Chapter 18 Lingering Fragrance

After the girls from the Medicine Hall left, Su Yang locked himself inside his room. He sat cross-legged on his bed, his eyes closed.

He took a deep breath through his nose, enjoying the flowery fragrance emitting from the bed. The scent of those nine girls still lingered, and it smelled like a flower bed with nine different unique flowers.

Besides the lingering fragrance, the bed also emitted faint Yin Qi. This Yin Qi came from those nine girls who had discharged themselves during their climaxes.

Su Yang used what little Yin Qi remained on the bed to cultivate himself. Although laughable when compared to Elder Lan's virgin Yin Qi, it was still enough to benefit his cultivation base slightly.

Meanwhile, Tang Hu opened the door to another visitor.

"Meng Jia…" Tang Hu was greeted by his partner at the door.

"What's wrong? You seem down…" Meng Jia said in a worried tone.

"I think you should stay away from this place for sometime…"

"What!?" Meng Jia instantly paled. "Did I do something wrong? Something to upset you?"

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

The way Tang Hu worded his sentence made it seem like Meng Jia had done something to offend him, hence why he wanted her to stay away from him for now.

"Eh? No, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong. It's just that… this place will get chaotic soon…" Tang Hu corrected himself the instant he realized the misunderstanding.

"Chaotic? How? What's happening?" Meng Jia couldn't wrap her head around the situation.

"Su Yang… I don't know what he's trying to do, but whatever it is, he will get himself in situations I don't dare to imagine…" Tang Hu recalled the bizarre situation this morning. If it continues to happen, then it will only be a matter of time before Su Yang offends someone he cannot afford to offend.

"Su Yang? Where is he right now?"

"He's inside his room… Doing what, I have no idea. However, you need to stay away from this place… him…" Tang Hu was anxious for Meng Jia, who might fall into Su Yang's hands if she were to experience his massage that caused those nine girls to go crazy.

In this sect, while disciples are not allowed to force another to participate in dual cultivation, there was no such rule that prevents one from stealing another disciple's partner. If it's Su Yang, Tang Hu believes that he could easily snatch girls away from people as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Just thinking about the possibility of Su Yang stealing Meng Jia from his grasp made Tang Hu feel anxious.

"Whatever you are worried about, I will make it go away in bed! Come, let's cultivate," said Meng Jia as she pulled Tang Hu into his room, not giving him time to refuse.

ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Su Yang stayed locked inside his room until the sunset arrived. He organized the bed and took a quick bath before heading back out to the training grounds to wait for more customers.

Although he is still miles away from reaching 10,000 Premium Points for the Pure Yang Flower, Su Yang was confident that he will be able to obtain that much in the next few days.

A few minutes later, Su Yang arrived at the training grounds. Upon his arrival, Su Yang noticed the large group of beauties standing around where he would normally set up his sign. There were at least 30 figures gathered there, and they all looked as though they were waiting for something – or somebody.

Furthermore, the moment Su Yang stepped foot inside the training ground, somebody shouted: "There's Su Yang!"

When the group of girls heard the name 'Su Yang', they all turned to look at him with curiosity on their faces.

"He's 'that' Su Yang, right? Does he really have such heaven-defying hand techniques?"

"I don't know, but senior apprentice-sister Xuan promised us that she will give each of us 200 Premium Points if his service does not satisfy us…"

"10 Premium Points, right? Hehe, senior apprentice-sister Xuan will surely regret making that promise with us after we are done here!"

The girls approached Su Yang with gleeful expressions.

"Su Yang, we are all here to experience your techniques. If you cannot satisfy us, then you'd better apologize to senior apprentice-sister Xuan for causing her to lose face for you!"

Su Yang smiled and said: "If I am unable to satisfy even one of you girls, then I will gladly cut off my own hands and feed it to the pigs."

Su Yang's confident voice and bold statement alongside his calm expression dumbfounded the girls.

"Heh… you seem very confident in your own abilities, but I hope you won't regret your words afterward!"

After the girls accepted his three conditions, Su Yang led them to his living quarters. Meanwhile, Tang Hu began freaking out when he noticed the massive group of girls following Su Yang from the windows.

"How did he gather so many customers in such a short time?! He just left the house, too!" Tang Hu began moving the furniture to the walls so it would not be too crowded inside the house. He also made sure to put chairs right outside Su Yang's room so they could be reached easily when his customers come out. Afterward, Tang Hu holed himself inside his room, afraid of the mayhem that may soon occur.

Upon arriving at the front door, Su Yang said to the girls: "Because the place is small, I will have at most 10 people inside at once, and the rest will have to wait outside."

Although unhappy, the girls did not complain.

When Su Yang saw the changes made to the house, he nearly laughed. "What a thoughtful guy,' he thought.

"Now... who's first?" Su Yang stood by the door to his room with a welcoming smile, his gaze at the beauties in the room.