9 Chapter 9:- "I will surely pay you a visit again"

The bartender, who was the old man widened his eyes in greed. His hand moved faster than the wind and took the royal gold coin from the table.

"I wonder what mister would like to drink today?" The bartender asked while cleaning a glass with a towel. He acted as if he had never taken or even seen the money.

"I would like to have Amos, please."

Hearing those words, the bartender widened his eyes. But unlike the last time this time, there was a shock in his eyes.

"Sir, I am afraid that we don't serve Amos drink here. I apologize." Aditya snorted in his heart. Of course, this old man knew everything. In this place, everything worked on money. Everything had value.

Without saying anything, Aditya put 5 royal gold coins on the table. Last like the last time, the bartender moved his hand very quickly causing the coins to disappear. For a moment Aditya really doubted whether this bartender was a thief in secret.

"Since Mister is so generous, this old man will surely fulfill your request." The bartender began to make a special type of drink. After being called an alcohol addict so many times, Aditya has sworn to himself that he will never drink again. But for the sake of this information, he would have to least take a sip of the drink.

After making the drink, the Bartender passed the glass with a light blue liquid in it along with a small folded piece of paper beneath the glass.

Aditya put the folded piece of paper in his pocket and then took a sip of the drink. In others' eyes, Aditya has drunk alcohol from the glass but in reality, the liquid was still in his mouth. These kinds of activities are very risky. Often times there are chances that the bartender would mix strange substances in the drink to knock people out.

"I have enjoyed your drink. I will surely pay you a visit again." This was Aditya's way of telling the bartender that he was going to come again. But the next time he wasn't going to wear any disguise.

Aditya quickly went out of the bar. Just as he began walking back, he noticed several people were following him. "Just like I expected, this bartender really sold me out. Fortunately, I never consumed that drink."

Looking at the group of people who were following him, Aditya wanted to kill them here. "Too bad, killing you dogs would spoil the plan. I promise I will give you another visit." Killing these men would alert the bartender. That old bastard might even escape.

"There is no way I am letting that bastard leave especially when I gave 6 precious royal gold coins." Just remembering the 6 royal gold coins, Aditya's heart ached in pain. It was not easy to earn money but it was always super easy to spend the money.

Aditya purposely walked into a dark alley. When those men following him also reached the alley, Aditya already had vanished.


Without anyone noticing, Aditya jumped from one roof to another roof and continued moving to the other side of the city. Aditya was moving so fast that even the first-order cultivators couldn't see him moving. Also, his black cloak helped him further blend into the darkness.

Today Aditya confirmed something. After awakening his bloodline and when he choose his class, his current stats were above first-order body cultivators. First-order cultivators have a total of [250+] stats points while Aditya's total stats points were [375+]. This is why he was able to take on all the mercenaries without much effort. By using his skills and free stats point, Aditya is confident that he can even go against a Mid 2nd-order cultivator and survive.

As Aditya was on the western side of the city, while he was about to pass by some old wooden houses, he suddenly heard a scream that stopped his movement.

"My lord, please forgive this lowly person. I swear to pay back all the money that I took from you. Just give me a few more days. Please don't burn our house." Curiously Aditya decided to take a look.

There was a fat man who was kneeling in front of a group of thugs. The man who was kneeling in front of them was about 38 years old. Under the moonlight, Aditya could see that the thugs had beaten the man causing bruises to appear all over his face.

"Why does this whole scene feels like it is taken from a cliché novel?" Aditya decided to observe everything for a little longer.

"Give you time? We gave you money one year ago. You still haven't paid the interest, not to mention the actual amount is also unpaid. Our business runs on interest. We didn't open this business to give charity to people like you."

The fat man's entire body trembled hearing one of the thug's words. It was true to he had no choice but to make money to feed his family. The man thought he would be able to pay off all the money but little did he know that he had fallen into a trap. It was only after 5 months he learned that these people charged a very high amount of interest.

"But sir, when I took the money your people told us that the interest would be only 10%. But now you're charging 60% interest and that is per month. Please, sir, I think we have some misunderstanding."


One of the thug's kicked the fat man's stomach. "You dared to talk back with us? Who do you think you're?"

"That's it. We're not going to waste any time here. Burn his entire family with their house."

The man tried to get up but failed. The pain in his body was not allowing him to get up and stop the thugs. At this moment he felt extremely powerless. Despair was written all over Alex's face. His family was tied inside the house. There was nothing he could do to save his precious family.

"I never knew thugs have started doing business." Hearing the sudden voice, every thug became alert. Everyone looked in a certain direction, only to see a man whose face was covered in a hood standing on the roof.

