Chapter 804 - 804: The Defeated Boss

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Chapter 804: The Defeated Boss

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The Black Dragon Sect of the State of Colorado, a small force that he had never put in his eyes, actually dared to behave atrociously in his territory!

Damn it, he couldn’t hold it in anymore!

“The Ocean City? The Black Dragon Sect will take over for sure!”

Although Freddy Martin knew that the Seven Stars gang was powerful, his words did not count. After all, the real boss was watching from the side. Naturally, he could not be weak!

The people present were clearly unable to move!

Therefore, in a situation where both sides suffered heavy losses and no one gained any advantage, Gary Stevens had no choice but to brace himself and shout, “Let’s go!”

This feud had been formed. It was bound to be a situation where they would not rest until one of them died.

Instead of wasting time here, it was better to gather the elites and make a comeback. This would catch the arrogant Freddy Martin off guard and force him to roll back to Colorado.

“Don’t you think it’s too arrogant to leave just like that?”

The losses in today’s battle were not small! The decorations in the lobby area of the Jinling Hotel were all scrapped, and there were also customers and so on!

A conservative estimate would be at least 10 million!

After all, it was a five-star hotel. The things used in it were naturally not cheap goods!

“Who do you think you are? You dare to meddle in the Seven Stars gang’s matters?”

Gary Stevens looked rude and did not take Oliver Walker seriously. After all, he looked down on Freddy Martin, let alone a gigolo.

The person who spoke now was none other than the hotel staff. He had even captured Mark Thomas, so why would he be afraid of the Jinling Hotel that was under Thomas Corporation?

“Who the f*ck are you? You’ll pay the price!”

Gary Stevens did not mind. After all, he only thought that Mike was Freddy Martin’s bodyguard. What threat could such a person pose to him?

But in the next second…

Before Mike could make a move, Aiden, who had always been a man of few words, quietly arrived beside Gary Stevens.


Gary Stevens was stunned, and fear appeared in his eyes!

“Brat, you dare!”lightsnovel


The bodyguards around him also reacted instantly.


However, Aiden’s speed was much faster than their reactions. In the next second, Gary Steven’s shoulder blade was shattered by a palm strike.

“Bang bang…”

Gary Stevens revealed a pained expression. After letting out a miserable cry, his body uncontrollably knelt on the ground due to the huge force.

“When my boss is talking to you, you better be polite!”

Aiden’s voice was very cold, as if it came from a ten-thousand-year-old ice cave, mixed with a tangible killing intent.

Then, he grabbed Gary Steven’s hair, straightened his posture, and knelt in front of Oliver Walker. “You’re courting death!”

“Cripple him!”

Gary Steven’s bodyguards were completely enraged. In an instant, they pulled out their daggers and swung them at Aiden.

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In an instant, they fell to the ground again. Mike clapped his hands in disdain and smiled coldly.

Such a scene made Gary Steven’s face turn green in pain!

Those who could be his bodyguards were naturally extraordinary. They were experts who had walked out of a pile of dead bodies.

However, Aiden could ignore his bodyguards and subdue him directly and Mike could instantly kill his bodyguard. This…

What kind of shocking strength was this?

These two men, who were invincible, were actually calling that pretty boy boss!


Such intimidation also made the people of the Seven Stars gang instantly dumbfounded!

“I’ll give you two choices! Either you leave behind 100 million and scram!

Oliver Walker’s tone was as calm as still water. The reason why he appeared here tonight was not for fun.

It was to make Gary Stevens tremble in fear! It was also to tell these fanatics of the Seven Stars gang that there was always someone better! If they dare to be impudent, there would only be death awaiting them!