8 Chapter 8:- Worst Nightmare

Huff! Huff!

29th September!

"How did this happen?" Standing on the corpses of countless enemies, Aditya looked at the people who stood 20 meters away from him. Currently, Aditya was standing in a place that had countless corpses lying dead. The entire battlefield was overflowing with blood. Countless weapons, flags, and armors were lying on the ground along with the dead bodies of the enemies.

"I fought this hard from the beginning. So Why did things turn out this way?" The desperation, panic, pain, anger, and regret in his tone were heard by his enemies.

Currently, Aditya was standing in the middle of the battlefield with countless corpses of soldiers painting the entire place with red blood. Even the heavens seem to feel sympathy for the dead as the sky also turned slightly red. With the sun going down, Aditya felt as if all of his hopes were also being turned to ash.

Huff! Huff!

"This war started a month ago. It took away everything that I earned. Even with the system, I failed to keep the people I love safe. Is this how my life is going to end?"

The current Aditya was wearing armor that was half destroyed and cracks had appeared all over it. His right arm was missing and his right shoulder was constantly bleeding. There were countless small wounds and cuts all over his body. Aditya was also missing one of his Dragon wings. He was only alive because of his strong dragon vitality.

"Hahaha! It looks like you lost Dragon King." Hearing the mocking laugh, even though Aditya was exhausted to the point where his body had stopped moving, he felt his blood boil hearing that man's words. Aditya gritted his teeth so hard that they started bleeding. At this moment, the only thing that he wished to do was kill the person who was responsible for everything that happened to him.

"I have killed your so-called 7 generals." Aditya looked at the dead bodies of Scott, Tyler, Nathan, Josh, Amber, Eleanor, and Henry, looking at their dead faces, Aditya's breathing quickened as the anger was visible on his face.

"What's more, I also have killed your loyal butler Watson in a rather stylish way." Aditya again looked in a certain direction, where he saw the dead body of Watson. The black suit that he was wearing and the white shirt were completely soaked in blood. Some fingers Watson has been cut off which again proved that these people has tortured Watson before his death.

"Now all that is left is to kill you, dear wife." Aditya's entire body trembled as he desperately tried to move. The army of more than a hundred thousand stood behind that man with long dark red hair. The red star-shaped flag of the enemy was fluttering in the wind.

Aditya's very heart trembled seeing the girl who once had disguised herself as his maid, the girl whom he eventually came to love being held by the enemy.

The person who was holding Julia was a young man whose age was around 25. That 5 feet short man held Julia by her neck. The lust in his eyes couldn't be hidden.

"Your Majesty, before I kill this woman, with all the help I gave you, I would like to know how the most beautiful woman on this continent tastes."

"Aditya, listen to me. You have to live." Julia shouted as tears rolled down her eyes.

Seeing the very last thing that kept Aditya sane all the time was being captured, Aditya at that moment felt he had lost all of his motivation to live.

"Thanks to the Black Heart, I managed to build army warriors who are capable of killing a third-order cultivator despite being a second-order. I have to thank you, Amos. If you had not found the way of making the Black heart, the dragon King already would have defeated us." The man with long dark red hair said the last part while looking at Aditya.

"So it's only fair if I let you have this woman in exchange for the gift you gave me."

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Suddenly out of nowhere, a huge explosion took place. Before Aditya could figure out what was happening, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Ahhhh! Huff! Huff!

Aditya immediately stood up from his bed and started heavily breathing. His heart was anything but calm at this moment. The images of what he saw in his dream started flashing before his eyes.

Huff! Huff! Huff!

"What was that?" Aditya touched his cheek only to feel something wet. When he took out the mirror, he noticed that his right eye was bleeding. Blood was rolling down from his right eye like tears.

"That dream" Aditya noticed that his arms were trembling. What he was in his dream was so frightening and real

"Everything felt so real."

Aditya quickly washed his face with the water that he bought in his room for drinking. Not caring about the water falling on his bed, Aditya repeated the process multiple times while trying to calm himself.

"Everything happened on 29th September....but?" Aditya quickly got up from his bed and check today's date on the calendar.

"But today is July 6th."

"Does that mean, I saw the future? No, no, no. How is this even possible? Only certain individuals with special class can see a glimpse of the future by sacrificing hundreds of years of their lifespan. I neither have any class that can let me see the future nor do I know the method of seeing the future. But everything felt so real. I could even feel the physical pain of losing my right arm." Calming his head, Aditya sat on the floor not caring about his royal image at all.

"Judging from the red star-shaped flag, it was the army of the Zulux Dynasty. But why would the Zulux Dynasty attack the Istarin Dynasty? For generations, both kingdoms had great friendships."

Remembering the death of Watson and his 7 future generals, and most importantly how his very wife was captured, Aditya felt like destroying everything in his sight in anger. His anger had reached the point where his eyes had become red and smoke had started coming off his body.

"I clearly remember each of those bastards' faces. I swear to the heavens, before 29th September, I will kill each of them with my own hands."

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Aditya finally managed to calm himself to the point where he was able to think about the whole situation without letting his anger take over him.

"The Zulux dynasty is bigger than the Nepoca Kingdom. With the military strength that this dynasty has, I don't think even the Nepoca Kingdom can win against them. And from the corpses that were lying all over the battlefield, it was clear that before the Zulux Dynasty's troops came, the future me fought against the Nepoca Kingdom. I somehow manage to survive the fight and kill all the troops but that also cost me my right arm."