"Who are you?"

"Tsk! Classic cliché line. Can't you people ask something else? Whatever, I should end this." Before any thug could understand what was happening, a red bolt of lightning shot out from Aditya's body. The molten lightning split into 10 small lightning and hit each thug who was standing in front of Aditya.


"Weaklings. I shouldn't have expected any experience points from these people."please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Aditya then removed the hood that was covering his face as he landed in front of the man named Alex.

"Hey man, how are you doing?" Aditya asked while pulling Alex to stand up.

"Not so good. But thank you for saving me and my family." The man bowed his head to Aditya.

"No worries. So can you tell me who these thugs were?" Aditya wasn't saving this man and his family only out of pure kindness. What he wanted was the leader of these thugs.

'A great man once said, plundering is the easiest way of getting rich.' Aditya was exactly following that man's words. The quickest way of getting rich would be by targeting the criminals of this city. In this way, Aditya can kill two birds with one stone. This method will lower the crime rate and also give a boost to his treasury.

"This was the Vile Crew group."

"Vile Crew, are they pirates or what? What kind of idiotic name is that?"

Alex weirdly looked at Aditya. This was one of the biggest gangs in this city that they were talking about. Even if this person had the strength to kill them, he shouldn't take them lightly.

"Sir, I think you shouldn't take the Vile Crew lightly. I heard their number is well over 200. Their leader is a man with terrifying strength. Rumor has it that the Vile Crew leader is a Mid-second-order body cultivator."

"I see. By the way, my name is Aditya. What is your name?"

"My name is Alex. I don't have any family name." In this world, only the rich and the nobles are allowed to have family names. While the commoners most don't care about having family names. While the rich and noble families want to preserve their family name for generations, the commoners don't have the same thought as the nobles.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

"Alex, do you know where I can find this Vile Crew gang?" Aditya's eyes flashed in killing intent. After that nightmare, Aditya has been wanting to vent his anger on someone.

"I do know where the Vile Crew gang operates their business."

"Good. By the way, I can't help but notice you seem to be knowledgeable about calculations." Earlier Aditya heard Alex talk about interest. It sounds like Alex knew a lot about mathematics.

"Yes, father used to be a merchant. He taught me everything that I know about finance." Alex replied with an awkward look. Before Aditya, no one had ever asked Alex about his financial knowledge.

"Great. I need men like you Alex. Tell me, Alex do you want to work for me? I promise you and your family won't have to worry about food and shelter. I will give you a monthly 5 gold coins salary as well." Aditya looked very excited for some reason.

Watson was a butler, not a financial expert. It was all thanks to the hundred years of knowledge that Watson was able to help Aditya with the financial work. As their financial condition continues to improve, the workload on Watson's shoulders will also increase. Watson also had other works to do. Aditya can't just pull Watson to sit with him and work the whole day long.

So sooner or later, Aditya will need an assistant. Alex was perfect for this job. As long as Aditya trains him for a few weeks, Alex should grasp the basics and would be able to work without Aditya's guidance.

"Sir, Can I know what kind of job you're offering me?" Alex asked.

"You will know later. For now, take this scale with you and give it to a person named Watson." Alex looked at the shiny red scale that was the size of a fingernail. The scale was very durable and seems to shine even in the dark.

This scale was Aditya's dragon scale. Since Aditya had recently awakened his dragon bloodline, he still can't transform into a dragon. As long as Aditya manages to reach second order, he should be able to transform into a dragon.

Unlike humans who grow weaker with age, Dragons, Vampires, and Fox people, Elves only keep growing stronger with their age. Even if Aditya stops cultivating, his cultivation will continue to increase with his age. But the process will be too slow for Aditya. It might take him 100 years to reach second order. That's why most dragons prefer to cultivate instead of relying on their age.

Although Aditya still can't transform into a dragon, he noticed that as his strength keeps increasing, he can grow scales on his dragon body. This crimson red scale that he gave to Alex is his signature to Watson knows.

"Take your family with you, and head to the Castle." Saying that Aditya left as he had to deal with certain stupid pirates who were staying on his land.

"Head to the Castle? The only castle that I can think of is that King's cast...does that mean?" Alex's entire body trembled in excitement. The excitement was so great that he no longer felt any pain in his body. Alex quickly ran into his house to free his wives and children and let them know about this amazing news.



"Who the fuck are you?" A man whose right eye had a long scar and was holding a cigar in his hand asked the cloaked figure who just entered his house.

"Let's just say, I am inferno Blaze." Saying that Aditya rushed towards the leader of the Vile Crew.


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