30 Chapter 30:- Majin Village [I]

"I have heard a lot about the Istarin King." Aditya could show a helpless smile. He knew the old man was talking about his reputation as the Alcohol addicted King.

"Anyway, I am Zachary Skullspire. As you know, I am the leader of this Majin Village. I like to be direct and ask his Majesty the reason for his sudden visit especially when a war is going to start in less than 62 hours."

"And here I thought your Majin village didn't have any idea about the war." Aditya replied with a smile.

"Haha! We know a thing or two from the passing wind. We just don't care. For generations, our people have lived in this valley without a care of the outside world."

Knock! Knock!

"Come in" When the door was opened, a beautiful lady wearing light blue Kimono came carrying tea and snacks.

"This is my first son's wife. Her name is Marie Skullspire." Marie looked like she was only 20 years old but in reality, her age was above 35. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall. She had long blue hair that she tied in a bun.

After serving the tea and snacks, Marie bowed and left the room. "Now, before we start our conversation, why don't we drink some tea. I promise you will love this tea." Aditya nodded and after blowing the tea a few times, he took a sip.

"It's really good. This tea is even better than the ones I drink at the palace." The tea that Aditya and everyone in the palace drink is specially imported from another continent.

"Hahaha! I am pleased to know that his Majesty likes our tea. This tea planet naturally grows in the mountains of the Everlasting Highlands. Drinking this tea helps in the quick recovery of mana. If this tea is consumed for a prolonged period, then the mana of a person naturally increases."

"No wonder, I sensed so powerful mana coming from your body." Aditya was very amazed. If possible he wanted everyone in the palace to drink this tea everyone.

"Your Majesty, if you're thinking of buying this tea from us, then I have to disappoint you."

"Why?" Aditya asked while enjoying the tea he was given.

"First of all, you're not the only one who wants our tea. Recently a group of bandits has started stealing our tea. Normally we would have enough tea to even sell it to the merchant. But these few months, our tea supplies have dropped."

"If you want I can help you with the bandit situation." Aditya was naturally doing this to earn Majins trust and respect. When Aditya was walking in the village, he noticed that even the 5 years old children had very high mana for their age. Even a dragon of 5 years old does not have this much mana.

"I thank you for your kind words. But we can handle solve this problem on our own. Now moving from the topic, I would like to ask the reason for his Majesty's sudden visit to our small village. This is not the place where a King should come." Aditya could feel that the old man was trying to distance himself from outsiders. Even though they are troubled by bandits, they are not willing to ask for help.

"My main plan was to invite your people to live in my territory. I was thinking of granting you a piece of land where your people can build a village and settle down. But seeing how much your people hate outsiders I have changed my mind. I have another proposal for your people." Aditya knew that he would be kicked out of this village if he ask the people living here to settle down in his territory.

"Oh! I wonder what proposal the King of Istarin Kingdom has from us?" The old man naturally knew what Aditya was going to request. Zachary has protected this village from wind and storm for multiple generations. He has forgotten how long he has been working as the leader of this village.

"In the future, the three Kingdoms will be involved in this upcoming. If that happens, the chances of my Kingdom surviving are small. But I can increase that percentage by having a team that can keep me updated on the movement of the enemy troops." Majin race is one of those special races that is born for the sole purpose of assassination and infiltration. Every Majin race member was born with a unique ability that allowed them to move through the shadows.

'I already have set up an Assassin division. The members of the assassin division are still not ready. Even Nathan still hasn't recovered his full strength. Nathan can't do everything alone. I will need the Majin race people's help.'

"This lowly man would have to apologize. My people do not wish to participate in the war." Aditya didn't show his disappointment on his face. He instead drank some tea to calm himself.

"I am ready to pay them monthly salaries in royal gold."

"Your Majesty, this is not about money. My people prefer to live here instead of interacting with the outside world."

"I understand. But can you please tell me why the Majins of this village don't like outsiders?"

