25 Chapter 25:- Ancient Book of the Lost Sea [II]

"Ladies and Gentlemen, now we're going to bring out the item that you all have been waiting for. It is the ancient book of the lost sea. Recently, a fisherman discovered this ancient book when he was fishing. We still haven't been able to open the book yet. After some inspection, we have found that only someone who is 2nd-order Rune Master can open this book."

"Now the bidding for the ancient book of the sea will start. Please don't forget that whoever tries to use their influence to oppress others from participating in this bid will be banned from the Silver Grass auction house."

"The bid starts from 1,000 royal Gold."

[2,000 RG]

[4,000 RG]

[5,000 RG]

[How about 10,000 RG?]

[10,000 and 500 RG]

The price only kept increasing. The commoners had no chance of even participating in the bid. They could only watch as the VIPs fought among themselves.

"Are we going to bid for this book?" Julia who now was known as Sasha asked.

"No, I am not planning on getting this Book. For now, let's just enjoy the show." From his nightmare of the future, Aditya was sure that this ancient book of the sea had the secret to the black heart. Amos will get the book and uncover the secrets of the black heart.

'I don't if the future is still the same. In the future that I saw, he gave the black heart secrets to the Zulux King and stood opposite the Istarin Kingdom. Something must have happened in that future, that made Amos hate me. But now, I am not certain. Many things have changed since that nightmare of the future.'

The bidding number only continued to increase.

[15,000 RG]

[16,000 RG]

[16,000 RG once]

[16,000 RG twice]

[Congratulations to Mr. Amos for gaining the Ancient Book of the Lost Sea. Ladies and Gentlemen, with this our auction, concludes here. We look forward to seeing you all attend our next auction.]

"Are we not leaving?"

"Wait a minute."



"So this is the ancient book." In front of Amos, there was a dark book. Despite being in the water for years, the pages of this book were still intact. There was some kind of red runic words written on the cover of the book.

"Let's go. Tomorrow, we will find a second-order Rune Master to help us with opening the book."

"But sir, where are we supposed to find a runemaster. To my knowledge, I don't think there is any runemaster in the three kingdoms." Cultivators with the knowledge of Rune were extremely rare.

"Idiot, I can always go beyond the three kingdoms to find a Rune Master." Amos and his guards walked back to his Mansion without any care in the world. Whenever some locals saw Amos, they would bow their heads and greet him respectfully. To the public, Amos was known as Saint Merchant. But in the dark, he was the leader of mountain bandits.

"Sir, are you not planning on going to the Istarin Kingdom Capital?" One of the guards asked.

"No, my very reason for going to that city was over when that bastard King was killed by adopted grandpa. By now, that king must have found the secret message I wrote to grandpa. I can't go to Istarin territory for now." Amos was very angry. He wanted to revenge. How dare a lowly Kingdom's King to kill his grandpa. He was very furious.

After walking for a while, Amos finally reached his Mansion. The Mansion was 50 meters big, surrounded by 2-meter high walls.

Just as Amos was about to enter his house, he noticed that everything in his Mansion was strangely very quiet. "Hey, you an.....His words got stuck in his throat seeing his guards knocked out lying on the ground. Before Amos could understand what happened, felt his senses getting blurry. After a few seconds, he also lost consciousness.

Two figures wearing dark clothes, covering their faces with a black cloth appeared on the roof of the Mansion after Amos fell unconscious. "Having an alchemy wife really has its advantages. Especially in these types of situations."

"Who are you calling your wife? For the record, I never agreed to become your wife." Julia pouted.

Aditya stared at her for a few seconds before saying. "You're my wife by contract."

"Hmph! I don't follow these stupid contract rules. Heck, we never even got married in the first place."

"So you're fine being my wife as long as I marry you." Hearing Aditya's words, the princess acted as if someone had stepped over her tail. She glared at Aditya and signaled him to shut his mouth. To which the Crimson King nodded his head with a helpless smile.

"I can't believe you're so shameless. I shouldn't have come with you in the first place." Aditya has been teasing Julia ever since they went out of the castle. It was like the proud King Aditya was gone and was replaced by a shameless man who wants flirt with her.

