22 Chapter 22:- Aftermath [II]

"Sir Ryan, do you have any idea who could have launched an attacking powerful as this one? The power behind this attack is enough to seriously injure even a beginner 3th-order cultivator." The prime Minister of the Zulux Dynasty was frightened. The man named Joseph Holland was so very scared. He will never forget what he has seen today.

'It looks like Duke Ryan messed with someone he shouldn't have. Until the situation calms down, the Zulux Dynasty shouldn't get involved with a force that is capable of launching this kind of destructive attack.' With these thoughts in his mind, Joseph was slowly thinking of a way of escaping.

Duke Ryan didn't reply to Joseph. He was too stunned and shocked to speak. For a while, he couldn't say anything. This was Duke Ryan's first time seeing something like this.

"From the power contained in that attack, the attacker should be someone with 3rd-order cultivator power. But as far as I can remember I have never offended any force with high order cultivator supporting them. Unless...." It was then Duke realized and was able to connect all the dots.

"Unless a third-order cultivator is assisting that King."

"Maybe that's why he dared to challenge me and even told me that he was going to fight against 5,000 troops." The more he spoke the more his words made sense. The more Joseph listened the more frightened he became. If the King has a third-order backing them, then the Zulux Dynasty can't afford to start a fight with the Istarin Dynasty.

'First I have to get out of this place and report everything to his Majesty.' With these thoughts in his mind, Joseph Holland stepped back.

"Duke, due to some urgency, we will head back. The negotiation can continue later."

Hearing Joseph's words, Duke Ryan's face instantly turned dark. Ryan could obviously see through the prime minister's excuse. 'Anyone in his situation would have done the same. After all, no one would be willing to offend a third-order. For now, I will let you leave. But once, I have settled things here, I will personally give you and your Zulux Dynasty the taste of betrayal.'

"I believe this is the first time we're meeting face to face. Let me reintroduce myself." Duke Ryan's entire body trembled for a second hearing the familiar voice. He turned around to see, Aditya standing 10 meters away with a relaxed smile.

"I am the King of Istarin Kingdom. I am the King that you and your family were supposed to serve. My name is Aditya." The look on current Duke Ryan's face was something that Aditya really wished to capture and place the picture in his treasury.

"So, it was all your doing." Ryan's voice started to tremble as anger start to leak his bloodlust. But Aditya remained unaffected. Although he was feeling the pressure of a Peak second-order, Aditya didn't show it on his face as the current Aditya's stats also have multiplied because of his skills.

"I don't know how you managed to bring a 3rd-order to kill my troops. But since everything has come down to this, I won't die until I take you with me. You shall join me in hell."

"Nah, man I am good. I am not a hell product. Hell is better suited for someone like you. Heck, even your daughter wants you dead."

Lightning bolt!

Ryan put his palms together and released a yellow bolt of lightning at Aditya.


"That could have seriously injured me." The former Duke's body stiffened hearing the familiar voice of the King coming from his back.


[Ding! The aura of Soul fire has been activated.

[Aura of Soul Fire: -

time: - 7:44]

"Let's just say that a certain skill of mine has been activated, giving me a 40% boost in my stats." Aditya's speed had reached [221+] after wearing the 4th-star bracelet. After killing 5,000 troops his passive skill Aura of Soul Fire activated and gave him a 40% boost in his stats.

"I don't have time to play with you. You betrayed me and this Kingdom. You and your family will never be forgiven." There was not even a trace of regret in Ryan's eyes. Ryan fell on his knees and closed his eyes. He was the type of man who didn't fear death. Duke Eastgard always has been ready for his death.

"It's unfortunate that the Istarin Kingdom has to lose a brave warrior like you. But the deeds you have done cannot be forgiven." Aditya took out a black sword and walked to finish his former Duke.

"I don't regret what I have done. I am a man of ambition. I wanted to become a ruler. I know that my actions cannot be forgiven. I am not looking for forgiveness either. But as the man who has served this Kingdom for multiple decades, all I request is you spare my daughter." Aditya was about to land the final but he stopped midway after hearing Duke's last words. He didn't think that a cruel man like Ryan would ask for his daughter's life at the end of his life.

"I know that my daughter hates me. I always have mistreated her. I just want to do something good for her." For a moment Aditya's hand trembled. Hesitation appeared in his eyes.

"My King, if you're not cruel enough to land the final strike on your enemy then the people close to you will suffer. King needs to be cruel towards his enemies."


Aditya couldn't bring himself to severe the Duke's head. He instead went for his chest and pierced his heart.

[Ding! You have killed a Peak 2nd-order lightning Mage. You have gained experience points.]

[Ding! You have leveled up.]

[Ding! You have leveled up.]

[Ding! You have .....]



Scene change_____

"Hurry up. We have to leave this city as soon as possible." The prime minister, Joseph Holland was about to leave the city through the western gate.

"Sir Joseph, it seems you're in a hurry to leave." Joseph's face turned pale seeing the 10,000 troops of the Sarlus house led by the infamous Haku, the commander of the Sarlus house.


With the Duke and his family being slaughtered, the city and the land of Zraka city were back under the rule of King Aditya. After several hours, the chaos in the city finally died down. All the supporters of the Duke were publicly executed.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Aditya then appointed, Zayne as the temporary governor of Zraka City. He also told Zayne to pay the damages done to many houses in the city because of his attack. With that Aditya and his team left Zraka city and were on their way to the capital.

