Chapter 2534 - 2534: Your Heartbeat

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Chapter 2534: Your Heartbeat

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In the world of cultivation, once a practitioner reached the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm, they could harness their life experiences to transform their existence into a ‘true illusion.’ This was a highly advanced illusion technique, and according to the wisdom of Senior Three-Eyed, mastering such an ability should be beyond the reach of a Seventh Stage Venerable.

However, reality often defied logic, and even the most absurd phenomena could manifest in the physical world.

And now, before our eyes, this previously Fifth Stage Xie Wang, after a transformation, had somehow activated the ‘true illusion.’ This was intriguing.

Back when Song Shuhang was still at the Sixth Stage Realm, he had managed to create a ‘true illusion’ by mimicking Senior White’s desert world. However, his illusion was but a replica. He had constructed it by emulating the supreme technique of the Demon Emperor, the Demon God Pillar, and sacrificing 99 miniature versions of himself, all ablaze and suspended from the pillar.

On the other hand, the true illusion cast by the Overlord Hound Xie Wang was no imitation.

At this moment, the fully healed true form of the Overlord Hound let out a long howl and commanded a full-scale assault.

In the next instant, within the true illusion, the previously diminutive pack of fierce dogs sprang into action. They coalesced into a formidable army and charged relentlessly towards Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Even in their shrunken phantom forms, these hounds were each at least three meters in size. As the entire canine army surged forward, the swamp trembled as if a thousand troops were thundering into battle.

Behind Song Shuhang, Eon Sea Scholar and Daoist Nun Miao Qing could feel their hearts being tugged by an unseen force. Each step of the canine army’s advance felt like a weight upon their chests that caused their vital energy to roll.

They silently activated their mental cultivation techniques to suppress the surging blood within their bodies.

Such was the influence of the true illusion—it could impose a stifling effect on practitioners of insufficient strength.

In Soft Feather’s livestreaming room, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator expressed concern. “Can Sixteen handle this?”

“Don’t worry, Shuhang is still nearby,” Doudou reassured.

“Sixteen is about to make her move!” Fairy Lychee exclaimed.

“Wind, clouds, rain, thunder!” Su Clan’s Sixteen called out with undeniable authority.

Her body was lifted by the power of the storm, hovering in mid-air.

In the sky, dark clouds blanketed the heavens, a fierce wind raged, and a deluge of rain poured down. Thunder rumbled and crackling lightning arcs filled the clouds.

Su Clan’s Sixteen raised her straight-edged saber high. Guided by her true dragon bloodline, she controlled the storm and lightning energies in the atmosphere.

Ten thousand thunderbolts roared!

All the power of lightning converged onto her blade.

Beside her, the Sage Seal of Profound Sage Su Shan materialized, and a potent dragon’s aura surged from Su Clan’s Sixteen that pressed down with tremendous force. Under the weight of the Sage Seal and Dragon’s Might, the ferocious canine army, which had been charging, suddenly halted in its tracks.

In that very instant, Su Clan’s Sixteen swung her saber downward.

In the next moment, Soft Feather’s live stream was shrouded in lightning and the radiance of her blade.

Simultaneously, a soft voice emanated from the live stream.

“My eyes, my eyes!” Lady Onion, perched on Song Shuhangs shoulder, cried out desperately.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator remarked, “The power of this attack… Isn’t it a bit excessive?”

Judging from the visuals, the force behind this attack almost rivaled his own full-powered strike, and currently, Su Clan’s Sixteen was one realm below him!

Su Clan’s Seven explained, “Sixteen has been diligently cultivating recently, and she’s currently undergoing a special trial within the Su Clan. Each successful step in her trial significantly boosts her strength. At her current level, if she were to engage in a direct confrontation, her power should be roughly equivalent to 2.5 times Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was aghast.

“However, this should be considered a short-term burst of combat capability for Sixteen. Sustaining such explosive strength continuously would be quite challenging. So, overall, Sixteen’s current strength is approximately equivalent to 1.5 times Thrice Reckless.” Su Clan’s Seven elaborated.lightsnovel

“Seven, did I do something to upset you today?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber asked cautiously. Why did it feel like Seven was targeting him in their conversation today?

Soft Feather cheerfully chimed in, “Senior Thrice Reckless, I understand this!

It must be because of Senior Seven’s nickname.’


Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was rendered speechless.

The ‘Su Clan’s Big Horse Monkey’ nickname?

But didn’t Song Shuhang come up with that title? Why was he being teased about it?

Whether he was Thrice Reckless Mad Saber or Thrice Reckless Mad Sword, he was not Song Shuhang.

As the conversation continued, the lightning on the live stream dissipated.

On the screen, Su Clan’s Sixteen, suspended in the storm, gazed down from above.

Electric arcs flickered amidst her hair and emphasized her delicate face.

Below, the fierce canine army had been utterly obliterated by a single swing of her saber, leaving nothing behind. Even the swamp conjured by the true illusion had been reduced to scorched earth.

The Overlord Hound Xie Wang raised its head, its howls of despair echoing.

At this moment, Song Shuhang spoke up. “Sixteen, no issues with energy consumption, right?”

“Mm-hm Su Clan’s Sixteen replied. She tugged on the White Dragon and used her sister’s body to cover half of her face.

Simultaneously, the White Dragon’s tail hung down over her left breast, concealing the powerful heartbeat within.

This pulsating heart served as a wellspring of energy that continuously supplyied Su Clan’s Sixteen with incredible power.

This was Song Shuhangs heart.

During Su Clan’s Sixteen’s transcension and manifestation of her divinity, her chest had been pierced, and she had lost her heart. Fortunately, Song Shuhang possessed a treasure that had helped her survive that ordeal.

After the tribulation…just to be safe, Song Shuhang had extracted a crystal

heart and entrusted it to Su Clan’s Sixteen.

She hadn’t informed anyone of this.

Now, whenever she thought about Song Shuhangs heart beating within her chest, she couldn’t help but feel bashful. She could only use the White

Dragon’s body to shield her face and conceal her reddened cheeks from prying eyes.

Supported by this crystal heart, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s endurance in battle far exceeded Su Clan’s Seven’s expectations. The explosive state just now had been effortlessly achieved, with no pressure at all.

“Get used to it.” The White Dragon sighed, disappointed that Su Clan’s Sixteen was still struggling with this. “It’s just Song Shuhang’s heart beating inside your body. If you can’t even get used to this, what are you going to do in the future?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen vigorously turned the White Dragon around and covered her nose as she only revealed her eyes. “Shuhang, switch hands!”

“Aren’t you going to continue? Only the true form of the Overlord Hound remains,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “Big Sister White Dragon said you wanted to study the true illusion, so I’ll leave it to you.”

The White Dragon was confused.

‘When did I say that?’