26 Hidden Constitution

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Seeing this, Ye Xuan smiled.

However, at this moment, he had no intention of taking Li Qingyan as a disciple.

After all, the most important thing now was to help Yue take revenge. It would not be too late to observe Li Qingyan after everything was settled.

Before taking her in as a disciple, he had to understand more about Li Qingyan.

Given Ye Xuan's current identity, he naturally did not need to personally inquire about Li Qingyan's background. He could just ask Yue to do it.

However, just as Ye Xuan was about to instruct Yue to go and inquire, Huang Ling and Xue Min beside him volunteered.

They had always admired Ye Xuan greatly and, after witnessing Ye Xuan's terrifying strength earlier, they could not help but revere him more, especially when they heard Ye Xuan say, "Who do you think you are? How dare you be so arrogant in front of me?" to Feng Yitai earlier.

For a moment, the two girls were overjoyed, and immediately secretly vowed to stay in his good graces!

He had an invincible demeanor, domineering words and absolute power!

He directly crushed all the cultivators in the auction house. Even the previously incomparably arrogant Feng Yitai was forced to run away with his tail between his legs!

Most importantly, the owner of the auction house, an expert whose cultivation had reached the early stage of the empty core state, did not dare to voice any objections!

The two girls often went out to train and had met many talented cultivators, but compared to Ye Xuan, the difference was like Heaven and Earth!

They really did not know whether the young cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty should feel sad or honored to have been born in the same era as Ye Xuan.

Seeing the two girls volunteer, Ye Xuan thought for a bit and finally agreed.

Now that he had bought the Xingjian grass, he could bring Yue back to the inn to activate her Sword Jade physique.

Thus, after Huang Ling and Xue Min set off, Ye Xuan brought Yue back to the inn.

At the same time, Huang Ling and Xue Min also found Li Qingyan and the others and stated their intentions for looking for them.

When they learned of Huang Ling and Xue Min's identity, the second elder immediately warmly welcomed them. He also answered their questions in great detail.

After sending them off later, the second elder frowned.

Their questions had been extremely simple. Most of the questions had revolved around their origins.

Why would a terrifying top-tier expert like Ye Xuan ask for such simple information? What was the meaning behind it?

Then again, how could a person like him guess the thoughts of a super expert?

Thinking this, the second elder stopped thinking. After all, no matter what Ye Xuan's thoughts were, or what impact it would have on the Li family, the matter was entirely out of his control.

"Could the Elder Ye those two spoke of refer to that man?"

"And that person was so handsome, and so terrifyingly strong too… Could it really be him?"

Li Qingyan looked at the retreating figures of Huang Ling and Xue Min as they left, and could not help but raise her head to glance at the second elder.

"It should be..." The second elder thought for a moment and then said slowly.

Considering the young man's terrifying strength and handsome face, in the entire great Qian dynasty, only Ye Xuan matched such a description.

After all, that guy was the strongest genius of the Qingyun sect in the past thousand years. His cultivation had also reached the top echelons within the Great Qian Dynasty.

Earlier, Ye Xuan and Yue had also returned to the inn.

"Yue, do you know why I took you in?" Ye Xuan's gaze fell on Yue as he asked.

During the journey, Yue's mood had been a little depressed.lightsnovel

Of course, Ye Xuan knew very well that this was because Yue was about to return to her hometown. Her mind likely recalled the massacre in the village back then, which brought back memories of grief and sadness.

"Your disciple lacks insight. Please tell me!"


Hearing his question, Yue was stunned. She did not think that her teacher would ask her such a question.

However, this was indeed a big question that she had kept hidden in her heart. Why would Ye Xuan take her as his disciple?

She did not possess monstrous talent nor a strong background. Why did he take a fancy to her amidst the many other disciples in the sect?

Could it be that her hard work had really moved her master?

Of course, Yue did not think about her beauty. She was indeed stunningly beautiful, but with Ye Xuan's strength and status, it would not be hard for him to find a more beautiful and attractive person.

Moreover, as long as Ye Xuan was willing, there were countless beautiful women in the Great Qian dynasty who were willing to become his Dao partner.

After all, Ye Xuan was the youngest elder of the Qingyun sect at around the age of 20. His cultivation had even reached the core formation realm. As an additional plus point, he had an extremely handsome face.

Which woman would not be tempted?

"Girl, I guess you've always felt that your aptitude was very poor, right?" Ye Xuan asked.

"Are they not?" Hearing this, Yue became even more confused.

If her aptitude had been monstrous, how could she have only been a handyman disciple of the Qingyun sect? How could she have trained so hard every day and only managed to reach the fourth level of the refinement state despite having cultivated for several years?

"Your aptitude isn't bad. It is actually higher than most cultivators! You should know that the aptitude of cultivators is divided into comprehension value and innate bone value!"

"The comprehension value represents the level of a cultivator's comprehension of martial arts and techniques, while the innate bone value represents the cultivation speed of the cultivator's body."

"In the eyes of most cultivators, the so-called aptitude value refers to the innate bone value! If your cultivation speed far surpasses that of ordinary people, you will certainly be regarded as a genius cultivator with excellent aptitude in the eyes of others."

"However, most cultivators tend to overlook the more important 'comprehension' value! 'Comprehension' value is not visible from the very beginning. Only when a cultivator's strength reaches a certain level can they truly unleash the potential of their own 'comprehension' value."

"Although your aptitude value appears ordinary, your 'comprehension' value is much higher than that of the sect master of the Qingyun sect and the various elders!"


When Yue heard this, she could not help but open her cherry-like mouth. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. Was her comprehension value as high as her master said?

"As for why your innate bone value is so ordinary… Actually, it is due to some special reasons!"

"In the case of cultivators, there are a very small number of cultivators who are born with special constitutions. Different constitutions have different effects. However, all of them represent top-grade innate bone value!"

"However, the constitutions of cultivators are divided into overt and covert constitutions. Overt constitutions will be revealed when they are born, while covert constitutions need to be activated through special means."

"Most cultivators have overt constitutions, while your constitution happens to be one of the rarely-seen covert constitutions! Your constitution is known as the Sword Jade physique. This constitution provides its owner with a special affinity with sword techniques."

"And the method to completely awaken the Sword Jade physique is very simple. You just need to completely absorb the power of the Xingjian grass!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan waved his sleeve.

The Xingjian grass that he had bought from the auction suddenly appeared in front of Yue. Its leaves were as thin as cicada wings, almost like sword qi itself. The most peculiar thing was that its leaves were dotted with star-like patterns.

"Teacher, I..."

Seeing this, Yue's eyes immediately reddened, and her entire voice was choked with sobs.

She had been wondering why her teacher would bid for the Xingjian grass…

It turned out that it was in order to activate her constitution!