984 Ascension

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Even though his strength was not what it had been, the Dark King was still full of confidence. If he swallowed more blood essence, he would be able to mark a full recovery, especially if he managed to devour Ye Xuan.

His own cultivation might even be able to advance further.

Of course, Ye Xuan noticed the greed in the Dark King's eyes, and felt a chill run down his spine.

Then, he raised the Godsword in his hand and said, "It looks like you really want to devour me, but the Godsword of mine is also thirsting for your blood!"

Seeing the sword in Ye Xuan's hand, the Dark King felt some lingering fear. However, the arrow was already on the bowstring, so he had no choice but to commit to the fight. He did not waste any more words and immediately attacked Ye Xuan.

His huge demonic claw came flying toward Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan was already prepared as he swung the Godsword to meet the attack. The power both parties unleashed was extremely shocking.

After a fierce collision, both of them involuntarily retreated, but Ye Xuan clearly retreated a little further.

However, Ye Xuan still did not have any intention of cowering at this moment. Instead, he became even more excited.

"Hahaha, is that all you have?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan used the Stellar Sword technique without hesitation, and thousands of sword beams condensed in the sky.

Moments later, these powerful sword beams attacked the Dark King from every direction.

The Dark King did not sit idly by either. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and formed a barrier.

He could not help but size up the young man in front of him again. He was extremely surprised. It was obvious that he had underestimated this young man's strength.

Following that, the two of them fought back and forth and exchanged over a hundred blows. As time passed, Ye Xuan began to gradually gain the advantage over the Dark King.

On the other side of the battlefield, once the experts from the older generation joined the fray, the strange monsters were gradually pushed back, and were now on the back foot.

After sensing this situation, the Dark King erupted with even more strength, which made the fight between him and Ye Xuan even more intense.

Ye Xuan did not hesitate to use the Shadow of the Sky God, wanting to get rid of this demon king in the shortest time possible.

At this moment, the entire ancient palace was trembling violently, as if it would be shattered by the shockwaves generated by the battle between the two of them.

More and more experts joined the battlefield. After all, the commotion caused by the battle here was too big to ignore.

Even Chu Batian and the other leaders and elders of the various sects had rushed over. After gaining a general understanding of the situation, they immediately joined the fray, resulting in a one-sided slaughter of the Dark clan's monsters.

After exchanging over a thousand blows, Ye Xuan decided to use the ninth move of the Stellar Sword technique, even though he had yet to fully grasp it.

If he couldn't kill them in one strike, then the situation would be difficult to deal with.

On the other side, the Dark King was also considering whether he should use his ultimate skill, especially when he saw the members of his Dark clan dying left and right.

"Haha, it seems you are worth fighting. Let's decide the winner in one move!"

After saying these words in a heroic manner, the Dark King began to gather his power. There was no way that Ye Xuan would back down from this, so he immediately gathered his power and prepared to unleash the ninth move of the Stellar Sword technique!lightsnovel

As the two titanic techniques condensed, the entire ancient palace began to shake violently. Many people lost their balance, and could not even stand steadily.

Thunderclouds rolled in the sky as if it was the end of the world. Seeing such a shocking scene, everyone held their breaths in anticipation and terror. 

Moments later, a huge explosion erupted, and it was as if a bomb had gone off. Everyone felt a buzzing sound in their ears. A bright light flashed, and they could no longer see what was going on.

When the light dissipated, there was only a white figure left in the sky. The Dark King's figure had long disappeared.

In an instant, earth-shattering shouts rang out.

"Sword Immortal Ye! Sword Immortal Ye…"

In fact, Ye Xuan's current condition was not very good. The power in his body could no longer be suppressed. He had already been summoned by the Heavenly Dao World and could no longer stay in this world.

After forcefully suppressing his aura and recovering slightly, Ye Xuan immediately went over to Zhuge Yueyue and Feng Xiyun and looked at the two of them with relief.

This situation had happened too suddenly, so Ye Xuan was not prepared at all. However, he had no choice in the matter.


"Yueyue, Xiyun, I'm afraid I'll have to go to the Heavenly Dao World soon. I'll leave Cloud Sky Peak to the two of you.""

"Your little junior sister is still unconscious, but she will probably wake up in another year or two. When that happens, she will either reach the sealed immortal realm immediately, or even higher."

"You have to cultivate well in this world and strive to ascend to the Heavenly Dao World as soon as possible. I will pave the way for you and wait for your arrival."

"Yanran should be in a critical state of cultivation right now. Perhaps she will also go to the Heavenly Dao World in a few days."

After hearing this, Zhuge Yueyue and Feng Xiyun started to cry. They did not know what to say and could only sob.

Turning around, Ye Xuan went over to Ao Lei and gave him some instructions. He then handed over a portion of the treasures he had set aside for the development of the Great Wilderness Divine sect.

He had already prepared the cultivation resources for his two disciples in advance. It was enough for them to advance to the peak of the sealed immortal realm. The rest would depend on their luck.

After dealing with everything, Ye Xuan casually waved his hand and instantly dealt with the remaining strange monsters on the battlefield, removing the remaining threat.

Before leaving this place, Ye Xuan rubbed the heads of his two disciples reluctantly. Then, his figure flashed and he instantly left this place.

However, he did not ascend to the Heavenly Dao World immediately. Instead, he went over to a certain place and unleashed his vast power to instantly drag Gongsun Ming out.

Faced with the power of an eternal realm expert, Gongsun Ming, who was only a half-step away from the eternal realm, was easily defeated.

After dealing with this person, Ye Xuan was relieved. After all, if he ascended and left this person in the Mystic World, a great disaster would definitely befall the Great Wilderness Divine sect and his disciples.

Thus, he had to deal with him so that he could head to the Heavenly Dao World in peace.

Before he left, Ye Xuan looked around him longingly. Looking at this world, he recalled his old friends, and seemed very reluctant to part with them. However, he could only cherish these memories silently in his heart.

Immediately after, a vast power descended from the heavens, instantly enveloping Ye Xuan and teleporting him to the Heavenly Dao World!

Little did he know that a great battle was waiting for him in the Heavenly Dao World…