4 Chapter 4:- Norlor Family [II]

Knock! Knock!

"Who is bothering us at early in the morning?" Watson and Aditya exchanged gazes hearing the angry tone of an old man.


After clearing his throat, Aditya tried his best to not show his anger in his tone. "Sir, we're here from the neighboring city with your goods."

"You guys arrived quickly. Hold on, I will be there in a second." Watson was left speechless. He wasn't this kind of cheap lie to work.


Opening the door that was made from iron, an old man who despite being younger than Watson looked older than him stood in front of Aditya. The old man was supporting his body with a wooden stick. He appeared to be wearing expensive-looking Kimono. He was wearing a thick gold chain around his neck and a golden bracelet on his left hand.

"Who are you? I don't seem to recognize the two of you?" The old man who was also the head of the Norlor family, spoke while looking at Aditya and Watson's faces.

Neither Aditya nor Watson spoke anything. Aditya was already angry at the Norlor family while Watson was getting pissed seeing this old man's attitude. Whether his lady liked Aditya or not, since Aditya was lady Julia's husband by contract, Watson always served Aditya like he was serving his true master. Seeing someone disrespect his master, Watson was reaching his boiling point.

"Our Lord has sent us here for you to pay the tax for 25 months."

Hearing Aditya's words, contrary to what they had expected, the old man named Sam began to laugh loudly.

"Hahaha! You mean that trash who drinks alcohol every single day." Watson frowned hearing those words. While Aditya could finally see it with his own eyes. Even a small merchant like the Norlor family wasn't afraid of Aditya so why would the nobles obey him?

"You know what, I was thinking of taking over his castle. With the mercenaries that I have hired, taking over that trash's castle shouldn't be a problem."

"I know you two should start working for me instead. I will pay double the amount."

"Why you..." Watson was about to charge at Sam, but Aditya stopped him with a smile.

"Sir I am really interested in your offer. Why don't we talk more about this in that alley?" With an innocent smile on his face, both Aditya and Sam went into the abandoned alley.


Please stop!"

"I beg you!"

"Not my hair...Ahh!"

"Not my pants....Ah!"



A moment later, sound screams woke up everyone in the neighborhood. The scream continued for the next 5 minutes. Everyone in the nearby area opened their windows and looked very annoyed.

"Hey, what's happening so early in the morning?"

"Who is screaming?"

"Someone stop this screaming sound."

"Fuck my luck, I can't sleep at all."

Watson seeing how angry the people were getting, felt a little worried. The sounds of screaming also bought the two sons of the Norlor Family.

"Who the fuck is screaming like a dog?"

"Which son a bitch dares to ruin my sleep?"

Both sons of the Norlor family got out of their house with an enraged look. Both sons of the Norlor family just like their father were wearing expensive kimonos and gold rings and chains.

Another minute later, the screaming sounds finally stopped.

"Hey, who are you?" Spencer, the eldest son of the Norlor family asked Watson when he saw a strange standing in front of their house.

"Before I answer, I think you two should look at the person whom you two just called a bitch." Just as Watson's words were finished, like a rotten mango, Sam fell right in front of his two sons.


Cough! Cough!

When the dust settled down, both Spencer and Robert saw an old man wearing nothing but white dirty underwear lying in front of them. The old man's head was covered in drops of blood, his entire face was swollen and both of his eyes had large dark circles, almost like a Panda. There were bruise marks on his arms and shoulders. The old man's clothes were worn apart. It was only due to Aditya's mercy that he let the old man go with his dirty underwear. Aditya had beaten Sam to an unrecognizable shape.

"Who is weird animal? I better stay from this animal, otherwise, I might catch some unknown disease." Robert the youngest son of the Norlor family stepped back with a disgusted look on his face.

"He looks like a monkey whose hair has been removed."

"Hahahaha!" Aditya almost fell on his butt hearing Sam's own two sons calling their father money and a weird animal. Even Watson was wearing to keep his usually calm face. His body was slightly trembling, showing his struggle to hold back his laughter.


"You morons, look carefully that bitch is your fucking daddy."

Both Spencer and Robert exchanged confused gazes and then closely looked at the old's man face which was beaten into an unrecognizable shape. Even though Sam's face has changed after a close look both Robert and Spencer realized who this old man was.

"Father, what happened to you?"

"Father, please open your eyes."

Both Robert and Spencer kneeled and checked their father's condition.

"Guards" Hearing Robert's angry shout, all the hired mercenaries came out from their mansion. Within 10 seconds 20 mercenaries surrounded Watson and Aditya.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Spencer coldly looked at Aditya. "Don't kill him. I will personally torture this man in front of the crowd. I will wash today's shame with his blood."

All the mercenaries were wearing black clothes and covering their faces with black masks. Despite being surrounded by 20 mercenaries both Watson and Aditya showed no bothered look.

"Isaac, should I kill them?"

"Na, grandpa you just chill. I will deal with these insects." Judging from the Aura, it was clear that non of the mercenaries' strength was above First-order.

"How dare they underestimate us. Everyone attack." Aditya was expecting to fight some strong opponent, but here he was stuck fighting some low-level mercenaries.

"Whatever, free experience points for me."


Watson, Spencer, Robert, and Sam who just regained consciousness all suddenly found Aditya disappeared from his place. When Aditya moved, the faster around him also seems to move. Everyone was shocked by the display of his speed.

