495 My Dad Is Wu Ming? (1)

In a beautiful virtual world on the virtual world network, Xu Lixing flew to the center of the virtual world with her mother, Li Miaomiao. It was a cluster of palaces high in the sky, and the palaces were huge feather-like buildings.

"Mom, be prepared to have your mind blown," Xu Lixing said excitedly.

"What does this place do?" Li Miaomiao looked at the distant palaces in confusion. She could see people flying in twos and threes from all directions and entering the palace complex.

"It's a relatively special auction house." Xu Lixing introduced, "It's held every month or two. It's an auction within the Hunter Cosmic Sector, and many of the items are unknown to the outside world. There are also often auctions on habitable planets. There are even a large number of native humans living on these habitable planets."

"Native humans?" Li Miaomiao was surprised.

"Yes, for example, an habitable planet will be auctioned along with hundreds of millions of native humans. However, we have to abide by the Cosmic Human Alliance's rules when dealing with native humans," Xu Lixing explained. "There are also many auctions for technological equipment that I've never heard of."

As the mother-daughter duo walked to the palace complex, an attendant suddenly took form and appeared in front of them with a smile.

"Ladies, welcome to the Nine Feathers Auction House," the attendant greeted with a smile. "The Nine Feathers Auction House isn't open to the public and only welcomes members. We ask for your understanding."

Xu Lixing was stunned. She brought her mother here to broaden her horizons because this place left her reeling in shock on her last visit.

She had come with Qin Fangke and had entered the auction house without facing any obstructions.

"I have to be a member?" Xu Lixing asked.

"Yes," the figure said.

"How do I become a member?" she pressed.

"It's very simple." The figure still smiled. "You just need to verify that you have at least 100 billion cosmic dollars in savings to register as a member of the Nine Feathers Auction House. You will receive many benefits as a member. For example, you can bring at most two companions to the auction. Details of many items on sale at the auction house will also be sent to the members in advance."

Xu Lixing's expression changed slightly.

100 billion cosmic dollars? As the young boss of the Blood Rain World's Iron Saber Gang, she had only accumulated a few hundred million over the years. It was far from 100 billion.

"That's a really high threshold." Li Miaomiao didn't mind. "Lixing, we can come again when we have a chance in the future."

"Okay." Xu Lixing nodded slightly, feeling a little depressed.

Li Miaomiao glanced at her daughter and comforted her with a smile. "The number of basic civilizations in the cosmic human race is uncountable. There are too many rich and powerful people. We have to treat it with a calm attitude."

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"I get that." Xu Lixing nodded and didn't say anything else.

"Your father earns quite a bit. When he earns 100 billion in the future, our family can enter to take a look." Li Miaomiao smiled. "Your father told me that it won't be long before he breaks through his bottleneck and reaches Lv. 8."

Xu Lixing smiled. "Mom, I don't mind. It's just an auction house."

Just as the two of them were about to leave, they saw two figures flying toward the palaces in the distance.

Xu Lixing was stunned by the sight of the two figures—it was Qin Fangke and a woman.

Qin Fangke also noticed Xu Lixing.

"Lixing." Qin Fangke brought the woman over and greeted her. "The auction is about to begin? Shall I bring you guys in?"please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Xu Lixing glanced at the woman. "Your new girlfriend?"

Qin Fangke smiled, and the woman beside him looked at her in confusion.

"Have fun," Xu Lixing said and left the virtual world with her mother.

Qin Fangke shook his head and sighed to himself. You're still so willful. Although I like that attitude of yours, you refuse to bow your head.

"Fangke, who was that?" the woman asked softly.

"Someone from the past." Qin Fangke smiled. "Let's go in."

Wu Ming's identity document had just been released today, and only the top factions of Oohook Star Alliance and the universe were made aware of it. Qin Fangke was only an ordinary member of the family after all, so he didn't know about Wu Ming's matters.


Xu Lixing and Li Miaomiao came offline and ate fruits in the living room.

"Lixing, is that man your ex-boyfriend?" Li Miaomiao asked.

"Mom, let's not talk about it." Xu Lixing wasn't in a good mood.

Qin Fangke had brought her to the auction house.

He brought another woman this time.

"Huh?" Li Miaomiao and Xu Lixing suddenly heard the doorbell ring. The two of them looked at the surveillance footage and saw five people, including Director Zhou, standing outside the courtyard.

"Director Zhou and the others are here." Li Miaomiao walked over with her daughter. "Let's go. Open the door. Director Zhou and the others usually come to see your father. Why didn't they inform us in advance? Your father's virtual chamber door is still closed, so he probably hasn't come offline."

Xu Lixing was puzzled. "Beats me."

Puzzled, the mother-daughter duo went to the courtyard door and opened it.

"Mrs. Xu, Miss Lixing," Director Zhou greeted with a chuckle. The other four people behind him smiled warmly.

"Everyone, please come in." Li Miaomiao and Xu Lixing first welcomed the quintet.

Li Miaomiao asked, "Director Zhou, didn't you inform Jingming that you were coming?"

"Xu Jingming shouldn't be in the Hunter Cosmic Sector now," a Caucasian beside Director Zhou said.

Li Miaomiao and Xu Lixing were stunned. Not in the Hunter Cosmic Sector?

Both of them had seen him earlier today, but now he wasn't in the Hunter Cosmic Sector anymore? Even the fastest spaceship of the cosmic human race wasn't that fast!