.

In an instant, Jiang He saw with his own eyes that a large amount of black smoke flowed out of Xu Yu’s body and quickly poured into Yun Qin’s body.

The female ghost who initially scared him to the point of peeing in his pants was now so weak that she was just a shadow.

Feeling energy rapidly pouring out of her body, the feeling of being on the verge of death made Xu Yu kneel in shock. She said in a trembling voice, “I’m still young. I don’t want to die!”

“You’ve already died,” Yun Qin said with a frown.

However, when Xu Yu was hit by a car, she died instantly. This was the first time she felt death. This made Xu Yu extremely terrified. “Please, I feel like I’m still a human. I don’t want to die, please!”

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