395 Mystic Realm Opens, Jade Pool Immortal Mountain

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The world suddenly shook at this moment.

For a moment, everyone's expressions changed instantly.

"What happened?"

"Is this an earthquake?"


Exclamations instantly sounded in this space.

The entire world was trembling. Even the river water was rippling.

However, it only lasted for a few breaths before everything returned to calm, as if nothing had happened.

Shock appeared on everyone's faces, and their expressions were filled with extreme confusion.

"What… what is that?"

"Look! What is that in the sky…?"

"Oh my god, is that the Immortal Palace?"


However, at this moment, everyone looked in a direction in shock.

He saw a dazzling light appear in the sky in a direction. Spiritual light filled the sky and illuminated the ground. A huge palace appeared in the sky. It was faintly discernible in the clouds, as if it was not real.

A strange phenomenon!

This was clearly a strange phenomenon!

Everyone was shocked when they saw this. They were all cultivators and could feel an unusual fluctuation in the world.

Natural phenomena meant that something shocking would happen.

"That's… the location of the Jade Pool Immortal Mountain!"

At this moment, a cultivator looked in this direction and his eyes narrowed. The person who spoke was Yuan Youhong.

"Could it be…?"

In the next moment, other cultivators suddenly thought of something.

"It's the Jade Pool Mystic Realm! The Jade Pool Mystic Realm has opened!"

Not far ahead, Chu Qingyi's mouth widened when she saw this scene. Indeed, that direction was in the direction of her Jade Pool Immortal Sect. This phenomenon clearly appeared when the Jade Pool Mystic Realm opened.


"What? The Jade Pool Mystic Realm has opened?"

"Oh my god, that's the Jade Pool Mystic Realm!"

"Let's go!"


When everyone heard Chu Qingyi's voice, they immediately exclaimed again.

"The Jade Pool Mystic Realm has indeed opened!"

At the side, Daoist Zhang said in a low voice again. At this moment, he had also received news from the Operations Department that confirmed the fact that the Jade Pool Mystic Realm had opened.

The Jade Pool Mystic Realm was a mystic realm left behind by powerful cultivators in the past! There must be good things inside! Perhaps there were immortal pills, spiritual medicines, immortal techniques, and even immortal artifacts!

At this moment, with the appearance of this phenomenon, everyone was shocked. The entire China was completely shocked.

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Many people had been waiting for this day!

At this moment, in a courtyard in Beijing, an old man in a gray robe looked in this direction.

"Has it finally opened? I've waited for so many years," muttered the old man.

The next moment, a spiritual light appeared on the old man's body. Then, the ground under the old man's feet seemed to begin to fold and wrinkle. The endless distance between the void turned into an inch under the old man's feet.

Then the old man took a step forward.lightsnovel


The old man's body instantly disappeared from the spot, as if he had teleported.

Shrinking the ground.

This was a powerful Dao technique. Moreover, one had to comprehend the power of space to be able to use it. Moreover, someone who could use the Earth Shrinking Dao technique had to be in the Soul Formation realm.

In other words, the gray-robed old man in front of him was actually a Soul Formation realm grandmaster.

At this moment, in the tallest building on the Kunlun Immortal Mountain, there was a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged on a futon.

"It's finally opened! I must get that immortal body…" said the middle-aged man sternly again, his eyes filled with determination.


In the next moment, the middle-aged man flashed away, turning into a stream of light that headed straight for the sky.

This middle-aged man was the Sect Master of the Kunlun Immortal Sect.

It was not only on the Kunlun Immortal Mountain. On the Taihua Immortal Mountain, there was also a figure from the territory of the Taihua Sword Sect. When he saw this scene, he turned into a stream of light and left.

There were also powerful cultivators heading towards the Jade Pool Immortal Mountain on the Penglai Immortal Mountain outside the East Sea.

At this moment, it was not an exaggeration to say that the world was shocked.

It was not only those immortal sects that sent experts in the direction of the Jade Pool Immortal Mountain. Even those large families sent experts.

The appearance of the Jade Pool Mystic Realm shook the world.

Even some of the other factions on the continent received the news that the Jade Pool Mystic Realm had opened.

For a moment, these factions also sent experts to gather in China.

Catholic Church, Holy Sun Palace, Heavenly Divine Hall, Demon Sea, Netherworld Castle…

The other factions on these continents had also mobilized some experts to go to the Jade Pool Mystic Realm to take a share.

In Jiangbei, outside Li Hao's villa, the figures had also dispersed. Li Hao did not kill the cultivators from the Kunlun Immortal Sect, the Taihua Sword Sect, and the Penglai Sect, but let them leave.

As for the elders of the Three Immortal Sects, they had been forcefully contracted by Li Hao.

Including Master Sanyang, Zhou Kunlun, Ye Changhe, Dharma King, and the others, there were already seven or eight people who had been contracted by Li Hao, and they were all Core Formation realm experts.

This lineup was powerful.

"You guys go too!" Li Hao said to Yuan Youhong and the others.

"Yes, thank you, Young Master!"

When Yuan Youhong and the other two heard Li Hao's words, a strange look appeared in their eyes. They did not expect Li Hao to let them leave. After bowing to Li Hao, they left.

At this moment, Chu Qingyi was also prepared to leave.

"I haven't let you go yet!"

Li Hao called out to Chu Qingyi, causing her expression to change again.

"Huh? What exactly are you going to do?" Chu Qingyi glared at Li Hao and said angrily.

Li Hao did not say anything. Instead, he looked at Qin Yaqing and the others beside him and said to them.

"I'll go to the mystic realm to take a look too. You guys stay at home! If there's anything good, I'll bring it back…"

Qin Yaqing and Linda had just become Foundation Establishment cultivators, so their cultivation was low. It would not be a good idea for them to go with Li Hao as Li Hao might not be able to take care of them. Therefore, for safety reasons, Li Hao felt that it was better for Qin Yaqing and the other woman to stay here.


"Boss, be careful!" Qin Yaqing and Linda heard Li Hao's words and said directly.

Li Hao nodded slightly and looked at Master Sanyang, Zhou Kunlun, and the others.

"You guys want to go and take a look too?"