9 Old Feud

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"Hmm? What's the matter?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan could not help but raise his gaze and look at Lu Yanran in confusion.

"My real name is not Lu Yanran. My real name is Yue..."

Lu Yanran revealed the secret hidden in her mind.

It was obvious in Lu Yanran's heart that Ye Xuan was already a person worthy of her full trust. Otherwise, she would not have revealed a secret that she had kept hidden for so many years.

Ye Xuan's eyes slowly turned cold.

He never expected his disciple to have such a tragic backstory.

Lu Yanran had lived in an ordinary small mountain village. Most of the villagers were ordinary people who had not practiced before. There were only a few cultivators who practiced at the qi transformation state, but their cores were only at the third or fourth stage.

The villagers' names were simple and plain. At that time, Lu Yanran's name had been Yue.

Although the villagers did not have much money, they were still self-sufficient. The families were all quite happy.

However, this peace was ruined one day by a group of bandits who appeared out of nowhere. These bandits robbed the entire village and took away all its young and beautiful girls.

Back then, Lu Yanran had only been ten years old. Because she and her father had been cutting firewood on a mountain not far from the village, she was lucky enough to escape this calamity.

When they returned to the village, the bandits had already massacred everyone. The surviving villagers had left, and the village was a sea of blood.

They thought that the bandits would not return. They did not expect them to come back again after resting for a while.

Not only did they rob the villagers of their money and food, but they even slaughtered everyone they could get their hands on.

Paying with the price of her father's life, Lu Yanran escaped to the Netherworld Forest.

The Netherworld Forest was filled with all sorts of powerful beasts, so the bandits did not chase her into it. Lu Yanran was lucky to survive.

However, Lu Yanran's parents were not so lucky and were killed at the hands of the bandits.

Lu Yanran witnessed all of this with her own eyes from the forest. One could imagine how much her heart had ached back then.

Up until now, Lu Yanran still vaguely remembered her father's final words before death.

"Yue, you must live on. Don't avenge us. As long as you live a good life, Dad and Mom can die without regrets!"

However, how could she not avenge her parents?

Back then, she did not even have the strength to tie a chicken up. She had not yet stepped into the path of cultivation. Her father naturally did not want her to take revenge and lose her life in vain!

Perhaps it was God's blessing that although the Netherworld Forest was filled with powerful demon beasts, Lu Yanran had passed through without trouble.

It was after Lu Yanran left the Netherworld Forest that she successfully entered the Qingyun sect by chance.

In the beginning, with Lu Yanran's talent and innate ability, she was simply unable to become a disciple of the sect. At the time, the manager in charge of accepting disciples had looked at Lu Yanran's tattered clothes and the bloodstains on her face and could not help but feel sympathetic.

It was also because of this that Lu Yanran successfully became a handyman disciple of the Qingyun sect.

After Lu Yanran told her story, she could not help but get lost in the memories of the accident back then. She fell into an extremely sad mood.

It had been two years since her parents died tragically at the hands of the bandits. Every night, when it was quiet, she would dream of her parents' tragic death. The image of the village would appear in her mind unprompted, like a nightmare.

During these two years, Lu Yanran had no one to talk to about it. Only she could lick the wounds left in her memory.lightsnovel

However, today, she had met the kindest person in the world to her. She loved him just as much as her parents.


As tears welled up in Lu Yanran's eyes, a broad and warm hand came to rest on her shoulder.

"You were once Yue, and you will still be Yue in the future!

"You're my disciple. No matter what difficulties you encounter, there's no need to hide your name!


"Aren't they just a mere mountain bandits? I'll accompany you to meet them now. You can personally avenge the village and your parents!"

Lu Yanran's tearful face slowly lifted. Hearing Ye Xuan's domineering words and looking at his handsome face, she felt warmth in her heart.

It was also at this moment that the grievance in Yue's heart could no longer be supressed. Her tears started to fall like raindrops.

Before today, she could only bear the grievance by herself and force a smile in front of others. However, from this moment onward, she had someone to talk to, a master who was like family.

"Master, I..."

Yue threw herself into Ye Xuan's arms, her tears falling like rain.

Ye Xuan gently patted Yue's head. His palm contained warm power, slowly calming Yue's emotions.

This little girl was only twelve years old, but she bore the deep hatred of the entire village and her parents within herself. Life was indeed hard on her.

It was also because of Ye Xuan's spiritual power that Yue had completely trusted him and told him her secret.

Of course, to Ye Xuan, Yue was also someone very special. After all, she was his first disciple.

How could he bear to see his disciple suffer such a grievance? Moreover, this was a blood feud involving her parents.

Perhaps those bandits were particularly fierce when compared to ordinary people, but in Ye Xuan's eyes, they were just small ants.

"In three days, we'll set off!"

Seeing that Yue's mood had slowly calmed down, Ye Xuan spoke.

"Yes, master!" Yue nodded obediently.

Then, Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and gently tapped on a Yue's forehead.

In an instant, core cultivation methods and martial techniques related to the Qingyun sect entered Yue's mind.

[Ding! Due to the mid-grade black-grade martial technique 'Windstorm Sword Technique' that the host has imparted to his disciple, a random 10-fold feedback critical hit has been obtained!

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the high-grade black-grade martial technique 'Windstorm Slash'.]

[Ding! Due to the mid-grade black-grade martial technique 'Rampart Sword Technique' that the host imparted to his disciple, a random 20-fold feedback critical hit has been obtained!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the high-grade black-grade martial technique 'Three-Feet Sword Defense'!]

[Ding! Due to the high-grade black-grade martial technique 'Sword Spirit Art' that the host imparted to his disciple, a random 100-fold feedback critical hit has been obtained!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the low-grade earth-grade martial technique, 'Sword Defense Lightning Technique'!]

The system's voice sounded in Ye Xuan's mind.