21 Chapter 21:- Aftermath [I]

The Zraka City was surrounded by multiple mountain ranges which made it very difficult for the city to be attacked. In the history of the Istarin Kingdom, no invader has managed to conquer the city. All the mountain ranges were covered in green trees.

10 km away, deep in the mountain, Aditya and his fellow generals were preparing to launch their attacks.

"Everyone, I want all of you to pour your mana into this artifact." The Artifact was actually a 4th-star bracelet made out of white gold with mysterious runes drawn on the surface. Watson found this 4th-star artifact collecting dust in the treasury.

One had to know that not everyone could obtain a 4th-star artifact just with money. In this world, even the lowest-tier artifacts are extremely valuable. Artifacts with above 3rd-star were considered national treasures. For tier-2 or tier-3 Kingdoms, having a 3rd-star artifact was far more valuable than anything. The Zulux and the Nepoca both kingdoms wouldn't hesitate to declare war on the Istarin Kingdom if they were to learn that a tier-1 kingdom like them had a national grade treasure.

"Majesty, what is this?" Josh scratched his head in confusion while he looked at the white bracelet. The bracelet was too small for his size. Among every, Josh was the only one who looked like a beast.

"You idiot, this is an artifact. Have you never seen an artifact?" The dark elf, Scott replied in annoyance. After saying that the proud dark elf, took the artifact and began pouring all of his mana into the bracelet. Being a dark elf, Scott had the second most mana after Amber.

Josh didn't look offended hearing Scott calling him an idiot. Even Josh himself knew that his specialty was not smartness. "The artifact was found in a dungeon. For some reason, my adopted father decided to not use it and kept it in the treasury, only to let it collect dust." When saying the last part, Aditya felt his heart bleed. How could someone just throw a 4th-star artifact and not use it?

"Your Majesty, can you tell which grade artifact is this?" Henry, the quietest and coldest one in his 7 generals asked.

"This is a 4th-star artifact."


"What's with that look? This is a 4th-star artifact. Whether you believe it or not."

Even Aditya had the same reaction when Watson gave him the artifact. After getting the artifact, he made Watson recheck all the stuff in the treasury. It turned out that other than some useless old armors, and old flags, there was really nothing else left in the treasury. The bracelet was covered in dust, no one picked it up thinking this was just one of those useless items.

After this small incident, everyone finished pouring all of their mana into the bracelet. Everyone here knew the value of this 4th-star artifact. Without even Aditya telling them, everyone knew that they shouldn't tell another soul about it.

"By the way, your Majesty can you tell us about the function of this Bracelet?" Eleanor asked feeling very curious.

"The main function of this artifact is that it can give me the ability to fly." Saying that Aditya put the bracelet on his right hand as the system showed the bracelet's functions.

[Bracelet of Wind Fairy

[Low-grade 4th-star artifact]

[Description]: - This artifact used to be a 5th-star artifact in its early days. But with the passage of time, the artifact slowly lost its other functions, becoming a 4th-star artifact. The artifact was built by the Wind fairy and later it was given to a human as a gift. The artifact was said to be lost when the 7th owner died in a war. The Bracelet of Wind Fairy gives the user wind abilities.

[Function 1]: - The artifact uses wind nature to let the user fly. The maximum speed of the user's flight is 100km per hour. It will consume [50+] mana to activate this Artifact. While it will consume [15+] to [30+] mana per second, according to the user's speed.

[Function 2]: - This artifact can store up to [1000+] mana. The stored mana can only be used to activate the [function 1].

[Function 3]: - When this artifact is worn, the user will passively gain [100+] agility.

[Function 4]: - All types of wind-based attack power are increased by 25%. The chances of landing a critical hit using wind magic increase by 15%]

'Worthy of being called a 4th-star artifact. I wonder what functions a high-grade 4th-star artifact has.' All artifacts, weapons, and potions from 3rd-star or above stars have 3 grades. Low, Mid, and High.

Aditya could feel the increase in his agility. His body felt much lighter than before. He could feel his reaction speed also has visibly increased.

After some thinking, Aditya decided to invest all of his free stats into his mana. 'If I want this attack to be deadly, then I will have to use as much mana as I can.'

[_Mana: - 96 → 118]

Aditya then looked at everyone and nodded his head. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the clear sky. Just when he thought about flying, as if the artifact could understand his feelings, an invisible pair of wings appeared on his back.

Before Aditya could understand what was happening, the invisible wings that were entirely made from wind elements, started to take Aditya up in the sky. For a few seconds, Aditya was very scared but after 10 seconds, Aditya got comfortable. It was like the artifact taught him how to use those invisible pair of wings made from wind elements. Or maybe this has something to do with Aditya being a dragon.

After reaching a certain height, Aditya took out the 2-star lance. Yesterday, after checking all the fifteen 2-star weapons, Aditya decided to use the 2-star lance to execute this deadly attack.

'The idea is to take out everyone with just one attack. By adding my red flame and with this world's gravity constantly increasing the lance's pace, by the time the lance reaches the ground, it should create a huge explosion.' To make this attack stronger, Aditya wanted to use gravity. The higher an object goes the more gravitational potential energy it gains. When it falls, its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, and; since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted then it will move at a faster speed. Thus giving more destructive power to a simple attack.

