2 Bestow the Pill

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However, this path would not be so easy to walk at the moment.

After all, most of his meridians were broken, and all the bones in his body were even worse off.

Under such circumstances, it would probably be impossible for him to transfer his cultivation to his disciple.

Moreover, the large amount of cultivation that would be required for this was probably not something his broken body could withstand.

In this case, he could only choose the second option.

He would give Lu Yanran an antidote. This way, he would definitely obtain a higher-quality panacea.

Fortunately, the 10,000-fold feedback system was not just a return of quantity.

The system would automatically convert the superposition of quantity into an increase in quality as well.

Unfortunately, most of the antidote pills in Ye Xuan's interspatial ring had been used up.

The only one left was the white pill he had just given to Lu Yanran.

This pill was a third-grade soul-returning pill. It was not a precious thing in Ye Xuan's eyes.

However, Lu Yanran was staring blankly at the third-grade soul-returning pill in her hand.

In her eyes, this pill was extremely precious.

After all, a third-grade soul-returning pill could treat the injuries of a master of the core formation realm.

How could her master give one to her so easily?

Lu Yanran's body trembled slightly. She felt a warm current run through her body.

Her master's great love moved her significantly.

After Ye Xuan gave her a few more simple instructions, he quickly rushed to his place of seclusion.

Just as Ye Xuan was leaving, the system's clear voice rang in his mind.

[Ding! The host has detected that a third-grade revival pill has been bestowed upon his disciple. After the 10,000-fold feedback, he has obtained a seventh-grade Nirvana Pill!]

After hearing the sound, Ye Xuan quickly calmed his heart and looked at the system space.

He saw that a purplish-red pill was floating quietly in the system space.

Even though Ye Xuan had not taken out the pill yet, he could already smell its pungent medicinal fragrance.

Beside the seventh-grade nirvana pill was a row of small words.

Ye Xuan focused his gaze and saw that it was the description of the seventh-grade nirvana pill's effect.

[Seventh-grade Nirvana Pill: A top-tier seventh-grade pill. This pill can only be refined by a top-tier pill master, and even then there is a high failure rate.]

[Not only can this pill cure all injuries and viruses below the seventh-grade, but it also has a life-and-death effect. It can also greatly increase the strength of the user. The power of the pill is divided into seven segments.]

[After each segment is released, the user's strength will increase rapidly. After the power of the seventh segment is fully released, the user can possess even the power of a king.]

After reading the explanation of the seventh-rank nirvana pill, Ye Xuan's worried heart finally relaxed.

With this, he could finally be saved!

He threw a token to Lu Yanran and said, "From now on, I will go into seclusion. You will stand guard outside the door. No one can come and disturb me without my prior permission!"

Ye Xuan had thrown his elder's token to Lu Yanran.

As long as he had this token, even if the Master of the Qingyun sect wanted to see him, he would not be able force his way through to him.

After all, the master still had to give face to him, Ye Xuan.

"Yes, Master!"

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Lu Yanran held the token with both hands and watched Ye Xuan leave respectfully.lightsnovel

"Seventh-grade nirvana pill, I hope you won't disappoint me!"

After Ye Xuan walked into the hall, he closed the door tightly behind him.

His body quickly collapsed before he even arrived at the futon.

Like an eggplant hit by frost in winter, his entire body was covered in a cold sweat.

Just now, in order to maintain his image as an elder, he had deliberately gathered up his own power.

As a result, his injuries began to get even more serious.

Fortunately, he now had a seventh-grade nirvana pill, so these injuries should not be a problem anymore.

He used the last of his strength to take the seventh-grade nirvana pill out of the system space.

There were exquisite patterns on the pill. At first glance, one could not see anything special about them.

However, as soon as the pill was in his hands, Ye Xuan immediately noticed the terrifying energy it contained.

Ye Xuan did not have time to hesitate for too long before he swallowed it down.

He initially thought that the medicinal power of the nirvana pill would come like a surge of water, but the truth was that after he swallowed it, its medicinal power was like a trickle of water, constantly nourishing his limbs and bones.

Ye Xuan felt extremely comfortable.

The broken meridians and broken bones in his body slowly recovered under the pill's gentle yet powerful medicinal power.

While his body was recovering from this medicinal power, it was also becoming stronger than before.

The layers of his bones, flesh, and fascia were all undergoing qualitative changes.

During this process, Ye Xuan paid attention to the minute changes in his body, so he was not able to notice the passage of time.

At this time, Lu Yanran was still holding the elder token that Ye Xuan had given her, dutifully waiting outside the door.

She had already recovered from her initial shock and confusion.

She could not help but look at the third-grade soul-returning pill in her hand.

She never expected that Elder Ye Xuan would actually give her such a precious pill.

To the entire Qingyun sect, a third-grade soul-returning pill could be considered quite precious. The other elders probably would not be willing to give it to their disciples so easily.

However, when her master gave her this pill, he did not seem reluctant at all.

Lu Yanran knew very well in her heart that she was only a small-time cultivator who was currently in the refinement state.

If she used this soul-returning pill now, it would simply be a waste of a gift from Heaven.

Therefore, Lu Yanran made up her mind. Unless she encountered a situation where she had no other choice, she absolutely would not use this pill.

She carefully put the pill into her pocket.

Until now, her heart had not stopped beating wildly.

To her, the third-grade soul-returning pill was something that only core formation realm masters could refine. It was a priceless treasure.

On the Tianyuan Continent, the cultivation realms of cultivators were ranked from low to high: refinement state, qi transformation state, true essence state, purple spirit state, core formation state, unity state, condensing state, and so on.

Within each large stage were ten small stages.

Lu Yanran was only at the fourth stage of the refinement state.

For ordinary people, this was already very powerful.

However, in the eyes of masters, it was not worth mentioning at all.