Aditya does remember seeing the Nepoca king standing beside the Zulux Dynasty. "From the way things look like, both Zulux Dynasty and the Nepoca Kingdom had allied. But I thought both Kingdoms were enemies. Both kingdoms troops often clashed." Aditya again closed his eyes and remembered the face of that short bastard who held Julia by her neck. Just thinking about that bastard, Aditya felt like going berserk.

"I have to find this bastard named Amos before he finds the Black Heart or whatever thing that made the Nepoca and Zulux kingdom's troops much stronger than before."

"From the words that Amos bastard said, it was clear that everything started with him. So it shouldn't be wrong to assume that at some point in the future, Amos will eventually meet me and Julia. After he finds the black Heart, he will go to the Zulux kingdom for revenge." Now that Aditya knew what started all this, he finally was able to calm his heart. He was relieved to know that he had some hopes of changing the future.

"I will have to ask Julia about this black heart thing?" From the way, the King of the Zulux dynasty spoke, it was clear that the Black Heart was going to play a huge role in this upcoming war.



Scene change_

4.00 in the morning,

Wearing an old dirty cloak that covered his entire body and face, Aditya walked out of his room and walked onto the training ground to leave the castle.

"Who is there?" At the training ground, under the full moonlight, Aditya found a person whom he never expected to see here.

"Amber, what are you doing at the training ground in the middle of the night?"

Aditya noticed Amber was holding a sword in her hands. She was breathing heavily. Seeing her dirty clothes and disheveled figure it was clear that she was training in the middle of the night.

"Your highness, I apologize for not recognizing you." Amber quickly bowed her head and greeted Aditya. However, Aditya wasn't in the mood for such things. He had more important things to do now.

"Since I got the chance, I took some time to practice my old skills. It's been a while since I last used them."

Aditya nodded. "You continue with what you were doing. But I suggest you take a few hours' rest. Because from today onward, all 7 of them are going to train the other slaves." Before dinner, Watson had bought 700 slaves in the castle. It was all thanks to Watson and Scott helping the slaves settle down, otherwise, things would have been a huge headache for Aditya. Since the Castle was not big enough to accommodate, all 700 slaves, Aditya had no choice but to let some man sleep under the moonlight. Since it was summer, the cold wind blew during the night times, and none of the slaves had any problem sleeping outside.

"I understand." Amber was very grateful in her heart. She was grateful and happy about the fact that she managed to leave that hell and come to this place, which was no different than a paradise to her. When Amber was still a slave, she and others were caged in an underground place where they wouldn't see the sunlight for weeks or even months. Amber and others got meals every day but the slaves who were commoners not cultivators were treated much more harshly. Those slaves are forced to starve for days.

Unaware of the thoughts in Amber's heart, Aditya decided to not waste any more time. "Amber, please inform Watson that I am going out. If nothing happens, then I should be back before afternoon." Without waiting even for a single second, Aditya vanished. He used his full speed and moved out of the castle at late night.

The Azure city was not that big. The city was a little bigger than an average town. The population of the city that was also the capital of the Istarin Dynasty was somewhere between 50,000 to 70,000. The capital experiences an increase in population during the harvest seasons. While during the winter, since the economy of the kingdom was falling rapidly causing the prices of everything to rise exponentially, most people goes to spend their winter in villages where they won't have to worry about food.

There were huge 12 meters big walls surrounding the city. The city-fortress was built by the previous king Ahmed's grandfather. For 100 years no kingdom has attacked the Istarin dynasty, the previous kings never had any need of renovating the city walls. As a result, the city walls were in pretty bad condition, with large cracks and moss growing on them.

Since there were only 100 soldiers who constantly patrolled the two entrances of Azure city, many criminals easily managed to sneak inside the city. And without anyone stopping them, during the night times, most of the illegal activities took place.

"The bar should be here." Since the previous Aditya was an alcohol addict, there is no way he wouldn't know about the bars in his own capital. In fact, most of the time Aditya came to this bar to drink alcohol. Event the criminals stopped paying attention to the King of this kingdom after knowing that their king was an alcohol addict. Some criminals even went as far as to buy bottles of alcohol for Aditya with the illegal money.

"The previous me, saw countless illegal things happening but never bothered to step forward. This further ruined my image. But today, I am going to use this bar for a different purpose." The hood covered Aditya's face. At this time, other than red hotels, prostitutes' centers, and bars everything else was closed.


Opening the door of the bar, Aditya noticed that the atmosphere of the bar seems a little different than other days.

Several people lazily looked at Aditya for a second before enjoying their drinks. As this bar was the place where most illegal activities took place, it wasn't surprising to see people walking with large hoods covering their faces.

Aditya directly went to sit in front of the bartender. "Hello, Sir! What can I get you today?" The Bartender couldn't recognize Aditya as this was the first time he was coming to this place in disguise.

Without saying anything Aditya put a royal gold coin on the table and passed it to the bartender.

The bartender, who was the old man widened his eyes in greed. His hand moved faster than the wind and took the royal gold coin from the table.

"I wonder what mister would like to drink today?" The bartender asked while cleaning a glass with a towel. He acted as if he had never taken or even seen the money.

"I would like to have Amos, please"


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