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Standing in the sky, seeing all the destructive and the mushroom-like cloud that rose in the air, Aditya felt he had overdone things a little.

"I hope, I don't accidentally end up killing any innocent. It looks like I will have to pay all the house repairing damages. What a pain!!!" All the mana that his 7 generals gave was nearly dried up. Right now Aditya was still 10 km away from the earth. With all of his mana being used in the attack, Aditya was having a hard time maintaining his consciousness.

Huff! huff!

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

While falling from the sky, Aditya could feel his body getting stronger with each passing second. His stats were rapidly increasing.

When Aditya was only 2 km away from hitting the ground, at this moment his falling speed had reached above 100 kilometers. He quickly used the little bit of mana that was left in the bracelet to use the wind element to decrease his speed.

Zayne deactivated the barrier that he used to protect everyone from the impact of the attack. Once the wave of red flame was gone, after deactivating his barrier he saw someone landing on top of the wall.

The figure was wearing a golden cloak with a red Crescent Moon symbol on the back. The man had the aura of a king around him. Just looking at this man, Zayne had endless respect in his heart. This was the first time Commander Zayne ever felt so much respect for someone.

"Your Majesty?" Seeing the high-class dress that Zayne was wearing, Aditya knew who this man was. Only that certain person would address Aditya respectfully.

"I assume you must be Zayne." Zayne nodded his head with a relieved smile. Even he was worried, not knowing his majesty was going to fight an army of 5,000. But seeing what his Majesty just did, Zayne knew in his heart that the risk he took was worth it.

pA(nD)A no ve1

2 days ago, Aditya received a secret letter from Zayne. That night after killing the Vile crew gang members, Aditya secretly visited Zraka city. With his speed, it was not difficult to reach Zraka city within 4 hours.

Zayne wasn't expecting the King himself to come. Zayne took his time to tell all the things that Duke Ryan was plotting against the Kingdom in secret. That day, Aditya also made his plan. Everything that happened so far was all according to his plan. The meeting and his ridiculous claim to fight 5,000 soldiers.

'Duke Ryan is a proud man. Knowing that he can easily kill him. He decided to leave things in 5,000 soldiers' hands. His single carelessness gave me the opportunity that I needed to enter the city. Everything went according to how I wanted.'

"Commander Zayne greets his Majesty." Zayne quickly kneeled on one knee and then lowered his head.

"Zayne, I cannot thank you enough for what you did. There is no need for you to lower your head. As the King of this Kingdom, I have failed everyone. But even then you choose to put your trust in me. For that, you will forever have my gratitude."

It was true that Zayne was doubting if he had made the right call. But after meeting Aditya, all of his doubts disappeared. He realized that their King was far more capable than any King he had ever known. It was just that he couldn't understand why his Majesty neglected the Kingdom for 3 years.

"Zayne, you may stand up. When everything is over, I will reward you for your service to this Kingdom. Now tell me about the current situation of this city?"

After standing up, Zayne looked around. "Your Majesty, other than the 5,000 soldiers that just died, all the other soldiers are under my command." It took Zayne a lot of time. Almost a year to convince everyone to not betray the Kingdom.

"Good. Now, it's time to deal with that Asshole. I hope he is ready."

Aditya's eyes turned extremely cold as killing intent began to leak from him. His face turned lifeless. It was like Aditya was a living dead. Just looking at the current Aditya's eyes, Zayne felt his very soul tremble in fear. He couldn't dare stare at those dead eyes that seems to contain endless killing intent.

"Zayne, you take control of this city. Kill every people who are related to Duke Ryan. Don't stop until every member of the house of Eastgard is dead." In order to rule, the ruler sometimes had to make cruel decisions. If Aditya kills Ryan today, who knows in the future one of the successors might come to take revenge. Instead of waiting for the problem to grow, it would be better to cut everything down.

"As you wish, your Majesty." Zayne didn't have even a shred of mercy for the people with the Eastgard house bloodline. Over the years, Zayne had seen just how cruel, arrogant, and merciless the members of the house of Eastgard.

Except for a certain person that made Zayne's heart melt, everyone in that family was a sinner. Zayne hesitated for a second, before asking.

"Your Majesty, I have a request."

Aditya stopped as the coldness in his eyes melted. Aditya was never going to treat his people with coldness and cruelty. "What is it?" Zayne sighed in relief seeing that his Majesty was patiently willing to listen. Again he felt he had done the right decision.

"Actually, she is the daughter of Duke Eastgard. I really love.....Stop!!" Zayne raised his head to find Aditya looking at him with a smile.

"Can you guarantee that she won't turn against the Kingdom?"

"Yes. She hates her father more than anything. I swear on my life that Selena is not that kind of girl."

"Good. Then you can keep her safe. Once we're done with everything and you two can come to the capital and have a meeting with me." Zayne sighed in relief.

"I can't thank you enough for your kindness." Zayne said as he stared at the spot where Aditya was standing a few seconds ago.