10 More Critical Hits

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The martial arts that Ye Xuan taught Yue represented attack power, defense power, and the core cultivation methods of the sect.

Most importantly, these represented the highest level of Ye Xuan's martial arts.

Across the entire Tianyuan Continent, whether it was martial arts or cultivation methods, from low- to high-level, they were divided into the grades of yellow-grade, black-grade, earth-grade, heaven-grade, saint-grade, and emperor-grade!

Each grade was then divided into top-grade, high-grade, mid-grade, and low-grade.

The previous martial technique feedback was not uncommon, but it surprised Ye Xuan that one of the pieces of feedback was so powerful that it had allowed him to directly obtain a low-grade earth-grade cultivation method.

As everyone knew, under the condition of equality in talent and innate ability, the higher the rank of the cultivation method that one used, the faster one's cultivation speed would be.

Ye Xuan had imparted some martial arts to Yue.

Since the type of martial arts he imparted already had their feedback returned, there was no feedback for the martial arts he imparted later on.

Moreover, the martial arts that Ye Xuan had imparted afterward were mostly yellow-grade martial arts. Although their quality was not high, it was extremely well-suited for qi transformation state cultivators to practice with.

Only when Yue's realm broke through to the true essence state or the higher purple spirit state could she truly unleash the power of the black-grade martial arts.

"Hmm... I'll give you some more pills!"

Just as Yue was thinking about martial arts and the new techniques she had learned, Ye Xuan's voice rang out again.

He spread out his palm, and three pills suddenly appeared in it.

As he had already given her a third-grade soul-returning pill, Ye Xuan chose pills with other attributes this time!

One of the pills was called the true essence pill. It was a rare pill that could help cultivators condense the true essence in their core. It was considered a high-value supplementary pill.

The second pill was called the poison pill. The pill contained a lethal poison that could corrode a cultivator's reinforcements. It was best used to deal with enemies at the true essence state.

The other pill was called state-breaking pill. It was the pill that peak qi transformation state cultivators used to enter the true essence state.

In the next second, the three pills in Ye Xuan's hand turned into a stream of light and landed on Yue's palm.

[Ding! As the host has given his disciple a true essence pill (first-grade), the host has received a 3-fold feedback critical hit. Congratulations, the host has received a body-refining pill (first-grade)!]

[Ding! As the host has gifted his disciple a poison pill (first-grade), he has received a random 5-fold feedback critical hit. Congratulations, the host has received a black poison pill (first-grade)!]

[Ding! As the host has gifted his disciple a state-breaking pill (first-grade), he has received a random 10-fold feedback critical hit. Congratulations, the host has received an energy-breaking pill (second-grade)!]

It was obvious that the feedback critical hit from imparting pills was very ordinary.

"Well... Yue, you don't have a storage ring yet, right? I'll give you mine!"

Ye Xuan looked at Yue as he reached into his pocket and spoke.

"Master, this isn't..."

Hearing this, Yue was about to refuse.

After all, a storage ring was extremely precious. Even as an elder of the Qingyun sect, Ye Xuan only had one ring. How could he give it to her?

However, Ye Xuan did not give Yue the chance to refuse. The storage ring in Ye Xuan's hand instantly turned into a stream of light and appeared on Yue's hand.

Of course, most of the things in the original storage ring had already been transferred to the system storage space. All that was left inside were pills and some things he did not need.lightsnovel

This was also an experiment Ye Xuan was doing. He planned to see if he could get a critical feedback attack by giving his disciple a storage ring.

[Ding! As the host has given his disciple a storage ring (350 cubic feet), you will receive a random 5-fold critical hit feedback. Congratulations, the host has obtained a storage ring (1765 cubic feet)!]

The system's voice rang in Ye Xuan's mind again.

Ye Xuan hurriedly opened his newly obtained storage space but saw that there were no pills there.

He was thinking about whether putting some pills in the storage space as a gift would give him a corresponding critical hit, but he did not expect the system to not even give him the chance to try.

"Now that I've given you cultivation methods and some martial arts techniques, all you need now is a weapon!


"How about this: I'll give you a Qingyun Sword!"

Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and a Qingyun Sword filled with sharp sword qi suddenly appeared in the air.

"This Qingyun Sword has been by my side for five years. It's a powerful high-grade spiritual artifact. From today onwards, it's yours!"

Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and gently tapped it. The Qingyun Sword bloomed with sharp sword qi, then turned into a stream of light and landed in front of Yue.

"Master, I..."

Seeing this, Yue's eyelids could not help but flutter. She did not know how to reply.

Facing her master, who doted on her so much and did not hide anything from her, she knew that no words of gratitude would be enough to express her appreciation.

Ye Xuan's attitude towards imparting knowledge was immovable. She could only choose to accept it.

Although words could not express the gratitude in her heart, she would use her own actions to express her gratitude to her master.

[Ding! Due to the host gifting his disciple a Qingyun Sword (high-grade spiritual artifact), a random 102-fold feedback critical hit is obtained. Congratulations to the host for obtaining Cold Light Ice Soul Sword (low-grade magic artifact)!]

The system's voice sounded in Ye Xuan's mind. A long sword filled with ice-cold power appeared in the system's storage space.

"It's actually a magic artifact."

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's eyes could not help but light up.

A magic weapon was much more powerful than spiritual qi, and it would also help him improve much more.

On the Tianyuan Continent, a cultivator's weapon could be of the grades spirit-grade, magic-grade, mystic-grade, or saint-grade...

Each weapon's grade was divded into top-grade, high-grade, mid-grade, and low-grade. Although the Cold Light Ice Soul Sword he obtained was only a low-grade magic weapon, its power was far superior to a top-grade spirit weapon.

Ye Xuan had wanted to get a weapon with strong defense, but unfortunately, he did not have a defensive weapon on him, so he could only wait.

"Alright, Yue, go to the sect's administrative office now and collect the clothes for a personal disciple like yourself!

"After settling everything, you can move to Lingjiu Peak. If you run into any cultivation matters, you can come and consult me anytime!

"In three days, we'll set off!"

What Yue did not know was that Ye Xuan wanted to use these three days to prepare a special gift for her.