23 Chapter 23:- Visit of Duke Sarlus

Next day,

The news of Duke Ryan's death spread throughout the Kingdom. The respect that the people once had lost for their King, began to return. Everyone felt under Aditya, the golden age of the Istarin Kingdom would come. The people were in high spirits. After knowing that the biggest guild on this continent was going to open its branches in three cities of Istarin Kingdom.

Even the recruits who were training were affected by this change. They now looked even more excited and motivated than before. The recruits believe that their future was secured under Aditya.

"Your Majesty, I have received some exciting news." Watson gave a letter to Aditya.

"What is it?" He asked even though he already knew.

"Duke Sarlus and Commander Zayne both have sent all the unpaid taxes along with the interest. After counting, it seems now we have over 37,000 royal gold in our treasury. Not only that, but Zayne also has sent the iron ores that were mined in the last 6 months." This was really great news.

"Watson, now that we finally have money in our hands, we can't waste any more time. Hire some construction company to rebuild all the roads, the city walls, and the castle."

The two men were soon lost in planning how the whole city was going to be reconstructed. Aditya and Watson both decided to expand from the eastern side. Several new roads, tunnels, public baths, barracks, and bridges were planned. The idea was to hire the common people to provide them with jobs.

The Istarin Kingdom mainly imported foods and other daily necessities from other neighboring kingdoms. The Kingdom was mainly dependent on the Nepoca and the Zulux Dynasty for food and other basic items.

If a war starts, there is a high possibility that both Kingdoms will cut off their good supplies. Since both kingdoms surrounded the Istarin Kingdom and separated the Kingdom from the rest of the continent, it would not be possible to import food from other Kingdoms. This is why Aditya didn't immediately kill the prime minister of the Zulux Dynasty.

The only possible way of importing would be through the sea. But Without any port, their option was limited to only two Kingdoms.

"So, we will have to build a port city."

"Yes, I believe building the port city would be the right choice. Given how fast we're progressing, war with two neighboring lands is bound to happen. So we might as well take this chance and start our plan of making the port city." 95% of the Istarin Kingdom land mass is mostly a range of mountains. From the beginning, the people were dependent on hunting fish. With the increase in population, the food demand also increased.

After some thinking, Aditya couldn't help but ask. "What about the Silver Meadow Grove forest on our southern borders. The forest is unoccupied. We can expand our borders in that direction and clear land for agriculture."


"From what I have learned, the Zulux Dynasty and the Nepoca Kingdom want the Istarin Kingdom to remain dependent on them for food supplies. This is why they don't allow the port city to be built in the past. As for clearing the Land and expanding our borders in the south, the Zulux Dynasty has strongly warned us in the past to not increase the borders otherwise, a war will be inevitable."


Aditya angrily smashed the table. "This is pure bullying. They won't let us expand nor they will let us build a port city. Anything we try to do, they will always threaten us with their military. I am tired of this."

"Screw them! Everything is going to change. Watson, tomorrow sends a team of 500 soldiers to help the villagers in cutting down the trees. We're going to expand our borders. I don't give a shit anymore. At the same time, start investing in our port city project." Watson was surprised. This was the first time he had seen Aditya get so angry.

Knock! Knock!

"Young master, Duke Sarlus and Zayne has come to have an audience with you."




"The head of the Sarlus family greets his Majesty." Duke Sarlus, who had the blood of a lion kneeled in front of Aditya. Just like Josh, Sarlus was a beastmen from the Lion race. He had the head of a lion and the muscular body of a human. His hair was crimson red in color and he was 7 feet tall giant, carrying a battel-axe with him all the time.

His fairly short-sleeved, furred jacket covers him too well below his groin and is buttoned up completely at the center. The sleeves of his jacket are a little narrow and reach down to well above his hands, they're decorated with a single thread lining at the sleeve ends. The jacket has a rectangular neckline which reveals part of the refined shirt worn below it and is worn with a wide rope belt, which is held together by an ornate pin. The rope belt is a functional addition but does have some decorative value.

