20 The Evil Blood Sect and Shadow Tower Collide

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"I bid 12 million."

"I bid 16 million."

"I bid 19 million."

For a moment, the auction hall was filled with the sounds of bidding.

"I, Evil Blood sect, bid 20 million!"

A majestic voice suddenly rang out in the auction hall. A powerful pressure slowly spread throughout the room.

Everyone's eyes changed when they saw this. It was obvious that the other party was threatening them.

To be able to reveal his sect and have such a powerful command of the room... His goals were self-evident.

He wanted to warn them that if anyone dared to continue bidding, they would become enemies with the Evil Blood sect.

When everyone heard this, they looked for the source of the voice.

They saw that the person who had spoken was a half-naked middle-aged man with a rather muscular body.

When the middle-aged man met the gazes of the crowd, his gaze did not change in the slightest. Instead, a cold smile grew on his face.

"It's actually the Evil Blood sect!"

"I know this fellow. This fellow is the deputy sect leader of the Evil Blood Sect, Feng Yitai!"

"It's said that this fellow's cultivation has reached the tenth stage of the purple spirit state. He's an extremely powerful existence."

"The most crucial point is that this fellow's cultivation reached the tenth stage of the purple spirit state ten years ago! Without the assistance of special heavenly and earthly treasures, it's practically impossible for him to step into the core formation state! Now that he's seeing such a rare Violet Orchid Valley, he definitely won't give it up!"

"Forget it! The Evil Blood sect is incomparably powerful. We'd better give up. After all, there's still a final treasure to come!"

For a moment, everyone's expressions could not help but change. They completely dismissed the idea of bidding against him.

Feng Yitai's threat was obvious. If anyone participated in the bidding, they would be completely offending the Evil Blood sect. Even if they remained alive to bid for it, they might not remain alive to enjoy it.

Feng Yitai naturally heard everyone's discussions. When he heard what they were saying, he could not help but smile.

At least they knew their place. Otherwise... Hmph!

At this moment, a faint voice rang out in the auction hall.

"I bid 21 million!"

When Feng Yitai heard this, the smile on his face froze. His eyes immediately turned cold.

He was familiar with the owner of this voice. It was the deputy leader of the Shadow Tower, Lin You!

The Evil Blood sect and Shadow Tower were extremely powerful. Although they had some connections in Yunhei City, their true headquarters were in Jiaohei City, which was 250 miles away!

The most crucial thing was that these two great factions both had cultivators at the early stage of the empty core stage, and they were extremely powerful.

Both sides were at odds with each other.

Especially since a few months ago, when a great battle occurred between the Evil Blood sect and Shadow Tower.

The leaders of both sides had suffered heavy injuries in this great battle, and neither side had truly won out.

They had come to Yunhei City to bid on a medicinal pill in the auction hall.

If they could obtain this pill, they would be able to completely heal their leaders' injuries. In this way, not only would they be able to obtain victory in the great battle between the two factions, but they might even be able to completely annihilate the other party.

"I bud 22 million." Feng Yitai's eyes were ice-cold as he spoke.

"24 million," Lin You said indifferently.

Both of them were in the tenth stage of the purple spirit state. The temptation of the Violet Orchid Valley was no small one.

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"I bid 25 million. Lin You, does your Shadow Tower really want to become sworn enemies with our Evil Blood sect?" Feng Yitai could not help but reveal a cold smile when he heard this. His eyes were ice-cold as he looked at Lin You.lightsnovel

"Isn't it obvious? I bid 26 million." Lin You's gaze was filled with ridicule as he looked at Feng Yitai. He spoke indifferently.

"Hmph, with your Shadow Tower's strength, do you really have gold to compete with me? Don't tell me that you really want to abandon that medicinal pill for the sake of this incomplete Violet Orchid Valley? Don't you want to cure your leaders?"

Feng Yitai's lips curled into a cold smile as he spoke.

They had come to the auction hall not because of the Violet Orchid Valley, but because of the medicine that was about to be auctioned off.

If they spent too many gold coins on the Violet Orchid Valley, they might not have enough to bid for the Healing Elixir medicine.

One had to know that that Healing Elixir medicine held the life and death of these two great factions.

"If you're not worried, what's there for me to be afraid of?" Lin You said calmly.

"I'll bid 30 million. If you have the guts, then continue to bid!"

Feng Yitai slowly spat out a bid and then looked at Lin You with a smile.

When Lin You heard this, his expression could not help but change.

The Violet Orchid Valley was indeed valuable, but this incomplete item was not worth 30 million. If he spent too many gold coins on it, he might not be able to afford the medicine.

On the one hand, it would increase his chances of breaking through to the core formation state. On the other hand, his decision would affect Shadow Tower's future.

He already knew what choice he should make.

"Fine! So what if I give it to you?" Lin Yout hought for a while before saying indifferently.

"30 million, going once.

"30 million, going twice.

"30 million, going thrice.

"Congratulations to the deputy leader of the Evil Blood sect on winning the bid for Violet Orchid Valley!"

With the words of the female auctioneer, the Violet Orchid Valley finally belonged to Feng Yitai.

"It's really laughable. Just because you wanted a small chance of breaking through, you actually spent 30 million. Feng Yitai, oh Feng Yitai, you've personally ruined the future of the entire Evil Blood sect!

"After our leader recovers from his injuries, we'll completely massacre your entire sect. I'm afraid that then, you won't even be alive to enjoy the Violet Orchid Valley!"

When Lin You witnessed this, he could not help but mock him.

The two great factions had about the same amount of assets. Now that Feng Yi Tai had spent 30 million gold coins on the Violet Orchid Valley, how could he possibly compete with him for the Healing Elixir medicine?

"Everyone, the item we're going to auction is a third-grade medicinal pill that has a miraculous healing effect. It's called the soul-returning pill!

"This soul-returning pill was personally refined by Tier 3 alchemist master Lin Song! I'm sure everyone here is familiar with Master Lin's methods. Even if a cultivator below the core formation state suffers a serious injury, as long as they consume this medicinal pill, they will be able to quickly recover!

"Even for powerful cultivators at the core formation stage, the pill has a great effect. As long as it doesn't damage the core and bones, it can also heal all external injuries!

"I announce the starting bid for the soul-returning pill as 25 million!

"Let the bidding begin!"

As soon as she said that, many cultivators in the auction hall put on excited expressions.

"The soul-returning Pill?"

Hearing this, Yue could not help but be stunned. Was this not the pill that her master had given her when she accepted him as master? Right now, the pill was still quietly lying in her storage space.

She did not expect the starting price of that pill to be a terrifying 25 million..

Thinking of this, Yue's gaze could not help but fall on Ye Xuan.

When she saw Ye Xuan's incomparably handsome side profile, she could not help but feel like she was in a trance!