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Chapter 180 - Mike Subduing the Nature Elf?

Chapter 180: Mike Subduing the Nature Elf?

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That was the end of the young man’s words.

Before he died, he wanted to expose the fact that Mike had controlled a saint-tier nature elf.

However, his consciousness was already very blurry at that time. He could only focus on the main point of the matter, which resulted in him saying only half of what he wanted to say.

However, just this half of what he wanted to say caused a huge commotion in the hyperdimensional chat channel.

Countless Castle lords were stunned when they saw this message. Did Mike’s castle expand so quickly that he could control the elves?

[Oh my God, Mike can control an entire elf tribe now?]

[No way! The nature elves? One of the noblest and most powerful races in the Endless Continent. Why would they submit to the Dragon Castle?]

[No, no, no, this isn’t normal! Although I know that this lord of the castle called Regal doesn’t need to lie to us, there is an ice elf tribe 20 kilometers away from my castle. The ice elves are very powerful. They easily defeated my tier 9 army. I believe that the nature elves aren’t weak either!]

[What if you tell me that Mike has ruled over the nature elves? I’m sorry, I really think that this is simply impossible!]

[I am the Lord of the castle in the Dark Forest. I can testify that, although I’m not sure if it’s the same one, I did meet a nature elf tribe by luck. There are about 2,000 nature elves and 500 elf warriors. They are very powerful! My troops also told me that a nature elf tribe of this size definitely has a saint-tier powerhouse guarding it!]

[Saint-tier? The strongest amongst mortals below the god realm. F*ck, how is this possible!?]

[Saint-tier powerhouses, even if they aren’t flying-type creatures, they can use pure energy to control their flight. Their own strength is something that even dozens of king-tier creatures can not do anything to. Even a king-tier dragon can’t do it!]

[That’s right, this f*cking shocked me for a hundred years. No matter how strong Mike’s dragon is, it can’t possibly have the strength to defeat a saint-tier powerhouse!]

[That’s the truth. If I’m not mistaken, this lord of the castle named Regal has already told us the truth. He did indeed see Mike controlling the elf tribe!]

A series of words burst out in the channel

All the Castle Lords were not stupid. They could deeply understand what this lord of the castle named Regal meant.

Regal’s words were a warning to them.

The Dragon Lord, Mike, was already powerful enough to rule over a natural elf tribe! After Mike had ruled over the natural elf tribe, he immediately used the power of the natural elf tribe to expand his Dragon Castle in the surroundings!

Unfortunately, this young man named Regal had become a dead soul under the arrows of the nature elf tribe!

As for why the young man only said half of what he said…

All the Castle Lords had already realized it in their hearts.

Perhaps the young man had already died under the arrows of the nature elves after he had warned them for the last time.


Just as they realized this, many Castle Lords sucked in a breath of cold air, and their bodies could not help but tremble.

The current Mike, as the Castle Lord, could already control a native race like the nature elves to hunt Castle Lords like them!

If that was really the case, did it mean that Mike could control more local forces in the Endless Continent through a powerful army, and eventually form a huge group to hunt them like a Beast Tide!

This news was extremely bad for them!

[Is Mike’s dragon so powerful that it can actually defeat the nature elves?]

[Indeed, this matter is very illogical. There’s definitely something fishy going on!]

[This… now, regardless of whether Mike suppressed his strength or used some kind of brainwashing technique, he did control the nature elves in the Dark Forest just like that. Thinking about how noble and powerful the nature elves are, I’m really envious!]

[Tsk, what’s there to say!? Although I’m not sure how Mike managed to control the natural elf tribe, so what!! I’m not envious. Humph, Humph. In fact, if Mike had just developed his dragon sect honestly, it would have been fine. But he insisted on controlling the natural elf tribe. Now, I’m a little happy!]

[Happy about what?]

Countless Castle Lords looked at the message in the channel and were puzzled.

From their point of view, Mike’s ruling over the natural elf tribe was a disaster for them! How could they be happy?

In the next second, the Castle Lord gave everyone an answer.

[Of course, we should be glad! Don’t you think about it, the natural elves, the elves! Do you really think that the natural elves are so easy to control?]

[According to the information I’ve gathered from my military investigation, all the elves in the Endless Continent are under the jurisdiction of the elf queen of the elf empire in the central region. The elf Empire is very powerful, and saint-tier powerhouses are everywhere. Even quasi-gods are not rare existences. It’s impossible for that them not to know that Mike is controlling the elf tribe now!]

[Castle Lord, are you saying that Mike has already been targeted by the elven queen?]

[I can only say that it is very possible.]

[Wait, have you forgotten that you obtained the destruction beam a few days ago? Perhaps that destruction beam was the elven queen’s attack on Mike!]

[Is… is that person upstairs stupid? The destruction beam was fired yesterday, and the natural elven tribe that Mike controlled started hunting today. Can you say that even if Mike dies, he can still command the elven tribe to hunt?]

[Haha, there’s such a stupid person. I’m dying of laughter!]

[So, based on the current situation, we can definitely come to two conclusions!]

[Conclusion one, the previous destruction beam was not aimed at the Dragon Castle. Or, at the very least, it did not destroy the Dragon Castle. Mike is still alive!]

[Conclusion two, Mike has controlled the natural elf tribe and has begun to launch indiscriminate attacks on the castle forces around the natural elf tribe!]

[With these two conclusions, the Castle Lords in the Dark Forest should have realized the seriousness of the situation. I advise you to quickly send troops to investigate if there are any traces of the nature elves around. If there are, don’t hesitate and run!]

[You never know when Mike’s nature elf army will suddenly appear in front of your castle in batches and shoot through your hearts with gale arrows!]

[In short, although the elven queen hasn’t made a move against Mike, we should hope that Mike will continue to be so arrogant and recklessly subdue the elves around him. One day, that God will definitely be unable to sit still. When that time comes, it will be the day that she will send down the god’s punishment and destroy the Dragon Castle!]

Countless Castle Lords saw this and their emotions were stirred up.

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