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Six days remained until the grand expedition, and anticipation was running high among Emery and his companions. They had been called to attend a special class in preparation for the Celestial Ruins, and as they gathered with the other 80 participants, the room buzzed with excitement.

The class was led by a seasoned full moon magus, someone who had ventured deep into the ruins and returned to share their knowledge. The instructor's experience lent an air of authority to the proceedings, and everyone listened intently.

The instructor began by elaborating on the specifics of the expedition. The ruins consisted of nine vaults, each accessible through separate entrances, and spanned seven layers of increasing difficulty. Between layers, participants were granted access to different vaults. However, the deeper they ventured into the ruins, the more treacherous the challenges became. With only seven days allotted for the entire expedition, participants had just one day per layer.

It was stressed that there were no restrictions on the types of magus that could enter specific vaults, but what truly mattered was their proficiency in understanding and applying the laws governing these vaults. Those who mastered the laws would reap greater rewards during the journey.

The class continued with an in-depth analysis of the various types of constructs and drones that participants might encounter in the ruins. Their strengths, weaknesses, and potential rewards were thoroughly discussed, ensuring that everyone was well-prepared for what lay ahead.

The peak magus continued with his enlightening explanation about the celestial shard. This small but intriguing crystal shard was known as the celestial shard. It was no larger than an index finger and contained shattered fragments of celestial souls, a testament to their enigmatic and powerful nature.

This celestial shard served as a vital component in the expedition. Emery recalled the larger version he had found deep within the Hyperon planet, forced into him by the grand magus Lilith. This shard was about ten times smaller than the one he remembered.

The instructor explained the profound significance of the celestial shard. Within its confines, there lay fragments of celestial memories, and collecting these shards was a vital task for the expedition participants. The choice was left to each individual – they could either consume the shard immediately or choose to keep it for future use.

However, the process was not without its challenges. For those who were not exceptionally powerful in the realm of spirit magus, consuming the shard would be a painful experience, rendering them temporarily incapacitated for minutes to hours. This revelation highlighted the importance of teamwork and collaboration, with the magus emphasizing that traveling in groups of five was the standard.

The instructor looked at the group of 80 eager participants and made a crucial announcement. "In the next three days, I will choose 40 among you to embark on this expedition." The first order of business was for each participant to select the elemental affinity they wished to improve.

It was revealed later that the Nephilim magus would have a hand in determining the team composition based on their personal abilities. The Nephilim magus conducted individual consultations with each participant and assessed their personal abilities before finalizing their choices.


[Magus Realm: Crescent Magus]

[Battle Power 270]

[Soul force 177]

[Law of Wind by 5%]

[Law of Darkness by 12%]

[Law Comprehension - 17%]

Chumo, given his attributes, was left with no better option than to choose Wind elements, despite the slow progress of his law comprehension. 

"Wind vault, Team B!" said the staff.


Next up was Fjolnir, who possessed a significant mastery of the law of lightning but didn't have any other distinctive qualities.


[Magus Realm: Crescent Moon]

[Battle Power 288]

[Soul force 132]

[Law of Lighting- 13%]

[Law Comprehension - 13%]

"Lightning vault, Team B"



[Magus Realm: Crescent Moon]

[Battle Power 232]

[Soul force 232]

[Law of Light- 7%]


[Law of Ice - 7%]

[Law of Fire- 5%]

[Law of Metal - 4%]

[Law Comprehension - 23%]

Due to his relatively low battle power and law comprehension, Ashaka also was assigned to Team B, and he chose the second-best option, the Ice vault.



[Magus Realm: Crescent Magus]

[Battle Power 335]

[Soul force 208]lightsnovel

[Law of Fire by 13%]

[Law of Slaughter by 7%]

[Law Comprehension - 20%]

Thrax's impressive law of fire proficiency, coupled with his law of slaughter, earned him a place in Team A, and he was designated to the Fire vault.


[Julian Kaesar]

[Magus Realm: Crescent Magus]

[Battle Power 275]

[Soul force 223]

[Law of Metal by 9%]

[Law of Fire by 8%]

[Law of Sovereign by 5%]

[Law Comprehension - 22%]

Understanding that he might not be suitable for the Light vault, Julian opted for the Metal vault instead. He chose to join Team B.

"Metal vault, Team B," the staff announced for Julian.



[Magus Realm: Half Moon]

[Battle Power 310]

[Soul force 333]

[Law of Lightning - 16%]

[Law of Ice - 7%]

[Law of Wind- 5%]

[Law of Water -5%]

[Law Comprehension - 33%]

As a half-moon magus, Kleopatra was swiftly assigned to Team A. However, she decided to go for the Water vault, her least comprehensible law, in order to gain an advantage against the water element.

"Water vault, A team," the staff declared for Kleopatra.


Finally, after all the others had made their choices, Emery stepped up to the staff to be assessed. The staff member examined Emery's attributes and couldn't help but appear surprised by what they saw.

[Emery Ambrose]

[Magus Realm: Halfmoon Magus]

[Battle power 428]

[Soul force 429]

[Law of Nature - 19%]

[Law of Light - 7%]

[Law of Space - 8%]

[Law of Gravity - 4%]

[Law of Devour - 4%]

[Law Comprehension - 42%]

The staff member cleared their throat and said, "My apologies, Magus Emery. You are not included in either of these two teams. You will be training with the special team."

Emery raised an eyebrow. "Special team?"

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