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Chapter 11 - A Person's Talent

The unassuming leather jerkins wearing boy from a lower class world became the talk of the class. Emery's other classmates stared at him while whispering to each other. Receiving four elemental affinity was already rare in itself, only one in a thousand in the hundreds of thousands of human worlds, and amongst those four affinities he also had a dark element. The chances of this occurrence was even greater than finding a needle in a haystack.

Affinity, however, was akin to having a heavy closed gate where the other side was the countless potential. You need to have the strength to push open that heavy gate and the aptitude to learn what the other side of the gate had to offer. Hence, the second test Minerva prepared was to examine the battle power and aptitude of each person in her class.

This time, she asked everyone to come in front after summoning a glowing symbol that appeared to be an eye. She said, "One by one, all of you will enter the eye of power. Who wants to be first?"

The bald youth who had a light affinity stepped forward and decided to go first. A few seconds after he entered the circle, it lit up and a number emblazoned on the symbol.

[Battle power: 10]

[Spirit power: 25]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

"Everyone proceed as I explain," said Minerva. "Battle power is a measure of one's physical strength. 10 is the normal number for the average adult human. For young people to have this number means they have rigorously trained and unlocked their physical bodies potential to the point where they can fight on equal grounds against an adult despite being young. Battle power is judged based on the combination of strength, speed and endurance.

"Meanwhile, spirit power is the measure of one's talent in weaving the elemental energy of the universe. It is measured by three categories: spirit strength, spirit control and spirit capacity. Increasing spirit power will be everybody's main task and it won't be easy. Only when a person breaks through spirit power 30 will be the time anyone of you will be able to use basic elements and reach rank 2 acolyte.

"Lastly and the most important of these is the spirit aptitude. Aptitude is your talent in learning magic. One could have low spirit power because they never studied magic but anyone with high aptitude can quickly catch up."

[Battle power: 8]

[Spirit power: 23]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

[Battle power: 6]

[Spirit power: 28]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

[Battle power: 15]

[Spirit power: 22]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

It was only expected that the youths spirited away among the billions to trillions of people in the galaxy would have spirit rank A.

[Battle power: 13]

[Spirit power: 29]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank S]

[Battle power: 18]

[Spirit power: 36]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

[Battle power: 15]

[Spirit power: 32]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank S]

These were the numbers obtained from the group of young people in black and white uniform. There were only a few of them who had rank S but almost all of them had passed 30 spirit powers save for the few that didn't. They were being dubbed by the others as the geniuses hailing from the magus world called Kalios. This meant that almost all of them were able to use magic and were rank 2 acolytes.

Once a person managed to break through a certain barrier in the spirit power, their physical strength would also increase at the same time.

"No wonder they are arrogant. But words are meaningless. Ahh, I'm itching to pound those smug faces on the ground," Thrax said, spitting on the ground again.

"Barbarian, could you stop dirtying the floor? It only shows you're scared of them," commented Julian, moving the hem of his cloth away where Thrax had spat.

"Huh? Did you say something pig? I can't understand a word of what you're saying. I'm only hearing snorting," snapped Thrax, placing his ear near Julian.

Julian only shook his head, sighed and started ignoring Thrax again.

"Those boys, all they know is fighting. I'm so glad that silent boy over there and you, my cutie, aren't like them," said Klea, edging her face again near Emery.

"I…" muttered Emery, his heart was racing again while his face felt flushed.

Klea gave a teasing laugh before moving away from Emery.

The people on the front started exclaiming.

Chumo stuck out his head to see what's the commotion.

[Battle power: 22]

[Spirit power: 41]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank S]

A girl with a large veil, wearing greenish-white smooth dress, was standing on the eye of power. Her battle power was twice of the average adult and she already had spirit power 41 indicating she had reached rank 3 acolyte at her young age.

Minerva smiled and asked, "Let me see your face."

Slowly the girl opened her vail. And everyone who saw the woman was amazed. Not only is this woman so beautiful but there is something different about this woman's iris. Where the average human is round, this woman has a sunken, slender iris like a snake's eye.

One of the young people in uniform commented.

"Huh! A half breed bloodline race … no wonder "

Minerva glared at the young man who commented and he fell silent.

"What's your name girl?" Minerva asked

"I am Silva"

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