11 Promise

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"As you command, master."

After Yue put the equipment into her storage space, she bowed respectfully to Ye Xuan before leaving.

After Yue left, Ye Xuan began to take stock of his previous gains.

He had already given away all the things that he could give to Yue. In general, his gains were quite good.

The most surprising gains were the spiritual artifacts and cultivation methods.

The Sword Defense Lightning Technique was a low-grade earth-grade cultivation method.

The Cold Light Ice Soul Sword was a low-grade spiritual artifact.

With the Sword Defense Lightning Technique, not only would Ye Xuan's cultivation speed increase, but it would also allow his own power to be attached to the power of thunder.

On the Tianyuan Continent, the power of thunder was an extremely tyrannical power. If a cultivator's power was attached to the power of thunder, it would greatly increase their destructive power.

The Cold Light Ice Soul Sword could increase both Ye Xuan's combat power and also give him the additional power of ice. If ordinary people who had not stepped into the ranks of cultivation came into contact with it, they would instantly become an ice sculpture.

Moreover, if a cultivator's power was strong enough, one sword could freeze even an entire river.

With the support of these two powerful tools, Ye Xuan was not even slightly afraid of meeting more advanced cultivators later on.

Of course, if he wanted to fight against a cultivator at the golden core state, he could only use the power of a seventh-grade nirvana pill.

After all, some talented cultivators could easily cross states to challenge others.

This was especially in low states, such as the refinement states and the qi transformation state, which those who had just entered cultivation were in. With the support of all kinds of rare equipment, many talented geniuses could cross even three or four stages.

Of course, as one's state increased, the difficulty of crossing stages also increased.

Perhaps in the qi transformation state, some talented geniuses could cross three or four levels to fight, but if their cultivation reached the true essence state, they could at most cross only one or two stages.

When one's cultivation reached the purple spirit state, if they could cross even two stages to fight, they would be one in ten thousand and a complete genius.

Once one's cultivation base reached the core formation state, the power in the cultivator's core would be extremely boundless. It would be extremely difficult to cross stages to challenge.

To be able to remain undefeated in such a state, one could be called a rare genius. If one was able to cross a minor stage to challenge someone, then one would be a monster among ten thousand. If one was truly able to cross a minor stage... he was an absolute monster.

'In this one month, if you want to make another breakthrough, you have to find some special items to give to Yue, or you'll have to take in more disciples!'

Ye Xuan stroked his chin and thought for a moment, then said slowly.

Although it seemed like he could no longer get any use out of Yue's body, there were actually quite a lot of things that he could farm from her.

For example, a cultivator's comprehension value and innate bone value.

If he could help Yue increase her comprehension value and innate bone value, he could also receive feedback points from the system. However, to increase a cultivator's comprehension value and innate bone value... he would have to find some extremely rare heavenly and earthly treasures.

Of course, Ye Xuan could also farm some experience related to refiners or alchemists through Yue.

The current Ye Xuan was just an ordinary cultivator. He did not have the talent of an alchemist or an armament master at all. If he wanted to dabble in these two fields, he could obtain some knowledge from his disciples.

As long as his disciple had successfully become an armament master or an alchemist, he would be able to obtain corresponding feedback points. Then, he would gain the corresponding talent.

The most important thing was that his level would always surpass his disciples'.

'Let's not think about this for now. For now, I should first break through and bring Yue to get her revenge!'lightsnovel

Ye Xuan waved his sleeve and set up a simple array in the hall. Then, he went into seclusion.

After pouring his spiritual energy into Yue, he was only half a step away from the middle stage. As long as he gathered the power of the seventh-grade nirvana pill, he would be able to break through easily.

Moreover, he still had three days left, which would be more than enough.

The array in the hall would completely shield Ye Xuan's aura, so as to avoid alerting the sect master and the others as to what was happening.

Time passed quickly. Soon, three days passed.


During this period, his movements in the hall did not disturb anyone. When Ye Xuan left the hall, his strength had already broken through to the middle stage of the real core state.

Other than that, the cultivation method in his body had also undergone a transformation. He had already successfully mastered to the Sword Defense Lightning Technique.

In the entire Qingyun sect, the only one who had broken through to the middle stage of the true core state like him was the sect leader, Wan Shanhai.

Even the deputy sect leader was only at the early stage of the true core state.

After sensing the surging aura bursting out of his core, Ye Xuan could not help but smile.

After reaching the true core state, every stage crossed was like a difference in strength between Heaven and Earth. Now, he could easily defeat his previous self.

True core state cultivators were already very powerful. Every stage brought one's power up more than two-fold. It was not just a little more than two-fold, either... When a cultivator in the early stages of the true core state met someone in the middle stages, they would be crushed.

After all, this was no small increase. It was very likely that the power increase was between 10,000- and 20,000-fold.

It was also because of this that the higher the state, the more difficult it was for a cultivator to challenge a cultivator at a higher state than them.

When Ye Xuan walked out of the hall, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

It turned out that Yue had been waiting outside the hall for a long time.

"Greetings, master!" Seeing Ye Xuan come out, Yue quickly bowed, her eyes respectful.

"Yue, today I'll give you a special gift!" Ye Xuan said with a smile.

Yue was puzzled. Suddenly, a symbol that looked like a small bird lit up between Ye Xuan's eyebrows.

As the symbol emitted rays of light, it left Ye Xuan's eyebrows and slowly grew bigger. Then, it turned into a huge flying bird. Its feathers were a fiery red color, and it increased the temperature of their surroundings.

"Master, this flying bird..." Seeing this, Yue could not help but open her cherry-like mouth slightly. She looked at the flying bird in front of her with surprise.

"Don't be surprised. He is my mount, a level four firebird. Now, he's yours!" Ye Xuan said with a smile.

Then, without waiting for Yue to react, Ye Xuan reached out and grabbed the mount. A drop of blood essence suddenly appeared in the body of the Firebird before slowly falling onto Yue's glabella.

The next second, Yue's entire body shook, and the symbol of the firebird suddenly appeared between her eyebrows.

Yue suddenly felt an inexplicable connection to the Firebird in front of her. When she looked at it, she felt warm inside.

This was a powerful Tier Four demon beast, which was equivalent to a cultivator being in the purple spirit state. Was her master so easily giving it to her as a mount?

The tiers of demon beasts were very straightforward. There were a total of ten tiers. The lowest tier was equivalent to a cultivator's refinement state, while the second tier corresponded to the qi transformation state, and so on.

In other words, the firebird that Yue had just been given was equivalent to the purple spirit state of human cultivators. In the great Qian Dynasty, it was considered an extremely rare treasure.

[Ding! As the host has gifted his disciple a firebird (Tier 4 mount), the host has received a 50-fold feedback critical hit. Congratulations on obtaining the blazing plume (Tier 5 mount).]