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"Hahaha! Well, without you, it would have taken me an extra few hours to reach here. Not to mention, without your amazing alchemy skills, I couldn't have knocked down all these 2nd-order cultivators." Before Amos reached his mansion, Julia used one of her second-order pills to knock out everyone unconscious. When this pill is used with water, colorless smoke would spread in the surroundings. Poor Amos couldn't see it coming since the smoke had no odor and color. Fortunately, the princess had given him the antidote otherwise even with their mask, he could have been knocked unconscious.

"If you're grateful then you better buy me some expensive alchemy ingredients."

"Sure princess. Your husband shall buy you whatever you want." When it came to her alchemy research Aditya never hesitated to spend his earnings.


Julia had given up. She was too tired to fight back. "Whatever. Just finish the job already. The effect of the pill will keep them knocked out for 2 hours."

"With pleasure."

Aditya jumped down and was about to kill one of the second-order guards. "You can always turn your head if you don't want to look, princess."

"Hmph! This princess is not a child. I have lost the count of people I have killed."please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Yeah, yeah! Like I believe your words." Saying that Aditya started slicing off the unconscious guards' throats one after another.

[Ding! The host has killed Mid 2nd-Order. The host has gained experience Points.]

[Ding! The Host has leveled up.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for reaching Second-order.]

[Ding! Mythical class, War Dancer has reached second-order.]

[Ding! After reaching second-order, the host is now eligible to select a second class.]

[Ding! A random mythical Class or higher grade class will be selected by the system]

Aditya for a moment didn't know what to say. He would rather choose a rare class than get a random mythical class. 'But then again, every mythical class is overpowered and it comes with multiple unique and rare skills. I guess this is the better way. I won't have to waste too much time deciding which class I want to choose. Let's just hope that I don't end up with some useless mythical class.'


[Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting the Rune Monarch class.]

[Ding! Since the host is already a 2nd-order, the Rune Monarch class also has been upgraded to 2nd-order.]

[Ding! Upgrading both classes to 2nd-order has given the host new skills and also has evolved some of the previous skills.]

[Ding! Fiery Blaze has evolved to become to 2-star Crimson Blaze]

[Ding! Weapon Mastery has evolved to become to 2-star Weapon Grandmaster]


[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a new 2-star passive skill Disturbance of Blessings]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a new 2-star passive skill Mystic Surge]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a new innate skill 2-star Runic Enchantment]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a new passive skill 2-star Charm of the Inferno Rune]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a new passive skill 2-star Lunar Vision]

[Ding! Awakening a second class has increased the host Mana by [50+]


[Ding! The host bloodline has evolved from Inferno Blaze Dragon to Crimson heavenly dragon.]

[Ding! The host stats have been increased by [50+]

[Ding! After reaching 2nd order, the host has gained the ability to transform into a dragon. The host has gained a new innate skill called Dragon Transformation.]

"What is going on?" Julia become worried seeing Aditya not moving. She could feel tremendous changes in his bloodline.


A huge roar escaped from Aditya's mouth. The roar was so strong that the entire city of Lifwood started shaking as if an earthquake has come. Julia almost lost her consciousness just from being close to Aditya. The roar was so strong that it caused Amos and other knocked-out guards' ears, noses, and mouths to start bleeding.

Fortunately, just as Aditya let out his loud and terrifying roar, he regained his senses. He realized what he has done already alerted everyone in the entire city.

"There is a dragon in the city. Everyone hurry up. We must slay the dragon." Even from the distance, Aditya could hear the people's panicked tone.

"It won't be long before guards come to this place." Under the shocked eyes of the Alchemy Goddess, Aditya stretched out his right palm as an orb of dark crimson red flame appeared in his palm. From the orb of Dark Crimson flame, small red wisps of flame started burning the bodies of the guards and Amos.

[Ding! The Host has leveled up.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up.]

[Ding! The host has leveled up.]

[Ding! The Host has .....]

Aditya quickly put the Ancient Book in his storage ring and then appeared in front of Julia.

"Let's leave this place." Julia thought Aditya was going to use the bracelet of Wind fairy to fly away from this city but instead he did something that blew her mind.

Two pairs of dragon wings appeared on his back by tearing his Shirt. Each dragon wing was crimson red and was 2 meters long each. (The wings looked something like this).

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Aditya flew off to the sky. When Aditya started flapping his newly formed wings, he didn't feel any discomfort. It was as if he was familiar with his wings and dragon body. By instinct, he knew how he had to move his wings to fly.


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