602 Identity Exposed?

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In the inner dark city, the domain of dark nobles, Jacob was sitting in a luxurious room, and a goblin in a suit was going through a device.

After dealing with Karim, he instantly came here to avoid any scrutiny as well as to begin the process of creating the Titan Tears for Autarch. He had already seen the commotion Karim's 'betrayal' had caused, which was quite larger than he had anticipated.

But he was extremely discreet and didn't leave any clues of his involvement behind, so there was nothing to worry about.

After checking something, the goblin looked at Jacob and smilingly said, "Your Highness, Dark Viscount, I've confirmed you have completed your secret dark mission; congratulations. You have acquired the Dark Viscount Estate in the Viscount sector of the inner city. You need to pay 10 Million ZC rent for a year, and the time can be increased as much as you like. Then sign here to complete the process, and I'll send someone to escort you to your new estate."

"I still need to pay the rent?" Jacob asked impassively.

He was under the impression that he would be given a free Dark Viscount Estate after he acquired this rank. Since he had already completed the secret dark mission of ascending the plain, he could get a personal member's benefits that even those outer members of the same dark noble rank couldn't.

The goblin replied while nodding, "It's just a formality. Trust me, not even an outer dark duke can get such a mansion, especially with all the special functions, especially the Dark Room, that the personal members of above upper dark noble rank can enjoy. I don't think 10 million is anything for a character like your highness."

Jacob thought it made sense since 10 million for a year's rent in the inner dark city was nothing at all. Many people want to stay in this place, but they can only do so by becoming personal members or becoming the vessel of a personal member.

With Jacob's current dark noble rank, many people will be looking for him to become his henchman so that they can live in his estate. The unique dark city's inner region was extremely rich with magic energy, and the estate given to the personal members of the dark city was installed with many exotic functions.

Such as a workshop, training area, meditation area, and even a special Dark Room, which was the specialty of the dark city.

The Dark Room was a very mysterious existence with almost no information about it. Every personal member kept a lid on it, and no one was allowed to reveal the true function of the Dark Room, or the punishment was certain death.

Since nothing was wrong, Jacob placed his hand on the device, confirmed the registration, and paid rent for a year. He wasn't planning on staying in this place for too long.

Sofie and Zoe had already gone to the Dark City Territory, and he'd leave the unique plains after making sure he could handle the three steps of legend experts.

Afterward, the goblin called another goblin who escorted Jacob to a carriage, and then they left towards the west of the city where Jacob's estate was located.

In the Dark City in the Unique Plains, only the Dark Marquis rank dark noble overseeing it while the Dark Duke that ruled over the Dark City as a whole was in the territory of Dark City.

"He's heading in the direction of the personal sector, where only the personal members of the dark city can enter their vessels. It seemed he had joined the Dark City when he was cashed down by the three hegemonies in the epic plains." A few hundred meters away, in a restaurant's private room, an elf with dark skin stated.lightsnovel

Five more people were in this room wearing cloaks, and only their faces were revealed. They followed Jacob since he entered the Potion Alchemy City, and Jacob still didn't know about it. One could only imagine how skilled they were in their craft.

Furthermore, after acquiring Jacob's star ID, they gathered all the information available on him, including his past ventures and his infamy in the epic plains.

When they found that Jacob was a plain ascender, they were astounded, and after investigating some more, they were shocked.

"This guy is enshrouded with mystery. Not only did he seem to be connected with Captain Free Sword, but his background didn't match his association with him. How in the world did he acquire his Offender Ring, and his current prowess is even more senseless." A goblin coldly stated with a hint of greed in his eyes.

"Not only that, but this guy was also very popular in the epic plains, and he literally championed the epic trial within a few months despite the federation's tight leach over it. Two new members have also ascended from the epic plains, and they seemed to have business dealing with him as well, and he was also the reason they were able to achieve the impossible and able to ascend." A midget with runic marks on his face stated.

"All in all, this guy's achievement is nothing short of legendary. Maybe the dark city was behind him from the start. But we can't deny that there is some secret on his body that allowed him to acquire his current status and prowess."

The second goblin said, "Not only that but don't you guys find it strange that right after he left the Potion Alchemy City, the scandal of Karim happened? Although we don't have any concrete proof that it is related to him, he had paid a visit to the alchemy guild that day, and after a few hours, Karim began to search for titan iron like mad. I don't know how he did it; there is something fishy about all this!"

Everyone's eyes shimmered as they all knew about the matters of Potion Alchemy City, and because of the past events regarding Jacob, they couldn't help but suspect him.

Even if there was very little chance that their suspicion began to correct, it was a huge matter, making Jacob even more unfathomable. That made them even more interested in Jacob to the point that they wanted to pry open his body.

"The higher ups wanted to recruit him and get his secrets, but now it seemed it's impossible since no one leaves the Dark City once they joined. Even if he agreed to become our spy, he might not be willing to share his secret with us." A barbarian with a black horn on his forehead sneered as his eyes shimmered with killing intent, "So, all that is left is to capture him before he becomes someone out of our reach. There are strict orders that we need to subdue him no matter the price quickly."

The dark elf finally stated, "It's not going to be easy now. If his personal member rank is above upper dark noble, then the security he'll get from the dark city's AI is at least at the level of a 2-star privilege star account, and he can't hack into it without getting screwed first.

"So, we need the help of our sleeper agents within the personal sector, which means they will be exposed and become useless. Not only then, we have to smuggle Faceless Ancient but also them before the Dark City rains down slaughter upon us."

The barbarian thought momentarily before revealing his sharp crimson teeth and coldly scoffed, "Who cares about those pawns? We can leave them to appease the Dark City's anger. Faceless Ancient is far more important than those freeloader idiots. We'll start the excavating mission in seven days; make preparations!"

Everyone nodded in unison, "Yes, Sir!"