His pants are simple and quite wide and reach down to his hard leather boots. The boots are made from a pretty rare leather but are otherwise a simple design.

Red pupils, and the might of a lion, Duke Sarlus truly looked like a noble. Unlike Duke Ryan, Duke Sarlus was very calm and intelligent.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m


"Zayne, former commander of Duke Ryan, this lowly servant greets his majesty." Zayne was wearing his battle armor and had a sword on his waist.

Kneeling next to Zayne, there was a young lady of Zayne's age. She had long blond hair that reached down her waist. She had tied her hair in a ponytail. She had a mole on her left cheek that only enhanced her beauty. Her dark brown pupil looked at the world in curiosity. Kaia Eastgard was truly a beautiful woman.

Her relatively simple dress flows from top to bottom and has a cowl neckline, which tastefully reveals the modest dress worn below it. The silky, corset of her dress covers her stomach where the continuous flow is broken up by a large rope belt worn low around her waist.

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Below the rope belt, the dress opens up and reveals the dress below. The front of the top dress is shorter at the front and curves outwards, the back continues to flow a short length behind her and ends in a broad curve. Her sleeves are quite long and quite wide, their flow is broken up well above the elbow where they're divided by long, cosmetic brands, these are the same fabric and color used to outline the sleeves, bottom, and neckline of the dress.


"Kaia Eastgard, Former princess of House of Eastgard greets his Majesty." Looking at the Kaia, Aditya suddenly felt guilty. Even at the very last moment, her father requested to spare her life. Aditya didn't show these complex thoughts on his face.

"You all may rise. You all must know the reason why I have called you here. First of all, I wish to ask some questions to the princess of the Eastgard house."

"I will answer anything."

"Miss Kaia, do you hate me for killing your father?"

"No, I don't. That man wanted to sell me to another noble's house just for benefits. I never received any love from him. There was no feeling I had for him. At the end of the day, he was just a stranger who wanted to take away my freedom."

"Miss Kaia, let me tell you the last words of your father. Even at the very end, instead of begging for his life, he begged me to spare your life. I think this one sentence says many things about your father."

Kaia's body slightly trembled hearing Aditya's words. "Miss Kaia, the house of Eastgard will continue through since you're the last remaining bloodline. So in the future, if the two of you get married, Zayne will have to change his family name. Zayne, do you have any objections?" Aditya felt both Zayne and Kaia will be excellent couples. Being the daughter of a noble she must have received a high-quality education. So she can manage her family's territories. While Zayne, being the commander, can deal with any military issues.

Both Zayne and Kaia couldn't describe the happiness they felt at this moment. At first, they assumed, that the King would take away Kaia's rights as the princess of the Eastgard family. The couple was ready to sacrifice anything to live a happy life.

Zayne and Kaia looked at each other and nodded at the same time. "We have no objections, your Majesty."

"Good. You two can enjoy the castle for now. I have some private matters to discuss with Duke Sarlus." Both Zayne and Kaia offered their bows and left the throne hall for Aditya and Sarlus.

"Your Majesty, before you speak I would like to tell you something." Aditya nodded and signaled him to go on.

"In these 3 years, I have some extra resources and funds into raising an army of 4,000 soldiers aside from the 25,000 large troops that I was told to maintain. if your highness wants, I will order Haku to send the 4,000 troops to the capital." Aditya can't express how grateful he was to Duke Sarlus.

"I really have to thank Sir Sarlus. The capital desperately needs soldiers."

"Moving on, Do you have any information on that man?" Yesterday, after the official meeting was over. Aditya contacted Duke Sarlus and asked him to check on a merchant named Amos. Aditya had a feeling that Amos might be from the Nepoca or the Zulux Kingdom. So he had Sarlus check both kingdoms.

"Yes, I do. Apparently, this guy named Amos is really famous in the Zulux and the Nepoca Kingdom. From what the spies told me, he is a merchant in the daytime while in the darkness of the night, he is the leader of a bandit that robs people."

"Anything else?"

"If my info is correct then currently he is in one of the cities of the Nepoca Kingdom that is located near our border."

"Hehehe! Tonight is going to be fun."


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