The news spread like wildfire. The death of Duke Ryan and the capture of the Prime Minister Joseph Holland spread in neighboring Kingdoms within a few hours. Both Nepoca and Zulux Dynasty received the news within a few hours. What shocked Kings the most was the rumor of a third-order cultivator backing the Istarin Kingdom. This caused both Kings to temporarily stop their plans of attacking the Istarin Kingdom.

It was not just the kings, the news within a day reached Aditya's wives who were living on other continents. The news was so shocking that it picked up the interest of all the fairies. After today's event, both Nepoca and Zulux Kingdoms Kings knew that they couldn't underestimate King Aditya. The man played the role of a frightened sheep to lure the enemy.

Before leaving Zraka city, Aditya has taken 5 carriages and 2,000 soldiers with him. He knew after what he has done, the number of spies sent by both Kingdoms would drastically increase. So he needed to increase the security of the City. 1,000 soldiers would be used to guard the city walls. While another 1,000 soldiers would work to keep the crimes in the City as low as possible. Their jobs would be similar to police.

Sitting in the golden carriage, which was no different than a small luxurious wooden house that even had a bathroom, Aditya and his 7 generals was relaxing and recovering their used-up mana.

"Today was an exhausting day. Nathan, have you buried Duke Ryan?" In the public, Duke Ryan was a criminal. But those last words of the Duke touched Aditya's heart. He warrior like him should at least receive a proper burial.

"Your Majesty, I have buried his body deep in the mountain forest."

"From tomorrow onwards, you all should focus on recovering your cultivation. With their Prime Minister being captured, I am sure the Zulux Kingdom won't sit still. We can expect a war within this month or in a few months. Or maybe in a week depending on the situation."

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1

"Understood, your majesty." Aditya was planning on asking Zayne to send a few instructors to train the recruits in his general place.




Before midnight, Aditya and everyone managed to return back to the capital. After placing the soldiers along with his original 100 soldiers and dealing with the soldier's food issues, Aditya and Watson finally got time to have their dinner.

"Your Majesty, how did everything go?" Watson and Julia were still shocked. Even before Aditya and the troops returned to the capital, the news reached their ears only after a few hours of the Duke's death.

"Everything went perfectly. Tomorrow Duke Sarlus and Zayne with former Duke Ryan's daughter will come to the capital and have a meeting with me." Aditya then explained why he spared the traitor's daughter.

"Everything will be decided tomorrow."

"By the way, Your majesty what should we do with Joseph. Should we execute him?" Watson knew that Aditya already had thought of different use.

"Let that man live in our prison for a few days. It has been years since the last criminal was captured. Be sure to give him quality meals three times a day. We should expect an envoy from the Zulux Dynasty by today or tomorrow. At that time we will have rich." Knowing that the Zulux and Nepoca Kingdoms had the wrong assumption of a third-order cultivator helping the Istarin Kingdom, both kingdoms won't attack, at least for now. Aditya can use Prime Minister to get ransom from the Dynasty without having to worry about the Zulux Dynasty attacking them.

After having dinner, everyone went to bed. However, Aditya couldn't seem to fall asleep so he went to sit under the moonlight for some time.

"After killing 5,000 soldiers and a Peak 2nd-order, I have leveled up 21 times in total."

[_Name: - Aditya Bainnith

_Race: - Dragon

_Bloodline: - Inferno Blaze Dragon Bloodline

_Current Class: - War Dancer

_Current class Level: - 26→ 47

_Innate Skill: - Instant learning and adaptation, Fiery Blaze, Weapon Mastery

_Passive skill: - Eruption Wave, Molten Bolt, Silence Mind, Blast of Divine Fury, Aura of Soul Fire

_Artifact: - Bracelet of Wind Fairy,

_Strength: - 96 → 117

_Speed: - 106 → 127+ [100]

_Stamina: - 96 → 117

_Health: - 96 → 117

_Mana: - 96 → 118 → 139

_Free stats: - 42]

"Now, I am only 3 levels away from reaching second-order." Aditya looked at the Bracelet of Wind Fairy. It was only because of this 4th-star artifact, that he was able to defeat the enemy. Even without using the bracelet, Aditya felt that with his 7 generals he could have defeated the 5,000 troops head-on. Though he is not sure if he could kill everyone without taking serious injuries.

"What are you doing here?" Aditya knew who this person was. He looked back to find his wife, Julia wearing a beautiful set of bunny pajamas. The moonlight seems to make her entire body shine in the dark. For a moment Aditya, couldn't take off his eyes from looking at her.

"I couldn't sleep. So I was relaxing under the moonlight for a while. What about you?" Julia sat next to Aditya and looked at the half-moon that lit the night sky.

"I can use the moonlight to cultivate. So sometimes, I come out here to cultivate under the moon."

After that neither of them said anything. It was a peaceful silence that both enjoyed. After looking at the moon for a while, Aditya looked at Julia only to find her staring at him as well.

She hurriedly averted her gaze and pretended to look at the object behind Aditya. Aditya smiled and said nothing to expose her. And like this the night slowly passed.