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Chapter 30 - Moon Clover

Emery followed the acolytes in the direction they had left and arrived in a large hall. Inside was a crowd of acolytes waiting on the man and woman talking to one another atop a platform.

Emery moved closer to know more about what the mission was and couldn't help but notice the strong scent of herbs and plants floating in the air like the cauldron he had back in his late-father's estate.

The woman, dressed in a magus robe, had a dark skin with long curly hair and a face that had white stripes. She was talking to the man beside her on the platform who had a small but wide stature, overgrown beard, reaching up to his stomach, and a rugged face full of wrinkles.

She faced the crowd and announced, "Today, we would like to announce a wonderful opportunity for every acolyte here. Master Grom from the crafting institute has issued a request for every acolyte that has an affinity with the plant element."

The small, unusual-looking man stepped forward and took out a small bottle filled with green liquid from his summoning ring. He said, "Thank you for the introduction, Magus Erica. This here is a Green Essence potion. Once taken, it increases the spirit power of those who are acolytes rank 4 below."

Emery's ears perked up and stared at the potion as he listened carefully to this person named Grom.

Grom continued, "Making this potion requires a vital ingredient that appears only once a year which is tonight. I am grateful that Magus Erica is helping us gather as much as we can to make the most of this potion. For each of you who will return with the plant we require, we'll give you a potion in return. We recommend that you all bring us as many as you can because those who turn in the most number of the four-leaf moon clover will become a disciple in our Crafting Institute specifically, the Path of Alchemy."

An acceptance to an institution and an opportunity to increase the spirit power, this was what just Emery needed to stay in this magus academy!

Grom put back the Green Essence potion. "Now you all better get this opportunity because becoming a disciple at the crafting institute is beneficial for magi that have the plant element affinity. We only have a hundred or so members but each one is vital and respected amongst the magi. Don't waste this valuable opportunity."

Emery wanted to raise his hand and join immediately. Tomorrow was the final day for the first year acolytes, so if he had to, he would spend all night to find this four-leaf plant, however, he wasn't sure if it looked like the one from his world. His answer though was answered as Grom whipped out another object.

Grom presented a four-leaf plant that had yellow shining spots on its four green leaves and green stalk. "This here is the plant we're asking you all to look for. Make sure to bring back the four-leaf moon clovers and not the three-leaf ones since the three-leaf are worthless. This mission is exclusive to the institute of plant due to the property of this four-leaf moon clover. Only those who have the plant affinity will be able to make this glow and the light is only visible at night. So once the dawn breaks, it'll be impossible for you to find this because they'll have transformed back to three-leaf unless you've picked them up from their stalks."

Grom handed out a couple of four-leaf moon clovers for everyone to familiarize themselves with its appearance. Emery took a closer look at the plant and memorized its appearance before handing it back to the acolyte before him.

When Grom received back the moon clovers, he clicked his tongue. In the crowd, suddenly, the clothing on the chest part of the acolyte before Emery lit up. Grom glared at the acolyte before saying, "Cheating already, aren't you? You're banned from attempting this mission. Knights!"

Knights entered the room and grabbed the first year acolyte in front of Emery. The first year acolyte tried to struggle while being escorted out of the room. He pleaded, "No, no! I'm sorry, please give me a chance!"

The door slammed shut after they had exited. Murmurings between the acolytes erupted and Grom snorted. He said, "The crafting institute condemns all those who are dishonest especially, we, the members of the path of alchemy. I don't have to explain how disastrous it would be if a pretentious person manages to get in our ranks and provide false or incorrect items fell into the hands of our fellow magi."

Grom continued, "Be advised that the forest we are about to send you will have some beasts. They are lower-leveled beasts, mind you, hence no one of you should have a problem handling them. If you can't handle these beasts if you encounter one though, might as well you give up being a magus."

Grom touched his wrist and a light shot up showing a map with four x marks. "These four locations are where these four-leaf moon clovers are found. These are two to three hours away from where we are, so it's best you all start moving since it'll be sunset in a couple of hours."

He then waved his hands and trails of light flew to each of the acolytes' palms.

Emery stared at his glowing palm and focused on it. A new option appeared and he selected the word mission.

[Mission: Gather Four-Leaf Moon Clovers]

[Time Duration: Until Dawn]

[Reward: Green Essence Potion]

[Additional Reward if the Required Conditions are Met: Acceptance to the Crafting Institute for the Path of Alchemy]

An option for a map was also added and Emery decided on which location he should go to.

Racks of weapons and supplies then entered the room and all the acolytes were given the items. Of course, Emery grabbed his weapon of choice, a sword, and rushed toward the location he had chosen.

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