"A long time ago some human merchants approached us to do trade with them. I agreed to exchange our tea, the skin and bones of magical animals, and whatever herbs that we can find in the forest. For a few months, everything was going well. The human merchant would visit us once a month. We would get our clothes, weapons, farming tools, and salt from the merchant. Everything was going smoothly. Everyone was happy until that day came." Aditya noticed the sadness and regret in the village leader's eyes.

"One day, the human merchant took a liking to one of our female Majin. Everything was going well and after a month both the human and female Majin named Sara got married. Sara and her husband decided to stay in the village. Every month Sara's husband would spend 10 days in the village. But one day, Sara's husband never returned. We even sent our male Majins to look for the merchant in Zraka city."

"Later, we learned that the human merchant was a despicable person. He would go from village to village and marry one of the women from each village. At that time, Sara was pregnant with that man's child."

"After learning about the truth, we killed the human merchant. But this incident left a bad stereotypical image in the village Majin's mind. That was the first time we had tried to open up to an outsider. From then, no one in the village likes any outsiders in this village."please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Wyvern attack!"

Aditya and Zachary looked at each other. The next second, both of them reacted and appeared outside. Zachary moved using their innate ability to travel using a shadow.

"What the hell?" Aditya raised his head when saw Black Wyvern attacking the village. The Wyvern had the tail of a viper a venomous snake, two black wings that were 3 meters long, and two legs. The Wyvern was 7 meters tall.

"Everyone, hurry up and go to the underground shelter. We cannot fight this Wyvern." The whole village was in chaos. 1/10 of the entire village was already destroyed by the Wyvern's attack.

Aditya spread his red wings and flew off to the sky. The Wyvern seems to have noticed Aditya. It quickly turned its attention to Aditya. Every Majin in the village stopped for a second to look at what was happening.

"This Wyvern should be at Peak 2nd-order."


With a thunderous roar, the Wyvern charged at the Crimson Dragon at its full speed.

When the Wyvern was about 15 meters away, it opened its mouth showing its sharp fangs, and fired a wave of black flame at the Crimson Dragon.

"So this is the black flame." In this world, flames are divided into ranks. Ordinary fires are orange while the tip is red. Certain individuals could flame of different colors. The black flame can be used when the darkness element is combined with the fire element, resulting in the formation of a powerful flame.

Generally, beings who have fire and dark nature affinity can use black flame. For magical beasts, some unique beasts possess the ability to use black flame. This Wyvern is one of those unique Magical Beasts.

"The Black flame is nothing in front of the Crimson Flame of a Heavenly Dragon." Seeing the wave of black flame that was 15 meters in size, that threatened to devour the heavens and earth, in front of such a devastating attack, the King still looked as calm as the ocean.

Crimson Blaze!

A small wisp of Crimson red flame was prepared by Aditya to block the Wyvern's attack. Although the black flame couldn't even come near the Crimson flame in terms of power, the attack still had the power to harm Aditya in his human form.


Just like he had expected, the Wish of Crimson flame was powerful enough to black the huge wave of black flame. The collision between the two attacks resulted in a huge explosion that for a moment covered the sky with black smoke.

The Wyvern finally regained some of its senses. Seeing the Crimson flame, the Wyvern's instinct knew that this flame was extremely dangerous for him. The eyes that were previously filled with anger now were filled with fear.

When the smoke cleared up, the Wyvern finally stopped and looked at Aditya in fear.

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"Had enough? or do you want more?" The Wyvern repeatedly shook his head. Aditya also relaxed his guards. Now that the Wyvern has been dealt with, he needed to have a second discussion with the village leader.

"Amazing, to think I would find a being who is capable of using the legendary Crimson flame. I have to capture you for my experiment."

Under the dark stormy clouds, several Wyverns flew towards the Majin village. Followed by two black 7 meters big Wyverns, there was a Wyvern that looked slightly different than other Wyverns. This Wyvern was 10 meters in size. However, unlike the other Wyverns, this one had blue lightning constantly flickering around its body.

The eyes of this Wyvern were pitch black, there was no white part. There was a man wearing a black cloak who was riding the Wyvern. The man was holding a black 2 meters long bone staff.

"I am Ash."

"I am sorry, who are you again?"


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