14 Can the Two of You... Escape?

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"What else do the two of you have to think about? You're not a match for them at all, and you can't beat us. Do you really think that the two of you can escape?"

The young man lightly turned the storage ring on his finger and spoke with a playful look in his eyes.

Amongst everyone in the crowd, his cultivation was at the highest level, and he was also the strongest.

Although the two junior brothers next to him were slightly weaker, they were still able to deal with these people.

In other words, even if both sides chose to join forces, they would not be afraid.

"Senior Sister, what should we do?"

When Xue Min saw this, her expression could not help but change as she anxiously asked Huang Ling what to do.

"We must escape this place, no matter what it takes!"

Knowing this, Huang Ling could not help but grit her teeth. Then, she used her spiritual senses to send a message to Xue Min.

When Xue Min heard this, she could not help but frown.

The difference in strength between the two sides was not small. Could they really escape?

If they were facing only the ferocious adventurer team, with their current strength, they might still be able to escape under the promise that they would ensure the safety of the Dark Glacial Frost.

Not only that, but if they used the trump card left by their master, they might be able to destroy the adventurer team.

However, besides the adventurer team, there were three other powerful existences.

The cultivation practitioners of these adventurer teams did not know the identities of these three people, but Xue Min and Huang Ling knew them very well.

These people were all from the Xuanyin sect.

The young man standing at the front, dressed in a green-black robe, was the disciple of the ninth elder of the Xuanyin sect, and he was a powerful personal disciple.

His name was Duan Wujie!

Judging from the energy waves emitted by his hand earlier, it seemed like he was a cultivation practitioner who had reached the fifth stage of the true essence state, but Xue Ming and Huang Ling knew very well that this guy's strength had already broken through to the seventh stage of the true essence state.

The reason was very simple. Duan Wujie was very familiar with the qi storage technique and had concealed part of his energy waves. Therefore, not for the cultivation practitioners who were extremely powerful, they would not have been able to see his actual cultivation state.

It was also because of this that the cultivation practitioners of the adventure team thought that Duan Wujie was just an existence in the fifth stage of the true essence state, so they were not too worried about him.

Most importantly, the Xuanyin sect was ranked second in the great Qian Dynasty. As the personal disciple of an elder, how could the other party not have a trump card?

"What? Haven't you made a decision yet?"

At this moment, Duan Wujie's gaze fell on Huang Ling. The expression in his eyes gradually grew colder.

However, when his gaze fell on the crystal in Huang Ling's hand, he could not help but reveal a hint of greed.

The Dark Glacial Frost was an extremely rare treasure that could increase a cultivator's innate ability quite a bit.

When Xue Ming and Huang Ling saw this, they could not help but narrow their eyes. Their grips on the longsword in their hands tightened.

It seemed like the other party was already impatient. It was very likely that he would make a move against them.

"Quickly leave!"

Right at this moment, Huang Ling roared in anger, then her feet abruptly stomped the ground. The powerful spiritual power undulations left a deep pit in the ground. The waves ended explosively not far away, shooting some earth up with it.

At the same time, Xue Ming performed some mysterious footwork and followed closely behind Huang Ling.

"Hehe, do you think you can escape?"

Seeing this, the leader of the adventurer team immediately revealed a savage smile. The sword in his hand emitted a sharp light before his whole body shot forward like a cannonball.

At the same time, the other cultivators of the adventurer team also followed with the treasures in their hands.

"Why are you struggling so hard?"lightsnovel

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Seeing this, Duan Wujie could not help but let out a cold smile. Then, he took a step forward and disappeared.

His two junior brothers followed closely behind.

Bang! Clash! Bang! Clash!

Soon, the sound of intense fighting could be heard from the forest that was covered with rocks.

The leader of the adventurer team had a sharp and long sword in his hand. The sword was suffused with powerful sword energy, and he had used it to cut trees down along the way here.

However, an even more powerful force emerged, slamming into the long blade of the scarred man.

The powerful force sent the scarred man flying over 30 feet back. As he flew back, he knocked several trees down.

Just after the scarred man slammed into the ground, a huge fist imprint appeared on his chest, making his entire ribcage sink in.

"Y-your strength..."

The man looked not far away, his eyes filled with despair and fear.

Just a few seconds ago, Duan Wujie's extremely fast speed had surpassed him, and that casual punch had almost killed him.

It was that punch that made the scar-faced man truly understand his opponent's strength.

This guy had actually reached the peak of the seventh stage true essence state, and was only half a step away from the eighth stage.

How could a mere fifth stage true essence state cultivator like him be his opponent?


Immediately, an extremely violent power rampaged through the scar-faced man's meridians. He could not help but spit out a mouthful of black blood before his entire body collapsed next to a broken tree. No one knew if he was dead or alive.


"The leader is already dead?"

"Let's run!"

The other cultivators of the adventurer team saw this scene and could not help but have a drastic change in expression.

However, their first thought was not to save the scar-faced man, but to check if he was still alive. Then, they frantically fled in all directions.

Besides the scar-faced man, the strongest among them was only at the fourth stage of the true essence state. Even their leader, who had reached the fifth stage, had been no match for Duan Wujie. How could they dare to stay?

"Kill them all! I don't want anyone to escape!"

Duan Wujie indifferently gave his two junior brothers some orders before he disappeared again.

Hearing that, a murderous glint sparkled in the two cultivation practitioners' eyes. Then, a ferocious smile appeared on their lips as they charged toward the fleeing adventurers.

"Ah... I beg you, let me go..."


Not long after, screams of pain rang out in the forest covered in rocks.

Although the two disciples of the Xuanyin sect had only reached the fifth stage of the true essence state, as talented cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect, they were not existences that these ordinary adventurers could compare to.

In just a moment, all the cultivation practitioners of the fierce adventuring team were killed.


At the same time, Duan Wujie caught up with Xue Ming and Huang Ling, who were running away.

Looking at Duan Wujie, who was walking toward them leisurely, their faces twisted up.