28 Super Explosive Strike, Sword Overlord Physique!

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Even though Yue had already awakened the Sword Jade physique, she still felt pressured by this incomparably tyrannical power.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan snorted coldly. He reached out with his hand and lightly grabbed it.

The tyrannical power that had gushed out suddenly disappeared.

"What tyrannical power." Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed.

If he had hesitated just now, this tyrannical power would have turned the inn into dust in an instant!

Sword Overlord physique: The divine physique of the sword that possesses the most tyrannical power. It contains the power to destroy everything. When this physique reaches perfection, it can destroy everything.

"Teacher, what was that just now?" Yue's gaze fell on Ye Xuan. Her eyes were filled with shock.

If she had not seen incorrectly, her teacher seemed to have become stronger.

Most importantly, the Sword Jade physique in her body even seemed to be trembling!

Could it be that her teacher had also awakened some kind of powerful physique?

"I helped you awaken the Sword Jade physique just now and had an epiphany. That was the sword intent that I comprehended!" Ye Xuan found an excuse.

He had indeed comprehended the sword intent, but it was not due to his own talent. It had been derived from the Sword Overlord physique itself.

The Sword Overlord physique he had obtained from the system was so overbearing that it directly allowed him to comprehend two levels of sword intent.

The so-called sword intent was a concept that evolved after one had accumulated sufficient comprehension on the path of Sword Dao. Moreover, sword intent long surpassed the boundaries of ordinary spiritual power and involved the power of the laws.

Of course, other than sword qi transforming into sword intent, there were also many other similar concepts in this world, such as saber intent and fist intent...

However, no matter what kind of concept it was, it would greatly increase a cultivator's strength. At the same time, concepts were also extremely difficult to comprehend. Only cultivators with monstrous talent had a certain chance of comprehending one.

At lower cultivation levels, the higher a cultivator's innate bone value was, the faster their cultivation speed would be, which would result in a rapid increase in strength.

However, when a cultivator's cultivation reached a certain level, the importance shifted to the cultivator's comprehension value.

Those freaks with high comprehension values had a very high chance of comprehending concepts. Once they could comprehend a concept, the cultivator's strength would greatly increase.

In other words, the starting point of a cultivator was determined by their innate bone value, but the end point of a cultivator was determined by their comprehension value.

Concepts were also divided into nine levels. Once the concept reached the ninth level, it was possible to comprehend the legendary profound power.

Of course, Ye Xuan had only just come into contact with sword intent. Profound power was still a distant dream for him.

He had only comprehended two levels of sword intent, yet his strength had already reached a terrifying level. It was enough to envision how powerful profound power would be.

However, after awakening the Sword Overlord physique, not only did Ye Xuan possess two levels of sword intent, his cultivation had also broken through to the true core state!

The current him was already at the early stage of the golden core state!

Throughout the entire Great Qian dynasty, cultivators whose cultivation had reached the golden core state were all old monsters from the various major factions!

The number of these cultivators could be counted on one hand!

If the previous Ye Xuan could only run amok within the Great Qian Dynasty, then the current Ye Xuan could be said to have reached the point where he looked down on everything here.

The strength of an early stage golden core state cultivator, in addition to the "Sword Defense Lightning technique" (low-rank earth rank) , the Cold Light Ice Soul sword (low-rank Magic Weapon) , the Sword Overlord physique, and two levels of sword intent…"lightsnovel

Ye Xuan could even take on cultivators at the middle stage of the golden core state. Even if he faced stronger cultivators at the late stage of the golden core state, he still had the strength to fight!

Today could be said to be a good day. The strength of both the master and disciple had greatly increased.

When Huang Ling and Xue Min rushed back to the inn, they were instantly stunned when they saw the changes in the two people.

"This is... She is too beautiful!"

When their gazes fell on Yue, their mouths were agape. They could not tear their eyes away from her, and their pupils were filled with astonishment.


Yue's facial features did not change, but her beauty had undergone an earth-shattering improvement.

Most importantly, Yue's temperament was now akin to that of a fairy from the heavens!

Other than that, Yue's aura had also become incomparably sharp, like a divine sword that was about to be unsheathed. The powerful waves of spiritual power that gushed out also indicated that she had already stepped into the true essence state!

Of course, there were also great changes in Ye Xuan's body!

Ye Xuan, who was already extremely powerful, had become even more unfathomable in the eyes of Huang Ling and Xue Min. His aura was like a deep abyss that had no end.

He was merely sitting there, but he somehow seemed like a divine sword that was about to tear the world apart, filled with incomparably tyrannical power!

"What... What is going on?"

The two looked at each other in confusion and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

How long had they been gone? It had only been 15 minutes since they came back from gathering information. Why did they feel like there had been earth-shattering changes in these two?

This was especially true regarding Ye Xuan, who was unconsciously emitting an aura that made them feel oppressed. How could they dare to ask anything?

"What are the results of your investigation? Who is that woman?"

Ye Xuan looked at Huang Ling and Xue Min, and then asked slowly. At the same time, the overbearing aura slowly disappeared.

Huang Ling and Xue Min's expressions became much more relaxed. They came back to their senses and quickly told him about the information they had gathered in detail.

"Li family, Jiangqing city?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

It seemed that after he helped Yue take revenge, he would have to go to Jiangqing city.

Cultivators with dual spirit physiques were rare to begin with. If the other party's character was good, Ye Xuan would not mind taking her in as a disciple.

"Huang Ling, Xue Min, if you two have nothing to do, you can practice swordsmanship with Yue. Of course, as your reward, I will help you refine that."

Just as the two were about to leave after reporting their findings, Ye Xuan stopped the two girls.

Although Yue's cultivation was not low, she did not have much actual combat experience. If she did not go through some training, she would not be able to unleash her full strength.

"As you command, Elder." Hearing this, the two girls agreed without any hesitation.

It was very easy to practice swordsmanship.

The two of them often went out to train, so they had a lot of combat experience. Although they noticed that Yue had already reached the true essence state, they did not care too much about it.

No matter how they looked at it, this deal was extremely worth it!