Not even 2 seconds had passed, and the killing streak began. Holding the sword in his hand, Aditya moved faster than the mercenaries could ever move. Before they could even react, their heads were severed from their bodies.

[Ding! The host has leveled up. The host stats have been increased by 1 point. The host has received 2 free points.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up. The host stats have been increased by 1 point. The host has received 2 free points.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up. The host stats have been increased by 1 point. The host has received 2 free points.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up. The host stats have been increased by 1 point. The host has received 2 free points.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up.....]

"What's happening?" One by one, all the 19 mercenaries' heads fell to the ground. Only the leader of the mercenary was alive. However seeing the dead bodies of these subordinates, his very soul was shaken to the core.

"I just gave them a quick death." Aditya appeared behind the leader like a ghost appearing out of thin air. Just when the leader turned around, as his entire body trembled in fear, Aditya grabbed the leader's head and lifted it in the air.

"Pl....Please le.....let me go" The leader struggled to free himself from Aditya's hold.

Aditya without caring about the leader of the mercenary looked at the trio of father and two sons. "You guys haven't been paying the tax for the last 25 months. Did your Norlor family really think that our lord has forgotten about this? Since today our lord ordered us to come here, I will get the tax along with interests."

Fiery Blaze!

Sam, Spencer, and Robert all the Norlor family members widened their eyes as their entire bodies began to shiver violently seeing a red flame engulfing the leader and burning him alive.


The scream of the leader was enough to send chills down everyone's shine. When the flame started to burn his body, he struggled with his might to free himself. Even Watson who was a man with hundreds of years of experience couldn't believe what he was seeing in front of his eyes.

At this moment everyone was terrified. No one was expecting the man sent by the King would go this far to collect their taxes. This crazy event soon spread throughout the entire city like a wildfire.

After a minute of burning, Aditya just threw the leader's body like throwing garbage. After that Aditya, coldly approached the Norlor Family and crouched down in front of them.

"You guys didn't pay tax for 25 months. Did the Norlor family really think that the King would let you guys go away with this big crime? When I asked for the tax, you instead insulted me and my King. You even went as far as to attack the King's right-hand man with mercenaries. Now, what punishment do you think the King will give to the three of you?" Looking at those demonic eyes, that seems to reflect the red hot flame that burned someone alive right in front of their eyes, the Norlor Family men couldn't stop trembling.

"Pleas.....Please sir take whatever you need. Please spare us. Please, my lord." Sam was a commoner at the end of the day. This kind of scene was just too cruel for him. He and his sons were afraid of death. After seeing how mercilessly Aditya killed everyone in front of them, Sam nor his sons had the courage to resist anymore. Fear had completely taken over their hearts.

Aditya smiled inwardly hearing Sam's words. Aditya already had achieved his success. "For not paying taxes for 25 months, for insulting the King and daring to attack the King's right-hand man with mercenaries, the Norlor family shall be publicly executed to serve a lesson for every one individual living in this city. Furthermore, all the businesses, wealth, and properties belonging to the Norlor family will be seized away."

Sam's face completely turned pale hearing Aditya's words. Everything was over now. Greed blinded him. If only he had paid the taxes then nothing would have happened to him and to his family.

With Aditya's announcement, every merchant, and shop owner felt scared. The news spread throughout the entire city. All the merchants who haven't been paying their taxes for years rushed to pay all the taxes with interest. What happened to the Norlor family had scared every small and big merchant in the city.

Many even tried to flee from this city, but fortunately, before coming here Aditya already had ordered Watson to order the 100 soldiers to guard the soldiers and not to allow any merchants from escaping the city.

2 hours later, in front of the public, Norlor and his son was executed. This whole incident has left a deep mark on the people of this city. Not even the previous King of Azure city was cruel enough to publicly execute anyone.

After today's incident, everyone will have fear in their hearts. The people, merchants, shop owners, and everyone will live in fear. This fear will drive them to pay their taxes on time.

"Did you hear?"

"The biggest merchant house of the Azure city has been publicly killed by our new King?"

"No way, that alcohol addict can do something like this."

"It's true. I just witnessed the public execution. Let me give you a piece of advice, you better pay all the taxes with interest otherwise who knows when the right-hand man of the King will knock on your door."

"Yeah, I guess. I heard that the security of the City gate also has increased."

Standing on the roof of a house, Watson and Aditya observed the reaction of the public.

"Young master, can I ask you something?" Unlike other times, this time there was admiration, and respect in Watson's eyes for Aditya.

"Go on"

"You purposely gave cruel deaths to the mercenaries and also went as far as to publicly execute the Norlor family. You did all of this for a reason, didn't you?"

"Since you're asking that, you already should know the answer" Aditya looked at Watson with a mysterious smile.

"You wanted to install fear in the people's hearts. You knew that you have lost your respect as the King among the people. So by giving cruel deaths, you created fear and panic in the people's hearts. You even indirectly gave a message to the other shop owners and the merchants to pay the taxes through the Norlor's family's death. This was completely a genius move from your side."

Aditya smiled and did not reply. "Sometimes a King must use the sword of darkness to eliminate the virus from his Kingdom. I used cruelty to give a message to everyone. This message was not only for the people but also for the criminals and thugs hiding in the city."


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